Merry Christmas!


merrrychristmas I hope yall have a very Merry Christmas!

We leave for Michigan on the 27th and come back the 6th.  I am taking time off to play in the snow and enjoy my family.  Ill be offline but follow me on instagram to see what Im up to.  I cant just quit all social media for a week.  [Yes, I have a problem.]

Thank yall for your support!  Cant wait to see what 2013 brings!

Our Family Vacation!


Hi friends!  Im baaaaaack!  My little family and I spent a week in Michigan visiting my inlaws.. the original Grants.  It was so much fun.. we did something every day.  I didnt take as many pictures as I should have but Im going to share some of my favorites with yall today.  [And I should have posted this earlier but sleep won over blogging.  On a plus note.. blogging won over laundry though.]

Monday –
Ryon’s cousins are farmers and we got to tour the factory and take the kids out to the pickle site.  It was so much fun!  And the kids got to ride in a pickle harvester at the site!

We also had dinner at a friends house Monday night.  Ryley loved the swing.  
We took the kids blueberry picking in the morning and went to a Tigers game in the evening.  It took Avery about 15 minutes to figure out what were we doing.. and then he was on a mission to eat as many blueberries as possible.  Even if that meant stealing from sissy.    

The whole Grant clan!  We all wore Tigers gear for the game.  [Oh yes.. we are that cool.]
Wednesday –
We went to dinner over at Ryon’s besties house.  Matt [Ryons bestie] made bacon wrapped pork loin stuffed with green onions and pineapple.  [drooooool].  He also has a pretty sweet ride.  
Thursday – 
We took the kids up to north to visit Ryon’s Opa and Nana.  They didnt stop moving until they passed out for naps. 

Friday –
We went to dinner with the whole family.  Yup.. 11 adults and 4 kids.  It wasnt as horrible as I had imagined.  We had a bonfire that night too.  The kids loved being able to run around GGPa’s [thats what my kids call Ryon’s mom and dad.. and its one word not two] backyard.

Saturday we went to the beach [and I took horrible pictures.. wah wah] and Sunday we ran some errands before going to dinner with the family again.  It was so much fun to be back in Michigan again!  We cant wait to visit during Christmas and watch the kids play in the snow.  
What have yall been up to this week?  Also.. a big thank you to my friends who guest posted while I was gone!  
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You are my sunshine {hand print art}

I would love to take credit for this super cute project.. but I cant.  (wah wah)  My sister in law saw this on pinterest and thought it would be a fun gift for the great grandparents.  I do take credit for her pinterest addiction though.  haha.  Show me someone not addicted to pinterest and Ill show you someone who doesnt have a computer!  Or internet.  
We used all three grandkids hand prints each with a different color paint.  It turned out adorable!  Its pretty simple to figure out.. but I went picture crazy so enjoy the unnecessary tutorial.  
Yellow, orange and blue paint
Paint the little ones hand and have them make a circle of hand prints, finger pointing out.  

Ryley liked painting her own hands.  We quickly moved from the canvas to plain paper because she really enjoyed making handprints.  

The victim of a toddler painting. 

William went next after the yellow had dried. 

We went with orange over the yellow.  Duh, right?  

Will really liked the paint.. all over his body.  He even tasted it.  Just once though.  

After the orange was dried we made a lighter yellowy orange to put on top.  

Avery had to have GG and Pa help.. he was very squirmy.  

Avery giving GG the side eye.  Haha!  

Ta – da!
A perfect gift for grandparents.. or mommas.  :) 
Have you tried any handprint art?  I think its the cutest thing ever!  

Our Michigan Trip

Were baaaaack!  We had a great time in Michigan.. the flying up and back.. no so much!  (If you follow me on twitter you know all about the madness already!)  We started our trip Monday morning .. at four AM!  Our connection to Michigan from Cleveland was cancelled and we had to wait 4 hours in the airport to fly to Chicago then to Michigan.  With two tired kids.

Then on the way back our flight to Corpus was cancelled.  Are you kidding me?! We flew into San Antonio and were lucky that my mom was able to come get us.  Oh ya.. both kids were sick too.

Sigh.  But the time we spent with family and friends totally made up for the crappy flights and delays.  I love my in laws and I am so grateful that were able to spend some time with them.

Avery going after our pizza dinner during our 4 hour layover in Cleveland.  

Ryley enjoying the view and wondering ‘Really?  This is why our flight was cancelled?’ 

Avery and his super great Opa.  Opa always joked to his grandkids that he was already a ‘great’ Opa so when he had great grandkids he became super great Opa.  Makes me giggle.  

Ready to play in the snow! 
She would only put one finger in and say ‘EWW!’ 
She really liked to run in the snow.  Too bad this is the only she had to play in the whole trip.  

My mountain man!  Oh I love him! 

Ryley likes to color on GG’s sliding glass doors.. and GG loves it!  

Ryley and cousin William putting stickers on Pa.  

The three grand kiddos and their super cute shirts from Aunt Shelby!  

Avery did alot of moving and grooving.. he pulls himself up on whatever he can grab.  

Avery and his great grandpa. 

Cousin Will helping open presents.  

Hello, beautiful morning! 

Going for a walk with Pa and daddy.  

Hi mom! 

Daddy and the Ryley bear.  

Little man and the Pa.  

So thats what we were up to this week.  How about you?  What did you do while I was gone?  
On an unrelated note.. anyone want to come clean my house for me?  Please? 

Where have I been

Ive MIA for a month and heres a quick breakdown of where and what weve been doing. 

May 24th – 26th
We loaded up the kiddos and started our trip north, to Michigan.  I was prepared for the worst but the kids really did great on the road.  Ryley was entertained with a few toys, coloring books, and me in the third row.  It helped that we stopped every 2 hours to let her run around at a rest area, welcome center or a Mcds play place.  Our first night we stopped in Slidell, Louisana before heading to Georgia to pick up my sister-in-law.  On the 26th we made it to Michign just before midnight.

May 27th – June 8th
We spent the next two weeks enjoying my husbands family, which included our adorable 9 month old nephew.  It was the families first time seeing Avery and most of them hadnt seen Ryley in a year.  We had no obligations or agenda so it was great.  I even snuck in a few shopping trips without the kids.  :)

June 9th – 12th
We spent another 3 days on the road back to Texas.  Friday and Saturday night we stayed with my older brother and his family in Dallas.  That was nice and relaxing as well since we hadnt seen them in a few months.

June 13th – current
Once we got home we spent most of our time at my parents since my mom had extreme grandbaby withdrawals while we were gone.  Up until a few days ago I have been trying to get back into our routine we set up for our toddler.  The schedule I had put together for Ryley really had no chance up in Michigan.

Also this past Thursday I let my HR know that I wasnt coming back to work and officially became a stay at home mom! :)))  It was a very scary thing to do but I had Avery lying on the bed in front of me while I was on the phone with them.  That defiantely helped me get the words out and stay calm and I’ve been excited about my decision every day since!