10 Skillet Meals

10 Skillet Meals.  One skillet plus 30 minutes equal delicious meal!

It’s no secret that I love my cast iron skillet. I just can’t even explain how awesome it is to prepare a whole meal in one skillet!  A whole meal.  I love love love it!  Because when you’re done, you only have one dish to clean!  [Maybe a cutting board and a few spatulas too.] … 

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Summer Recipes for Kids

Summer recipes for kids.  Keep the kids busy in the kitchen this summer!

Last week I shared 101 Summer Crafts for Kids to help beat the summer boredom blues.  If your kids aren’t the crafty type I bet they are the eating type.  [What kid doesn't love food?!]  My kids love to help me in the kitchen.  As soon as I turn on my mixer Ryley appears right… 

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25 Delicious Ice Cream Recipes

25+ Delicious Ice Cream Recipes

There is just something about homemade ice cream that makes my heart go pitter patter.  I remember making it with an old time machine with my dad when I was younger.  The ones that used the huge chunks of salt and you had to wait forever for it to churn.  It was worth it though. … 

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Leftover Ham Ideas

Leftover Ham Ideas!  Great recipes to use all that left over ham from the holidays!

Some people are funny about leftovers, they either don’t like them twice or they don’t like to cook with them.  I really love leftovers.  If its something I love, I can eat it a few days in a row [aka pasta] or I can whip up something else entirely.  I actually plan our weekly menu… 

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Spring Inspired Recipes

Spring Inspired Recipes.

I’m just going to say what everyone has been thinking – I’m ready for Spring!  And thats really weird for me to want to say because I love winter.  I use the word “winter” loosely because in South Texas, we don’t have a winter.  We have a few cold days were everyone in the city… 

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Easy Bread Recipes

Easy Bread Recipes.

Can I just say that making bread terrifies me?  It does!  I’m not exactly sure why, but I feel like its such a delicate process.  I’ve made different kinds of bread and I am starting to feel more comfortable with it.  Only slightly though.  I still have to double [and triple] check the recipe when… 

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Comforting Crock Pot Recipes

Comforting Crockpot Recipes

Do you know what my favorite thing about cooking is?  Not having to do the dishes afterwords.  Its true, I’m a huge fan of avoiding the dishes.  [You can ask my hubby to verify.]  Since you need at least one dish to make a meal, the crock pot is my one of my all time… 

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Easy Lunch Recipes

Easy Lunch Recpes - for kids and adults!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day followed by dinner.  Some days, its hard to eat lunch with everything going on.  [Kids mainly.]  But the kids need to eat.  And when they are heading to mother’s day out, they need a lunch packed.  And I like easy and healthy lunches.  [The kids do too,… 

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Easy Valentine’s Recipe Ideas

15+ easy Valentine's recipe ideas

 We are already two days into the month of February and its time to start thinking about Valentine’s day!  I’m not a huge fan of the day-o-love, but I do enjoy a good cheesy card and a sweet treat.  Its like Valentine’s dishes turn red and pink and come in the shape of hearts.  And… 

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