Service as Big as Texas


Last week I hinted to some big news on my Facebook page.  Its pretty big.  Like the size of Texas big.  [No, I'm not pregnant, lets get that out there first.]  I am a licensed real … [Continue reading...]

Espresso Cookies

Espresso cookies!

The other day I said that I hated making cookies.  And that was a lie.  A bold faced lie.  I love me some cookies.  Some times it hard to tell what I love more - the dough or the … [Continue reading...]

Key Lime Pie Granola


One thing that Ryon loves is key lime pie.  I know this because he reminds me of it constantly.  He's always asking me to make him a key lime pie.  "When are you going to make another … [Continue reading...]

25+ Popsicle Recipes

25+ Popsicle Recipes

Holy moly.  Summer is in full force down here in South Texas.  Its hot, yall!  We try to think of creative ways to stay cool during the day.  Our air condition seems to never stop … [Continue reading...]

Life of the Party No. 45


Hey yall!  Welcome to another Life of the Party link up - the time for you to take over our blogs and show off your latest ideas!  We are officially back from Michigan, but now I need a … [Continue reading...]

Michigan Trip


We went on a little summer vacation to Michigan this past week.  Ryon's entire family lives there and we got to spend almost 10 together.  As soon as we got up there we went straight to … [Continue reading...]

Toasted Coconut White Chocolate Macademia Cookies

untitled (10)

I really hate making cookies. It's like when I make them they have to be eaten. In mass quantities. Because when I make cookies I don't just make a couple. I make a couple dozen. And they just beg to … [Continue reading...]

Caramel Macchiato French Toast

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We are heading back from vacation today. I'm actually lying in a hotel in Sikeston, Missouri writing this on my ipad. I love love LOVE being in Michigan surrounded by family. We spent a week and a … [Continue reading...]

Life of the Party No. 44


Hey yall!  Welcome to the Life of the Party link up - the time you get to show off your posts on all our blogs!  We are still in Michigan this week enjoying the 60 degree mornings and … [Continue reading...]

Southwest Pizza

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Do you know what the easiest part of creating recipes is? Eating them. Closely followed by making said recipe. The hardest part? Photographing it and writing a story to go with it. Sometimes the … [Continue reading...]