Roasted Tomato Skillet Pasta

Roasted Tomato Skillet Pasta Dinner

You know how I admitted a few weeks ago that I am a pasta-a-holic? Well I probably should change that to admit that I am addicted to one pot pasta dinners.  I seriously can't get over how easy … [Continue reading...]

Java Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

java chocolate chunk ice cream

The older I get the more I love my morning coffee.  And I should really find another name for coffee because I like mine with equal parts coffee and creamer.  And what I really mean is I use … [Continue reading...]

Leftover Ham Ideas

Leftover Ham Ideas!  Great recipes to use all that left over ham from the holidays!

Some people are funny about leftovers, they either don't like them twice or they don't like to cook with them.  I really love leftovers.  If its something I love, I can eat it a few days in … [Continue reading...]

Life of the Party No. 31


Hey yall!  Welcome back to another Life of the Party Link up!  I hope everyone had a great week, I can't wait to see what you have been up to!  Today I finally transplanted my little … [Continue reading...]

Farmer’s Market Tips

Farmer's Market Tips

One of the great things about living in south Texas is that our growing season is longer then most places. We have mild winters that allows for some seasonal vegetation when most places are covered in … [Continue reading...]

Rosemary Roasted Tomatoes

Rosemary roasted tomatoes

My grandpa was 100 percent Italian and sometimes I think I get my love of food from him. He would spend all day cooking to make his specialty - gallons and gallons of homemade pasta sauce. He used the … [Continue reading...]

Bacon Avocado Scones

Bacon Avocado Scones

Most of the time when I wake up in the morning I don't jump out of bed.  It's more of a reluctant slide off the side of my bed and shuffle to the coffee.  And I do mean slide.  I put my … [Continue reading...]

Our Garden – March

our garden - march 2014

It looks like Spring may finally be here to stay.  I'm excited because that means my gardening can move outside!  I started our garden instead [in K-cups!] last month and they are ready to … [Continue reading...]

Life of the Party No. 30


Hey yall!  Welcome back to another Life of the Party link up!  [Woohoo!]  I'm ready to see what everyone has been up to this week.  I love looking through the links that you … [Continue reading...]

Simple Food Swaps for Kids

Simple food swaps for kids

One of things that we have been doing is researching our food products more.  We are trying to cut down on processed foods and eat better in general.  But its tough and sometimes we just … [Continue reading...]