Fourth of July Pancakes

Im so excited!  [And I just can't hide it!]  Its the first day of red, white and blue week on the ole blog!  Im going to be sharing some festive Fourth of July recipes this week.  I love to cook, especially for holidays.  Its so fun to make a big meal that you know family and friends will enjoy.  It makes my heart grow ten sizes.  Here is a sneak peek at the recipes for the week:

[Ps.. I quoted two different movies/tv shows just in the intro.  Can you guess them?]

red, white and blue week at

Don’t you feel patriotic now?  [And hungry.]  Im going to start with the red, white and blue stars on the right.  Also known as Fourth of July pancakes!
Fourth of July Pancakes via


Fourth of July pancakes are also regular Bisquick pancakes that I dyed and used a cookie cutter on.  But Fourth of July pancakes sound a whole lot fancier, don’t ya think?  These bad boys were a lot of work though.

Ok, it really wasn’t that hard.  I made one big batch of pancakes and then split them into three different containers.  I dyed one red and one blue and left one plain.

Red, white and blue pancakes perfect for Fourth of July

I cooked them as I would a regular pancake [even though these ones are super special] and then used a cookie cutter to create the star shape.  I thought it would be cute to put them on skewers with fruit between the pancakes.  And it was!  I added some fresh fruit between the pancakes to give it some extra color.

easy fourth of july pancakes

Add a dollop [or more] of homemade whipped cream and you have a great start to the Fourth of July!  Because homemade whipped cream makes everything better.  [Everything.]

Do you go all out for holidays?  [Honestly, this is my first year trying fun new recipes like this.  I think I like it.]

Oh and be sure to stop back by tomorrow for another easy red, white and blue recipe!

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  1. Love these! What a cute idea!


  2. Love these. So cute.
    Saved by the Bell and …Grinch? I think.

  3. They look so cute! I’d love for you to come share this at our Pinteresting Party!

  4. So cute! I have a mickey mouse cookie cutter and I think you just inspired me to make breakfast for us tomorrow. :)

  5. Wow! These look sooooo cute!!! One question from an amateur cook – the red star is all red but the blue one is only blue in the middle. Did you do something different with the blue ones or is that just the way they cook up? I LOVE the way the red stars look and think the blue stars would look just as awesome if they were all blue. Also, I think when I make them I’m gonna dust the plain ones with some powdered sugar to make them look even more white. Thanks for the great recipes Kelley! :-)

    • Hey Carrie! I used red food coloring but I also had some food coloring spray that I added on to give it a brighter color. Adding powdered sugar sounds amazing! yum!

  6. What a cute idea!!

  7. Kelley, these are so CUTE!! I love them! Sharing all over the place :)

  8. You’re totally right, homemade whipped cream does make everything better!

  9. I got the Grinch, but not Saved by the Bell. I’d show my age if I explained why haha!
    These pancakes are adorable! Thank you for linking.

  10. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes says:

    I can’t wait to make these for my kiddos! Thanks so much for linking up to Freedom Fridays – you are featured at this week’s party! :)

  11. SO cute!! anything on a stick is a sure hit….and if it’s brightly colored, even better! So creative, Kelley!

  12. Can’t wait to feature these pancakes on Redhead’s Kitchen tomorrow! Fantastic job!! Your Featured Chef Ribbon will be waiting for you, Kelley! Thanks for linking up to Inspiration Monday Party!

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