What I Wore – Blissdom Edition


I hope yesterday’s post about what people don’t tell you about Blissdom didnt put a complete negative light on the conference.  I just wasnt prepared for a lot of things about the conference and felt like I should share.  But do you know what I was prepared for?  Looking fabulous!  [Insert snortle here].  Last week I…

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My Style [Copy Cat Closet]


I have professed my love for the Copy Cat Closet series many times before but let me tell you once more why I love this series.  Im just a stay at home mom [who is working temporarily at the moment] and my kids are my number one priority.  Like I shower at noon and sometimes…

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Animal Print [Copy Cat Closet]


Hey yall!  Welcome to another week of Copy Cat Closet where the beauty experts from Ma Nouvelle Mode inspire us each week with a fun new outfit to try.  This week our inspiration is animal print!  Natalia gave us this outfit to copy: Super cute!  [Its similar to my weekend away outfit!] I keep seeing…

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Neon Floral [Copy Cat Closet]

Floral dress and black boots

I feel like I need to explain my self here.  When we had the neon challenge I had nothing and I had to create a neon wish board.  A little retail therapy later and I have an amazing new neon floral dress in my closet.  So I was excited when I saw that this weeks…

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Stripes [Copy Cat Closet]


Every week the amazing girls from Ma Nouvelle Mode send out an inspiration email for Copy Cat Closet.  Then we all try and copy it by shopping our closets.  Well this week is a little different.. because my outfit is the inspiration! I [hopefully] inspired you to try a striped outfit.  This is one of…

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Winter Neon [Copy Cat Closet]

Wearing Neon in the Winter

Welcome to another week of Copy Cat Closet, where we encourage you to find new outfits you already own!  Its a special CCC [thats Copy Cat Closet in lazy type] because we have the amazing Nikki from Bedazzles After Dark to inspire us with winter neon! Isn’t she adorable?  She knows how to rock some…

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Shopping on a Budget #CookiesKids

Cookies for kids outfit

When it comes to buying clothes for the kids my motto is – ‘the cheaper the better!’  Don’t get me wrong, I’m only talking about the price not the brand or material.  I love to shop the sales racks to find great deals for both kids.  So when I saw this on the front page…

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Colored Denim [Copy Cat Closet]

canadian tuxedo outfit

Hey y’all!  Welcome to another week of Copy Cat Closet where we inspire you to shop your closet to create a great new outfit!  Each week the girls at Ma Nouvelle Mode send out an outfit to copy from our closets.  This week our inspiration was colored denim. I only have one pair of colored…

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Shorts in Winter [Copy Cat Closet]

shorts in winter

Hey y’all!  Welcome to another week of copy cat closet where we inspire you to shop your closet to create something fabulous.  Each week the girls from Ma Nouvelle Mode send out an inspiration outfit and we try and copy it.  This week our inspiration was shorts in winter. This may have been my favorite…

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Rainy Day Outfit [Copy Cat Closet]

rainy day mix up

Woohoo!  Its another week of Copy Cat Closet!  We took a few weeks off during the holidays but we are back and have an amazing co-host.  Alissa from Rags to Stitches is showing us how to mix it up. Alissa rocked the multi pattern and color theme.  And she had some fabulous weather in sunny…

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