Dressing up Chambray [Copy Cat Closet]


Im pretty sure my closet is too small.  How do I know this?  Well, I dont have a chambray shirt for this challenge.  And then both things I am wearing are from someone else’s closet.  I think Im going to call this week ‘Thief Cat Closet’.  Has a nice ring too it.   If your…

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White After Labor Day [Copy Cat Closet]


I love this week because I always joke with friends and say ‘You cant wear white after Labor Day!’ and then we giggle and go on with our merry lives.  Then Natalia sent out the inspiration email and it was white pants.. I, of course, giggled and then panicked!  I dont have any white jeans, or…

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The Graphic Tee [Copy Cat Closet]


The graphic tee!  [Also known as half of my closet.]  I was excited for this challenge and knew what graphic tee I was going to wear.  The tee was the easy part.. the whole lower part of my body struggled with this challenge. If your new here [howdy!] each week the amazing ladies over at Ma…

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Color Blocking [Copy Cat Closet]


Im so excited to be here for another week of Copy Cat  Closet!  Last week we were in Michigan and I wasnt able share an outfit with yall.  [Wah wah.]  I did have tons of fun with my family though and now Im back and full of super awesome goofy outfit pictures.   If your…

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Our Family Vacation!


Hi friends!  Im baaaaaack!  My little family and I spent a week in Michigan visiting my inlaws.. the original Grants.  It was so much fun.. we did something every day.  I didnt take as many pictures as I should have but Im going to share some of my favorites with yall today.  [And I should…

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Weekend Away [Closet Copy Cat]


Have I told you how much I love this series?  I have?  Well can I tell you again?  I cant?  What?  Too many questions?  [Can I write a whole post in questions?  Should I try?  No?]  Ok Im done.  And yall know I love love LOVE this series!  [If you’re new.. each week the amazing…

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Button Up In Summer! [Copy Cat Closet]


I love Sundays.  They are one of my favorite days of the week.  I love going to church and hanging with my family.. and getting the new style inspiration for the week from Natalia and Christie!  [If your new to the series the lovely ladies from Ma Nouvelle Mode send out an inspiration email and…

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Closet Copy Cat [Fashion Series]


Hi friends! I’ve teamed up with Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode to bring yall a fun new series!  Each week Natalia will email out some style inspiration and I am going to humbly attempt to copy it.  Outfit, hair, shoes.. the whole thing.  Were calling it ‘Closet Copy Cat’.  Pretty clever huh?  Ha! So here…

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