What I Wore – Blissdom Edition

I hope yesterday’s post about what people don’t tell you about Blissdom didnt put a complete negative light on the conference.  I just wasnt prepared for a lot of things about the conference and felt like I should share.  But do you know what I was prepared for?  Looking fabulous!  [Insert snortle here].  Last week I gave a few tips on what to wear to a blog conference and I made sure follow my own rules.  I was comfortable, myself and professional.

cliques at blissdom


Thursday I wore a comfy maxi skirt with a grey beaded top and heels.  It was the first time flying alone since I’ve become a mom and the first time I’ve ever worn heels in an airport.  I slept on the plane and was comfortable the whole time.  Ill count both as a first time win.


meeting people

I wore my striped crepe tank top with khakis and my blue blazer on the first day of the conference.  Plus a pair of coral wedges.  I think this outfit was my favorite from the conference.  It was professional, comfortable and my style.  Throw in my signature curly hair and I was good to go.


On Friday evening there was a girls night out and I got real fancy with my maxi pleated dress and sandals.  [Ha!]  Not really so fancy but fun and perfect for a night out with my girlies.



Saturday I had a mini meltdown when I couldnt find my brush and curl creme to do my hair.  I top-knotted it and went on my way.  I also had a mini panic attack when I spilled lunch down my coral shirt.  Ain’t nobody got time to change their shirt between sessions.  But I did just so I wouldn’t look like a hobo with Mexican food down her shirt.  And I did eventually find my brush.  Crisis averted.


Sunday I was all about being comfortable and I wore yoga pants and a t-shirt to the airport.  This is probably my favorite picture from the trip.  That’s Candy from Candy Polooza and she is the most genuine person I have ever met.  That’s what Im taking with me from this past weekend, the friendships and the laughs.

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      Thanks Candypo! I loved being able to hang with you too! And Ryon is seriously about coming to see yall soon.. just be prepared ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      haha! I packed outfits so I didnt have to worry about making decisions. One outfit for each day and an extra just in case. It worked really well. :)

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