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Are you a new reader to the Grant life?  We want to say welcome!  I am so happy to have you here!  And if you have been a reader for awhile, heyyy!  The Grant life is a blog where I mix food and family together.  I love to share our lives and recipes with yall and enjoy getting to know my readers.  [So say heyyy back!]  Let me give you a quick of idea of what to expect over here at the Grant life.

I post new recipes every Monday, Tuesday and Sunday.  Or try to.  Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.  And thats ok.  I schedule my blog around my life and not the other way around.  Also, Thursdays I host a link party where I invite other bloggers to share their recipes/crafts/tips on my blog. 

Easy Homemade Recipes

I love to cook and create new recipes that are simple to make and use as few dishes as possible.  [Who wants a to wash a sink full of dishes after cooking a meal?  Not me!]  Sweets are my favorite but calories are not.  We try to eat as healthy as possible using as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible.  Oh and pasta.  We love pasta.  And coffee.  Can’t forget about coffee. 

Chipotle Pasta Skillet


Iced Caramel Macchiato - Starbucks Copycat!

A few of my favorites are:

I also love food photography and I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as my recipes! 

Our Family Life

This little family of mine sure keeps me on my toes.  We are the proud parents of two little monsters who were born 14 months apart.  Ryley, our daughter, loves to dance and get dirty.  She’s never met a mud puddle she wasn’t able to splash in.  Avery, our son, just wants to do whatever big sissy is doing at the moment.  He’s got his own opinion and isn’t afraid to share it.

My Everyday Valentine

A little more about us:

 And I tend to talk about our everyday life with my recipes.  Ya know, mixing food with family. 

Product Recommendations

I like to share products/services/books with my readers that I personally enjoy or would love to own.  Its like virtual window shopping.  [And who doesn’t love to shop?!] 

Cast iron love - fun pieces to add to your collection!


I love to host giveaways of products or services that I know my readers will enjoy.  I’ve featured giveaways from Seattle’s Best, Famous Footwear, Silhouette, KitchenAid and many more!  Everyone loves free stuff, right?

Click here to see our most recent giveaway!


Thanks so much for your support!  This little blog of mine sure has been a huge blessing.  I look forward to getting to know you more! 

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Hey yall! I'm Kelley - a work at home mom to two rambunctious kiddos. I absolutely love creating new recipes to share here on my blog - the Grant life. When I'm not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, I am wrangling the kids, showing houses as a licensed REALTOR and practicing my photography. Thanks so much for following along with us!

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  1. Jeanette Goodwin says

    Hi, just happened upon your site and now intrigued by all your talent. I would like to receive your posts via email. My brother and I were 16 months apart and my mother always commented on having 2 kids in diapers, probably looking for sympathy, but that was decades ago. You have a beautiful family! I love to craft, sew and do a little knitting and crocheting. My family is grown so I have no need to cook…use only the microwave now – LOL

    • says

      Hi Jeanette! Thanks for stopping by! Two in diapers was rough, we are down to only one now. And may be for awhile since he shows no interest in training! Im glad you stopped by and if you want to receive email updates you can click the red banner up top. Youll enter in your email and should be good to go! Thanks again for the sweet comment!

  2. says

    WOW, what a surprise to open “Dan at Savvy”‘s site to see “The Grant Life”. Yes, being a Grant is a special thing. I am probably 3 times older than you, but our recipes seem similar. I have just retired and I am a VERY frugal cook and shopper. I really look forward to following your site. I have also toyed with, and family encouraging, the idea of starting my own blog, but do not know how to start, I will be reading and checking out your Friday Financial area too. Just wanted to say “HI!” to another Grant. There are many of us here in the Philadelphia, Pa. area.

    • says

      Thanks so much for the sweet comment from one Grant to another! If you are interested in starting a blog, please ask away! I’d love to help in any way possible! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Markita says

    I am beginning my arts and craft business and I love you receipes of whip washes and body butters I am not interested in candles and any bath products you make you make them so fun please sign me up and send me new ideas to try. I ma building my website as we speak… thanks!

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