Easy Homemade Craft: Painted Fabric Anchor Frame

Before I met my husband, before I had my baby boy, before we celebrated his first birthday I was obsessed with anchors.  So, when I was blessed with a boy I knew that his nursery would be anchors and sailboats.  Seriously, his room is full of them.  I just hope one day he likes them as much as momma.  
Last week I shared pictures from Avery’s first birthday.  Of course, it was an Anchors Away theme.  Today Im going to show yall how I made the painted fabric anchor frame that sat on the goodie table.   
When pinterest first came out I went crazy buying empty frames.  I wasnt a hundred percent sure what I wanted to do with them but I knew they would come in handy.  The frame that I used for the painted anchor was so gorgeous, it had great detail and I was kinda afraid to paint it.  The brown finally wore on me and spray painted it Satin Aqua.  
I used some heavy machinery to secure the fabric on the back.  Ha!  Not really, I used a staple gun.  Start on one side of your frame and staple it down in a few places.  Pull it tight and continue stapling around the frame.  Its kinda like upholstering a chair, the tighter you can pull it the better it will look.    
I took the negative from the anchor banner and used scrapbook glue to place it on the fabric.  I saved the negative because I knew I would be able to use it for something.  I was so excited that it fit perfectly in the frame.  [Insert squeal here].  Oh.. hi.  Im back now.  I was just really excited.  
Ahh, Martha.  You make my day brighter.  
I used a foam brush and dabbed on the paint.  I did the outside first and worked my way in.  I think I applied two coats, but Ive forgot.  Lets just go with two.  
I forgot to mention the best part of this re-do.  FREE!  The whole project was free!  I had the frame, the spray paint, the fabric and the fabric paint on hand.  I had to borrow the staple gun from my momma.. but whats mommas is mine.  So free!  ๐Ÿ˜‰  
Perfection!  I love it so much, and one day Avery will too.  I think.. I hope.  Oh, he better.
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  1. Tygre Caley says

    I did a head nod! Haha. So very cute and fun project! And I love that you're obsessed with anchors ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. says

    That is so cute!! What fun decor for the party! I love the colors! Thanks so much for sharing this as well at Thursday's Temptation.

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