Dressing up Chambray [Copy Cat Closet]

Im pretty sure my closet is too small.  How do I know this?  Well, I dont have a chambray shirt for this challenge.  And then both things I am wearing are from someone else’s closet.  I think Im going to call this week ‘Thief Cat Closet’.  Has a nice ring too it.  
If your new here [howdy!] each week the amazing ladies over at Ma Nouvelle Mode send out an inspiration email and then we copy it by shopping our closets.  Write a post about it, link it up, browse each others outfits and repeat each week.  [Wash, rinse, repeat.] – And yes I did just copy this whole paragraph from last weeks post.   Dont judge.

This is Natalia dressing up her chambray shirt:

I can almost guarantee that Natalia didnt steal from anyone’s closet for her super cute look.  Here’s my thief version:   

My dress is from my mom and my shirt is from my hubby.  And I love it!  The outfit is so comfortable.. and long!  Im wearing 3 inch heels [which you cant see.. sorry!]  and I still have to hold the maxi up so I dont trip.  Ill take comfort over being safe any day.  

Thief!  But oh so comfy!  And I have to apologize.. I dont have any goofy pictures this week.  My normal photographer [aka my mom] wasnt available so I had my hubby take pictures.  He clicks three times and hes done.  Nothing wrong with being serious every now and then.. right?  

I pulled my hair into a half up-do with a double braid on one side.  All the tutorials for this amazing-ness can be found on Ma Nouvelle Mode.  Those girls inspire me so much its cray cray.  

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White After Labor Day [Copy Cat Closet]

I love this week because I always joke with friends and say ‘You cant wear white after Labor Day!’ and then we giggle and go on with our merry lives.  Then Natalia sent out the inspiration email and it was white pants.. I, of course, giggled and then panicked!  I dont have any white jeans, or shorts.  So I cheated!  I flat out cheated, yall.  [For the record, Natalia said cheating was ok!]
If your new here [howdy!] each week the amazing ladies over at Ma Nouvelle Mode send out an inspiration email and then we copy it by shopping our closets.  Write a post about it, link it up, browse each others outfits and repeat each week.  [Wash, rinse, repeat.] – And yes I did just copy this whole paragraph from last weeks post.   Dont judge.

You see how cute Natalia looks in her white jeans?  Well there is a reason why I dont have any white pants in closet and why I had to cheat.  I do have a white skirt but I wore that last week.  See exhibit A.. 

Holy thighs, Batman!  Ok.. so these are skinnies but still.  Thats a whole lotta thigh is those jeans!  I totally cheated and shopped Old Navy’s closet instead of my own.  No I did not buy them.. I just tortured them for a few minutes and put them back on the rack.

To be fair to my thighs.. this is another cheater outfit from Target.  I really like the white shorts, they were just a little small.  Notice my pouty two year old in the corner?  Ya.. she loves to shop.  

The makeup inspiration was the cat eye!  [Which is a lot more forgiving then white skinny jeans.]  I was excited to try it because it looks so cute and fun.  

Natalia’s version above and mine below.  I apologize in advance for the large picture of my horrible eyebrows and their unruliness.  And if you didnt notice before I mentioned it.. well I love you.  

I used Natalia’s tutorial and it came out pretty good.  I used brown liner and some brown eyeshadow and threw on a little mascara.  It was easy and gave me a very dramatic look.  
Close up of the liner.  [And the crazy eyebrows.]

Classic Kelley.  No words.

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The Graphic Tee [Copy Cat Closet]

The graphic tee!  [Also known as half of my closet.]  I was excited for this challenge and knew what graphic tee I was going to wear.  The tee was the easy part.. the whole lower part of my body struggled with this challenge.

If your new here [howdy!] each week the amazing ladies over at Ma Nouvelle Mode send out an inspiration email and then we copy it by shopping our closets.  Write a post about it, link it up, browse each others outfits and repeat each week.  [Wash, rinse, repeat.] – And yes I did just copy this whole paragraph from last weeks post.   Dont judge.

