Summer Menu Printable

Free summer menu planner - download it at thegrantlife

One thing I love about summer is that we get a little lazy.  We stay up later and get to sleep in.  We make plans as we go and fly by the seat of our pants.  Unfortunately, one of the things that kind of gets left in the dust is our menu planning.  If your…

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Ingredient Substitution Printables

Free Ingredient Substitution Printables!

I am the queen of “lets start a recipe and worry about ingredients later”.  Sounds silly, right?  I just always assume that I have things like eggs and butter on hand.  And we normally do, but sometimes it just seems to disappear.  So I start pulling out things to bake or cook and guess what’s…

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Flower Packet Valentine

We've Grown to be such good friends - flower packet Valentine.

It’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s day, y’all.  Just today I got handed a list of names for the kids school Valentine’s parties next week.  And then I sort of chuckled to myself because I’m “one of those parents”.  You know the kind that doesn’t give out candy but hands out practical gifts instead. …

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Family Life: The Juggling Act


The one question that I get asked over and over is “How do you do it all?”  And I try to be polite but most of the time I laugh and said I don’t.  I honestly don’t ‘do it all’ and I never will.  Maybe our definition of “all” is a little different though, but…

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Free Printable: Give Thanks

Free Give Thanks Printable via thegrantlife

Hey yall!  Happy Monday to everyone.  [I know, I say it but I really don't think it helps.]  I’ve been thinking of Thanksgiving a lot lately, mainly because its one of my favorite holidays.  And no, its not just because of the food.  [Although I do love a good meal.]  I love Thanksgiving because most…

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Easy Homemade Recipe: Pumpkin Chili

Easy Pumpkin Chili Recipe via

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wolf Brand Chili.  To read more about my disclosure policy – click here. Im pretty sure that yall know I love pumpkin season.  I dedicated a whole week to sharing new pumpkin recipes, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them and…

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Free Printable: Happy Fall Y’all

Free Printable Happy Fall Yall

Hey yall!  I don’t care what the weather is doing [or not doing] I’m ready for fall!  I want to do more fall baking, and wear cute fall clothes and spend more time outside.  Its funny because we end up spending more time outside during the ‘colder’ months then we do during the summer months. …

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