Salt dough ornaments {and our first tree!}

I was looking for a simple ornament craft that Ryley could do this year.  She loves to help me bake and paint so when I saw this super cute salt dough starfish garland, I knew it was meant to be.  The recipe is easy and I didnt have to buy anything either.  (yay!)
Salt Dough:
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
3/4 to 1 cup water

We mixed everything today and it forms a pretty good dough.  Ryley had fun making the dough with me.. she stirred it a bit and even tasted the dough.  It only happened once.  We used cookie cutters to make some stars.
I was excited to make the ornaments.. but clearly my toddler was not.  I do go camera crazy when doing projects like this so that might but the case.  This is our star cookie cutter.  It worked really well and Ryley helped push them into the dough.  

Oh yea.. we made Texas ornaments too.  I mean what true Texan doesnt have a Texas cookie cutter?  (We also have a Texas shaped waffle maker.. silly.. I know.)  We really made the Texas ornaments to send to my in-laws in Michigan.  I thought they would get a kick out of them.  

I let them dry for a little bit then I stuck them in the oven at 200 degrees for a few hours until they were hard.    Im kinda impatient and they werent rock hard when we started painting them.  Ryley kinda got bored with painting the ornaments so we painted them for a few days.  The recipe we used made 15 stars and 10 Texas shapes.. thats a lot of decorating for a toddler with a limited attention span.  
I put some jute through them and we put a few on our tree.  Jute is my new favorite thing.. you can do so much with it.  And its cheap.  Which is probably the real reason I like it.  Im a cheap lovin kinda gal.  

OUR FIRST TREE!!!  This was before ornaments.  Can I just say that figuring out how to string lights is some sort of rocket science?!  I dont get which end needs to be where when I start for them to light up when Im finished.  Does that make sense?  See.. you dont get it either! Rocket science I tell you!  

Our tree with all our ornaments.  (All non breakable.)  Im slightly extremely obsessed with collecting crosses.  I have over 75 in my living room.  Some people have mantels.. I have my crosses.  😉 

Our salt dough ornaments in all their glory.  And a handmade ornament my great grandma sewed.  Sigh.  I love our first tree.  What do you think?  What kind of ornaments do you have on your tree?  
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  1. Emily says

    Ha, I totally missed that shout out the first time I read this! You're so funny! I made a single dough ornament with Merritt. I thought it would be fun to do her hand print for her first Christmas. Well, it was fun except I decided to spray paint it high gloss red (trying to be moderny..silly me) and it looks AWFUL! I don't know what color to paint it now. Also, it got all puffy in the middle, like bread rising. Why didn't yours get puffy?? Maybe I should try lower heat/longer time. I did 350 for 30 mins, because that's what my recipe said to do. But, I think I'll try your recipe. Anyway, your tree is super cute and yes, lighting a tree is the worst task EVER.

  2. says

    Your tree looks great!  We've collected ornaments from different places we've been over the years.  The ones they sell at souvenir shops are so expensive, so we will sometimes buy items we can turn into an ornament.  They had a large sparkly dice keychain we bought in Vegas that we turned into an ornament.  Great to remember our trip there!

  3. Michaela says

    The hotel we lived in for two weeks when we moved to Texas had a Texas shaped waffle maker as well. I found it bemusing! And the waffles were yummy!

    Michaela @

  4. Kadie Arrington says

    Your ornaments are so cute! We did salt dough ornaments this year too.  I LOVE the Texas cookie cutter.  We live in Texas and we need one!  My husband would be very happy.  I will have to keep my eye out for one.:)

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