So here is what Natalia gave us to copy..

I know friends.. I know.  Gorgeous.  

Copied!  Kinda.  I couldnt find my skirt [it was hiding in my closet] and then I spent like 15 minutes trying to find some shoes that would rock this outfit but nothing worked.  My mom [aka my photographer] told me ‘Kelley, put your flip flops on!  They are you and they look fine.’  And she’s right.  I wear flippy floppys a lot and even though Im trying to copy an outfit I still have to be me.  

Shirt – Stole from hubs // Skirt – Too old to remember // Shoes – Reef
Yup.. just gotta be me.  In my head this outfit was a lot cuter but it was really comfy.  

My photo shoot was interrupted by this adorable little guy.  Dont be jealous that hes rocking his sisters pink water shoes.  Boys got style.  

After seeing these pictures I know you wanna join in the fun, right?!  If I can rock a Led Zeppelin tee and boho skirt.. you can too!  I pinky swear.  If you want in on the inspiration, just put your email in that little box and come party with us each Thursday!

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Color Blocking [Copy Cat Closet]

Im so excited to be here for another week of Copy Cat  Closet!  Last week we were in Michigan and I wasnt able share an outfit with yall.  [Wah wah.]  I did have tons of fun with my family though and now Im back and full of super awesome goofy outfit pictures.  
If your new here [howdy!] each week the amazing ladies over at Ma Nouvelle Mode send out an inspiration email and then we copy it by shopping our closets.  Write a post about it, link it up, browse each others outfits and repeat each week.  [Wash, rinse, repeat.] 
This week our inspiration is color blocking:
Ah-maz-ing.  I know.  And here’s my attempt..
Im going to let yall in on a little secret.  Im a larger then life big girl.  [I could say its because I’ve had two kids but its really because I love food and I hate working out.]  So each week when I take these pictures I pick out the ones that dont show my double chin and my cellulite.  That is the real challenge each week.  
Shirt – Kohls // Shorts – Gap // Headband – loveables
I kinda love this outfit though.  I snagged these shorts from the Gap outlet while I was in Michigan last week and I think I’ve worn them 3 times already.  So comfy, so light and less then 10 bucks.  [Holllla! And yes.. I do say holllla in real life.  Fun fact.] 
Im not sure what this picture is suppose to be showing.. but its funny and Im keeping it.  
The inspiration for our hair was to use a headband and for our makeup we were to suppose to wear a bold lipstick.  The headband was easy, but the lipstick.. not so much.  I didnt even think I owned any lipstick let alone a bold color.  So I think I get bonus points for actually wearing lipstick.  [No?  Dang it!]

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Our Family Vacation!


Hi friends!  Im baaaaaack!  My little family and I spent a week in Michigan visiting my inlaws.. the original Grants.  It was so much fun.. we did something every day.  I didnt take as many pictures as I should have but Im going to share some of my favorites with yall today.  [And I should have posted this earlier but sleep won over blogging.  On a plus note.. blogging won over laundry though.]

Monday –
Ryon’s cousins are farmers and we got to tour the factory and take the kids out to the pickle site.  It was so much fun!  And the kids got to ride in a pickle harvester at the site!

We also had dinner at a friends house Monday night.  Ryley loved the swing.  
We took the kids blueberry picking in the morning and went to a Tigers game in the evening.  It took Avery about 15 minutes to figure out what were we doing.. and then he was on a mission to eat as many blueberries as possible.  Even if that meant stealing from sissy.    

The whole Grant clan!  We all wore Tigers gear for the game.  [Oh yes.. we are that cool.]
Wednesday –
We went to dinner over at Ryon’s besties house.  Matt [Ryons bestie] made bacon wrapped pork loin stuffed with green onions and pineapple.  [drooooool].  He also has a pretty sweet ride.  
Thursday – 
We took the kids up to north to visit Ryon’s Opa and Nana.  They didnt stop moving until they passed out for naps. 

