Hello Fall!

I’m so ready for it to be fall!  Around here the calendar may say its fall, but the weather sure doesn’t.  It will take another month or two before our temperatures start to drop.  I’m trying to think cooler thoughts and hope that we get some sort of tropical storm to give us some relief.  I decided that maybe a super cute fall wreath would usher in fall.  I went with Texas A&M colors just in case my hubby thought the flowers were too girly.  (Haha… Gotta love college football season!)  This by far is my favorite project to date.  
I am so giddy about this wreath.. I LOVE it!  
Closeup of my flowers.  
As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.. and love A&M football!
Felt – 4 for $1 x 8 = $2
Wreath – $3.99
Glue gun – Already own
Ribbon – $4.99 (and was half off!) = $2.49
Total = $8.48 plus tax!

This is my first time ever making a wreath let alone the felt flowers.  This tutorial was so amazing and the one I followed for my flowers.  All you need to make this lovely wreath is felt, a glue gun, ribbon and a wreath.  Make your flowers in varying size and stick them on your wreath.  String a piece of ribbon through the top and hang it on your door to welcome fall!  What do you think?!  Let me see your crafty idea too!  

We tried it!

Yesterday was a pretty chaotic day at the Grant house.  I dropped Ryley off at MDO (mothers day out), stopped by the bank, and then had to take little man back to see the doctor.  He has a nasty cough and it hasnt been getting any better.  We got some new meds to try and headed home.  I spent 30 minutes relaxing at home before I had to turn around and pick up Ryley, head back and start dinner.  
Avery at the doctor. 
We did get to try something new though.. we played with our lentil beans!  Ryley loooved it.. she played for with them for an hour and a half!  It was pretty amazing.  Plus we got the beans on sale at Target a few weeks ago for $.80 and that makes this cheap momma extra happy.  
We just used some tupperware and measuring spoons to scoop and pour our beans.  
A close up of our beans.  (Small enough that little miss taste everything doesnt choke.) 
Even brother was into the it.  :)  
We took our left over beans and put them in a small tupperware and made an egg shaker. 
Was there something fun that you and your little ones tried?  Let us know!  

We tried it!

Grant mini smores
The older I get the more I realize I have a dangerous addiction to chocolately treats.  There is nothing better then a huge piece of chocolate cake (and milk) or a fire toasted smore.  Yumm smores.. (makes Homer Simpson gurgles).  Candice at Rattles and Redheads created mini smores using graham crackers, mini mallows and icing.  And that my friends is what we tried today! 
?We used mini honey grahams and fudge icing for our smores.  Ryley wasnt a big fan of the mallow but loved the chocolate.  (Thats my girl!)
A tall glass of milk to wash it all down.?
??Brother had to sit this one out, but he loved watching his sissy destory the mini smores. 
What fun thing did you try today??

Lookie what we did Wednesday

Today has been slow going at the Grant house.  We have been taking it easy (and trying to keep it quiet) because Avery still doesn’t feel good.  He’s been taking medicine ?for a few days, hopefully they kick in soon so we don’t have to visit the doctor again.  It still breaks my heart to see my little guy unhappy.  :( 
I did almost finish my family tree project I have been working on.  For the past few Christmases I have gotten my mom a family plaque that has all our names on it, each time a new person was added.  First it was Corinne, then the first grandbaby Evan, and then our Ryley bear.  With out new addition we needed a new plaque.  I couldnt find one that had the right number of spaces for names; so I made my own.  It shows my parents, brothers (and sister in law Corinne), me (and Ryon) and the grandbabies at the bottom.  I wasnt able to finish the trunk part of the tree today, but it will say “the Orsaks” at the bottom.  There is also a space under my little brother Josh in case he ever decides he wants to settle down.. (and I’m defiantly not holding my breath for that!) 
What fun/creative thing did you do today?