More Avocado Recipes

Surprise!  More avocado recipes!  Im sharing 25 avocado recipes over at the Breakfast hub.  Because everyone could use a little more avocado in their life!

25 Avocado breakfast recipes Source: 1/2/3/4

Don’t forget to check out my roundup of 100 avocado recipes too!

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    Awesome list Kelley! I LOVE avocado, and am always on the lookout for recipes using them. You’ve totally made my life easier! Thanks so much! -oh, and thanks for throwing my Avocado and Egg Pita Pizza on the list. You rock, woman.

    • says

      Hey Mandy! I love avocado too. Kinda obsessed to be honest. Not a bad thing right? LOL. Love your avocado pita pizza! Im going to try that this weekend!

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