Menu Monday + Free Menu Printable

Hey yall!  Happy Monday!  [Did you hear the sarcasm in that?]  Although Im not really thrilled the weekend is over, I am excited to start Menu Monday again!  I slacked off the last two months and I really need some consistency in my life.  Ill be posting our menu each week.  And to start the New Year off right Im including the new menu planning printable I whipped up!  [Get it?  Whipped up?  Food humor in a foodie post?  Im hilarious.]


What are yall eating this week?  If you have a menu or yummy recipe leave the link in the comments!


Right click to ‘save as’ and then print.  It should print fine on a regular sheet of paper.  Let me know there any issues with it.

Kelley is a work at home mom who loves making her kids laugh. She enjoys cooking, crafting, and the everyday chaos of life.

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    I love the menu desgin! Super cute and makes it look great! I might print this to put in my frame I write on top of (as a wipe off board style) in my kitchen! Super cute!! Thanks for sharing!

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    ROFL! :-D Quite the comedian Mrs. Kelley!
    I’ve missed your Menu Mondays, but not as much as I’ve missed you and your family! (and Corpus for that matter… I’m finally BACK! – and glad to have working internet ~_^)

    Do you know if covering your printable menu in contact paper would work well as a ‘dry erase’ method?

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