The Mommy Panel – Shy Kids

Each week our amazing group of mommies answer questions and I share them with yall.  I love reading the answers and getting to know other mommas.  The thing is no one really reads or comments on the posts.  Dont get me wrong.. thats NOT what its all about, but I do put a lot of…

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The Mommy Panel – Crib Bumper Debate

This week our question is: What are your thoughts on bumpers on cribs? Do you use them? Ashley – After much thought, “put on, take off” moments, talking with other Mamas, and fights with my own thoughts. I decided to use them. C.A.P moved around so much when he was little that the one night I did take…

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The Mommy Panel – Pinching!

Hello friends!  Welcome to another Mommy Panel question and answer session.  This week our question is: How did you break your kid of pinching? Missy – Matthew seems to be pinching quite a bit lately so I just sit him in time out and make him stay there. Then I have him say sorry to…

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The Mommy Panel – Three Essentials!


What are your three mommy essentials? Jelli – At this point, with a nearly 9 month-old, I cannot live without my Glamourmom nursing tanks. These are my go-to for daywear, layering under dress-up clothes, and for sleepwear. So comfy, and oh-so-practical.  #2: Washable nursing pads. Indispensable to avoid embarrassing leaks. Love, love, love.  #3: Wrap-style…

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The Mommy Panel – Hardest Part


What’s been the hardest challenge as a parent? Angela – Everything! No, just kidding. Seriously though, my biggest challenge is trying to be patient. My kids are only 3 and 1 but, they wear me down to just about nothing sometimes and I always wish I was more patient with them. Tonii- My biggest challenge…

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The Mommy Panel – Picky Eater


 This question is near to my heart.. because my daughter is so picky in what she eats lately!  We just fill her plate and let her eat what she wants and save it for later.  We cant force her to eat or like certain foods.. so unfortunately we have to be the patient ones.  …

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The Mommy Panel – How Do You Unwind


How do you unwind as a momma? – The gym ! That’s my main way to unwind after a long day. – I unwind by spending time with my husband, hanging out with my friends or being outside and gardening alone. Every Momma needs to have some time to herself – A pedicure and a good glass of…

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