Child to Cherish – Big Ear Piggy Bank

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Yall I have a confession to make.  I love pigs.  I know.. there are so many things that Im obsessed with that its almost hard to keep track.  Anchors, crosses, pumpkin and now pigs.  I feel like letting you know things slowly is much better then announcing it all at once and scaring you away. 
My brother and I raised pigs in high school [FFA!] and I have loved everything curly tailed and pink every since.  [Fun fact of the day - pink pigs are actually white pigs that are sunburned.]  I have a rather large collection of pig paraphernalia that Ryley has inherited.  When I ordered the Child to Cherish Big Ear Piggy Bank I decided to get a white one for Avery.  I didnt want him to feel left out of the pig party.  [Snort.]
The first thing I noticed when this fella came in the mail was how big he was!  What really impressed me was how well made and sturdy the piggy bank is.  And then how light the piggy bank was.  And how stinkin adorable he was.  And then that he was nakie.  [Gasp.]  
I made an eye patch out of felt and elastic so the piggy would fit in Avery’s nautical room.  And so he wasnt nakie anymore.  The whole time I had the Dora pirate pig song stuck in my head too.  Yo ho ho.. doing the pirate dance.  [You know what Im talking about.]
Child to Cherish offers unique keepsakes for any occasion in your child’s life.  They have baby shower gifts, christening gifts, piggy banks, hand print kits and so much more!  

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  1. That bank is too cute! Now you've inspired me to post about all my pigs. I also collect them and i had so many, when i moved i had to get rid of some. it was sad and hard to do.

  2. That is adorable! My kids would love the pirate piggy idea! And don't worry, I'm right there with you! I have many obsessions too! lol

  3. I love reading your posts because you have such a fun personality!! (snort)lol This bank would be super cute for me to get my little nephews and nieces for the holidays with a small, reusable bag with coins in it for to put inside the bank! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing.

  4. How cute!! I love the addition of the eye patch!

  5. Way cute Kelley. I want to paint our piggy bank, but I'm not sure what kind of paint to use so I don't screw it up. Haha.

  6. Really. You fixed the naked problem with… an eyepatch. For some reason I just can't stop giggling over that. Also, after having read this, I'm sad for pink piggies.

    This is SUPER cute, though. We have been tossing our change in a bowl, but a cute piggy bank for my daughter would be SO much better! This is a really cute idea, I will have to pop over and see what else I can buy for my spoiled kiddo. ;)

    Eyepatch and all.

  7. My 6 year old daughter was standing behind me as I was reading this and she thinks your piggie is SO COOL!! LOL It's adorable.

  8. This is really cute!

  9. I like that he's a pirate now! Argh! Piggy banks teach so much to children.

  10. sooooooo super cute! we got a piggy too and LOVE him! such great quality! xo, Kimberly

  11. cute! My son would love that!

  12. I love nakie pig!

  13. Nakie pig! Haha. Love it!

  14. Bwahaha….nakie piggie!! LOVE the patch! EYE Matie! hehe

  15. Very cute way to dress up that nakie piggy!

    I grew up in far eastern Oregon and was in 4H.
    My brother is a FFA instructor.
    Both 4H and FFA do instill many values and love for animals that last a lifetime!

  16. he he he, That is acute, one eyed Pirate piggy. ;)

  17. Hi Kelley, Ha Ha! I love the pirate pig, so adorable! Thank you for sharing.

    Have a good day, Nancy

  18. You had me at Pirate Pig. No fear of scaring me away with pig love. This is so cute! New Follower!

  19. You raised pigs…you are so interesting. My daughter is obsessed with piggies (she'll be one for Halloween-the pink sunburned variety). This is ADORABLE. I love what you did with your naked pig.

  20. ACK!!! That pig is so cute! I love his little eye patch. And nakie, how cute is that word! ;)

  21. LOVE IT!! Super cute!

  22. very cute…..many of childrens love to have a piggy bank…have a nice day…

  23. She's hilarious!

  24. Oh that is cute, I love pirate pig!

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