Friday –
We went to dinner with the whole family.  Yup.. 11 adults and 4 kids.  It wasnt as horrible as I had imagined.  We had a bonfire that night too.  The kids loved being able to run around GGPa’s [thats what my kids call Ryon’s mom and dad.. and its one word not two] backyard.

Saturday we went to the beach [and I took horrible pictures.. wah wah] and Sunday we ran some errands before going to dinner with the family again.  It was so much fun to be back in Michigan again!  We cant wait to visit during Christmas and watch the kids play in the snow.  
What have yall been up to this week?  Also.. a big thank you to my friends who guest posted while I was gone!  
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Cappuccino Pancakes with Mocha Frosting

Whoa.  Thats a long name for just a pancake recipe.  Trust me.. its not just a pancake.  Its the pancake.  The one you dream about in your sleep and wake up and have to make it.  Its that one.  I originally share this amazing recipe over at Little Inspiration and thought yall would like love  it as much as I do.  Its one of our absolute favorite easy homemade recipes!

Cappuccino Pancakes with Mocha Cream Cheese Frosting

slightly adapted from here
4 cups flour
2 tbs baking powder
2 tsp salt
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
+ instant coffee granular, vanilla and cinnamon to taste
4 oz cream cheese
1 tbs sugar
1/2 tsp instant coffee granules
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup mini semisweet chocolate chips
Take your normal pancake ingredients and blend them all together.  Or if your a Bisquick type of pancake maker then use that and mix it all up.  I do Bisquick half the time and homemade pancakes the other half.  Depends on how the morning starts off.
Next, mix in your extras to make them cappucino-esque.  [Is that a word?  It should be.]  Instant coffee, cinnamon and vanilla.
Add your chocolate chips and mix it all up.  [This is my favorite part.. I heart chocolate.  We have a very close relationship.]  Yes, you can eat a few chips too.  [That’s one of the best parts!]
While your pancakes are cooking combine all your ingredients for the frosting in a mixer.  [Cream cheese, sugar, coffee granules, vanilla extract, and more chocolate chips.]  Blend until smooth.
These are perfect for a lazy Saturday morning [or any morning if you ask me] with a cup of coffee.  Just be careful, you may be a major caffeine buzz.  And although they are delicious I wouldn’t advise feeding them to toddlers.  Not that I know of the after effects, just a word of warning.

Weekend Away [Closet Copy Cat]

Have I told you how much I love this series?  I have?  Well can I tell you again?  I cant?  What?  Too many questions?  [Can I write a whole post in questions?  Should I try?  No?]  Ok Im done.  And yall know I love love LOVE this series!  [If you’re new.. each week the amazing ladies from Ma Nouvelle Mode send out a style inspiration email.  We get a few days to shop our closest and create our version. Post about it and then link it up Thursday.  Wam bam.. done.]  
Natalia and Christie gave us these fun outfit inspirations and the theme is weekend away.  

I know.  Gorgeous.  Both ladies look amazing!  You dont have to copy the outfit exactly.. but I like to. So when I saw Natalia’s outfit I got super excited.  Red pants – check.  Black shirt – check.  Hair in a bun – [everyday] check!  

Wa-pow!  Copied!  

If I had a scarf we would be twinsies.  Kinda like when I copied her leopard skirt and we looked identical.  Ok.. guys I know I look nothing like Natalia.. and how do I know this?  Because when my mother read my leopard skirt post she bust up laughing that I said we were twins.  I think her exact words were ‘Here’s this tall, beautiful woman.. and then there’s you.’  Gee thanks mom! 

Aside from that, I actually have worn this outfit before.  [Check them out in my faux TOMS refashion post.]  The red capris are so comfy and the shirt is nice and flowy.  And that super cute wreath is a gift from my friends over at Natural Nesters.  

Classic Kelley.  There are more pictures of me goofing around then of me ‘modeling’. Have I mentioned I love this series?  I have?  Ok.. seriously Im done.  
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What did you create with Natalia and Christie’s inspiration?  Link it up below!

