Today Im Silent.

I have no words for how much my heart hurts for everyone in Sandy Hook/Newtown.  I am silent today to remember that every moment is precious.  Today I will hold my children tight and pray for the families that can not.  I will pray for peace and healing for the parents, family and friends of those lost.  I will cry and pray some more.

I will be donating 50% of all ad sales made in December to the Sandy Hook/Newtown fund.

And for every person that links up to Financial Friday this week – I will donate 5 cents.  And my amazing friend Jennifer will be matching me so we will be donating 10 cents per link.  If you are interested in hosting the link party on your site, please let me know!  Update – My sweet friends Adrianne and Emily are also donating!  We are up to 20 cents per link!

Also, if you are are on Twitter Brin from Bold Butter Baby is donating .05 cents for every tweet that uses the hashtag #HowImHelpingCT.

I am silent today and trying to help the only way I know how.  Will you join me?

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