Curly Hair Tips

Disclosure – Ouidad provided me with products for review purposes.  All other opinions are my own.

I’ve mentioned before that I have curly hair. Curly hair that has a mind of its own. Sometimes it works how I want it to and sometimes [aka most of the time] it just does its own thing.  I have figured out a few things to help tame the beast though.  So for today’s Copy Cat Closet Im going to share a few curly hair tips with yall.

Curly Hair tips 3


I was sent two amazing Ouidad projects to test a few month ago. I received the Whipped conditioner and the Curl Quencher Creme.

  • I firmly believe that good curls are made in the shower with a good conditioner. The Ouidad whipped conditioner was amazing! It was like frosting for my hair.
  • The next important step is to brush your underside down. This creates tons of volume!
  • Take your product [in my case Ouidad curl creme] and put it in your hands. Rub them together for a few seconds to fully activate the product.
  • Take your product and run it through your hair. Don’t scrunch! Just put the product on like you are putting your hair up. This helps fight the frizz!
  • Flip your head and style your hair as desired. I fluffed mine a bit and pulled it back in a half twist.

curly hair ideas


Sometimes I twirl my hair into chunky sections and it really helps with the frizz.  Also, a good trim every few months helps revive your curls.  Although I tend to go a few months between trims.  And if you have curly hair never let them use a razor to cut it!  Holy frizz batman! 

half back curly hair

Make sure to document your good hair days too.  Its a must for curly haired girls.  [Or girls in general.. ha!]

Here are my favorite curly girl products:

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    As a fellow curly head, myself, I agree that moisture is what we need…..I usually run my product through (upside down) and scrunch…Hrmm…will have to try not scrunching. Thanks!

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