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Button Up In Summer! [Copy Cat Closet]

I love Sundays.  They are one of my favorite days of the week.  I love going to church and hanging with my family.. and getting the new style inspiration for the week from Natalia and Christie!  [If your new to the series the lovely ladies from Ma Nouvelle Mode send out an inspiration email and we copy it by shopping our closet.]  Natalia gave us this look to copy..
I saw the inspiration and groaned to myself.  That shirt!  I have been on the hunt for a chambray shirt for sooo long!  Since I havent found one I had to get over myself and find a different shirt to use.  [But I still pouted while looking for a new one.]  

This is what I came up with for a buttoned up look in summer.  Can I get serious for a second?  I love this series.  Hands down my favorite post each week is sharing my outfit with yall.  Im not huge on fashion but Natalia inspires me each week to try something different.. and I love that.  Real talk friends.. real talk.  

[Now back to your regularly scheduled sarcastic post].  Our new backyard!  Can you call it a backyard if you have no grass?!  I stole my shirt from hubbys side of the closet this week.  I didnt have any that would match these funky picnic tablecloth shorts I wore.  Guys shirts fit weird too.. just in case your wondering why I look huge.  Its the shirt.  Defiantly not me.  

Say whaaa?  My hair is straight and pulled back.. which means I actually did something to my hair for once.  If it didnt take me an hour to do and make me extremely hot, I would straighten my hair all the time.  [Yes.. it takes me an hour!  My hair is super thick and I get distracted easily.]  

Shirt – Hubby // Shorts – Target // Shoes – the Loft
And just in case you are starting to think Im becoming a fashion model.  Classic Kelley.  
What did you create this week?!  I so cant wait to see!  Link it up below!  And if you want to join in the fun enter your email in that cute little box.  

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Closet Copy Cat [Fashion Series]

Hi friends! I’ve teamed up with Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode to bring yall a fun new series!  Each week Natalia will email out some style inspiration and I am going to humbly attempt to copy it.  Outfit, hair, shoes.. the whole thing.  Were calling it ‘Closet Copy Cat’.  Pretty clever huh?  Ha!
So here is Natalia’s inspiration:
Gorgeous!  My first thought was.. I want those shorts!  But the whole point of Closet Cop Cat is you shop your closet and put together a similar outfit.. so no shopping for me.  Although I will find those shorts and buy them.  Pinkie swear.
And the hair:
Again.. gorgeous!  
And my version:
This is what I call real.  Kids toys under the bed, laundry in the corner, boxes and smudges on the mirror.  Clearly not a fashion blogger.  I tried to have my husband take pictures for me.. pffffffft.. fail. Love you honey.  
Shirt – Motherhood Maternity [For real], Shorts – Target, Shoes – The Loft, Belt – Kohls
[For the record.. I cleaned the mirrors.. not sure why they came out all smudgy.  Ahh well.]

I was really happy with how cute this outfit turned out.  I knew I wasnt going to be able to copy the shorts but found a similar shirt and shoes for the outfit.  I threw in a belt for a little contrast.  
Makeup – mother nature and some mascara.  I went pretty basic on the makeup.. like I didnt put any on basic.  I love the summer because I can go to the beach, get a little tan and ditch my makeup.  And my hair?  Well I slept in a bun and pulled it up in front.  I really love Natalia’s hair.. but there was no way I was going to put a straightener anywhere near me when its 97 degrees out.  So I went.. natural. Im starting to see a theme here.  
When I put on this outfit I was instantly happy.  I felt confident and was excited to wear it out today.  Minus the shoes.  I stubbed my baby toe on a box yesterday and there was no way I was squeezing it into those wedges for an extended period of time.  Real talk friends.  
Do you want to get in on this awesome new series?  Sign up below to have a new outfit emailed to you each week.  Then starting next week we will have a Closet Copy Cat link party for all to join!  So grab a button.. sign up and lets get stylin’!  
the Grant life

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