What I Wore – Blissdom Edition


I hope yesterday’s post about what people don’t tell you about Blissdom didnt put a complete negative light on the conference.  I just wasnt prepared for a lot of things about the conference and felt like I should share.  But do you know what I was prepared for?  Looking fabulous!  [Insert snortle here].  Last week I gave a few tips on what to wear to a blog conference and I made sure follow my own rules.  I was comfortable, myself and professional.

cliques at blissdom


Thursday I wore a comfy maxi skirt with a grey beaded top and heels.  It was the first time flying alone since I’ve become a mom and the first time I’ve ever worn heels in an airport.  I slept on the plane and was comfortable the whole time.  Ill count both as a first time win.


meeting people

I wore my striped crepe tank top with khakis and my blue blazer on the first day of the conference.  Plus a pair of coral wedges.  I think this outfit was my favorite from the conference.  It was professional, comfortable and my style.  Throw in my signature curly hair and I was good to go.


On Friday evening there was a girls night out and I got real fancy with my maxi pleated dress and sandals.  [Ha!]  Not really so fancy but fun and perfect for a night out with my girlies.



Saturday I had a mini meltdown when I couldnt find my brush and curl creme to do my hair.  I top-knotted it and went on my way.  I also had a mini panic attack when I spilled lunch down my coral shirt.  Ain’t nobody got time to change their shirt between sessions.  But I did just so I wouldn’t look like a hobo with Mexican food down her shirt.  And I did eventually find my brush.  Crisis averted.


Sunday I was all about being comfortable and I wore yoga pants and a t-shirt to the airport.  This is probably my favorite picture from the trip.  That’s Candy from Candy Polooza and she is the most genuine person I have ever met.  That’s what Im taking with me from this past weekend, the friendships and the laughs.

My Style [Copy Cat Closet]


I have professed my love for the Copy Cat Closet series many times before but let me tell you once more why I love this series.  Im just a stay at home mom [who is working temporarily at the moment] and my kids are my number one priority.  Like I shower at noon and sometimes don’t leave the house kind of priority.  Sometimes, I forget about me.  Each week Natalia inspires me [and many of yall!] to fight the mom funk and be yourself.  And I love that.

This week out “challenge” was to share your personal style – your go to outfit.  Not really a challenge but a chance to show off me.  Which is always fun.  This is ‘my style’ which is pretty basic.  Im a jeans and tee shirt gal.  Or khakis and button down for work days.  And of course sandals of some sort.

20130305_140023[1] Shirt – Old Navy // Khakis – NY&Co // Sandals – Sears

I wish I was able to keep up with the trends but Im starting to learn that trends aren’t for everyone.  I like to be comfy casual.  Ya know, on the days Im not wearing yoga pants. Comfy causal.


What is your style? What do you love to wear? Im really loving these crepe blouses especially fun spring colors like coral! Do you have an outfit post? We’d love for you to share it!

Animal Print [Copy Cat Closet]


Hey yall!  Welcome to another week of Copy Cat Closet where the beauty experts from Ma Nouvelle Mode inspire us each week with a fun new outfit to try.  This week our inspiration is animal print!  Natalia gave us this outfit to copy:

Super cute!  [Its similar to my weekend away outfit!]


I keep seeing in the news all these snow storms and it makes me jealous!  I want snow!  Heck, Ill settle for rain on a chilly day.  Down here we start out chilly in the mornings and by the afternoon we are in the 80s.  [True story.]  So my triple layered sweater and capris are South Texas weather appropriate.

20130226_171209[1]Polo – MM // Sweater – Old Navy // Cardigan – Ross // Capris – GAP // Sandals – Sears?

Most of my outfit is from fairly recent shopping trips.  On sale of course.  The only way  I shop.


And just because you need a close-up of my super comfy sweater.  This is my second animal print item I own and Im starting to want more.  Uh oh.  Gotta go shopping again.

Did you create anything with the inspiration outfit?  I’d love to see it!  Link it up [or any outfit post!] below.


Neon Floral [Copy Cat Closet]

Floral dress and black boots

I feel like I need to explain my self here.  When we had the neon challenge I had nothing and I had to create a neon wish board.  A little retail therapy later and I have an amazing new neon floral dress in my closet.  So I was excited when I saw that this weeks challenge was floral.  And a neon re-do for me.

Our guest co-host this week is the adorable Ilene from much love, illy.  Yes.  I do want those shoes as well.  The whole outfit is fun!  I think I need to go shopping again and find a leather motorcycle jacket.

Floral Dress

Ok, maybe its just a hint of neon but it still counts.  Right?

Floral dress and boots

Hello neon, hello floral.  Oh and hello baby bun that I wore all last week because I can.

Floral dress and black boots

What did yall create with the inspiration?  Link it up [or any fashion post!] below!

Stripes [Copy Cat Closet]


Every week the amazing girls from Ma Nouvelle Mode send out an inspiration email for Copy Cat Closet.  Then we all try and copy it by shopping our closets.  Well this week is a little different.. because my outfit is the inspiration!

I [hopefully] inspired you to try a striped outfit.  This is one of my go to outfits because its comfortable, cute and kinda nautical.  If I had maxi skirts in every color I would wear one everyday.  Love them!  And yes I did wear this to work.  And yes I had my mom take pictures of me at work before we went to lunch.  And yes I work at the same place as my mom and have lunch with her everyday.  Im just too cool for words.


Oh and that purse!  Let me tell you about that purse.  Its Michael Kors and I won it from Your Doctor’s Wife!  [One of the funniest blogs Ive read by the way.]  I havent let this bag out of my site.  Its like my third baby.  Except it doesnt eat, cry or poop.  I love my third baby.


And this is my reaction to my mom’s question ‘Whats the inspiration this week?’  [Because my mom knows all about Copy Cat Closet and is my on call photographer.]  I threw my hands up and said ‘MEEE!’  True story.

Im not going to lie – Im super excited this week to see what everyone created!  If you have a stripe outfit or any outfit from this week link it up below!

Winter Neon [Copy Cat Closet]

Wearing Neon in the Winter

Welcome to another week of Copy Cat Closet, where we encourage you to find new outfits you already own!  Its a special CCC [thats Copy Cat Closet in lazy type] because we have the amazing Nikki from Bedazzles After Dark to inspire us with winter neon!

Isn’t she adorable?  She knows how to rock some neon!  [Ps.. check out her site.. she has TONS more outfits!]

Sadly, I have absolutely no neon in my closet.  I had to fight the urge to run out and buy some just for this challenge.  Instead, I created a winter neon lust board!

Wearing Neon in the Winter

Aldo Purse // GAP Scarf // Kohls Skinnies // Old Navy Blouse // Sperrys

If I had the time, energy and resources [aka cash] I would buy every one of those pieces.  [Calm down.. I wouldnt wear them all at once.  In public.]

That purse?  Swoon!  Love the little pop of neon pink.  Those shoes?  To die for!  I am on a personal mission to own every stye shoe Sperry makes.  I have one so far.  [Its a life long mission.. Ive got time.]

Did you create a fun winter neon look with the Nikki’s inspiration?  We’d love to see it!  Link it up below and check out other for even more ideas.

Shopping on a Budget #CookiesKids

Cookies for kids outfit

When it comes to buying clothes for the kids my motto is – ‘the cheaper the better!’  Don’t get me wrong, I’m only talking about the price not the brand or material.  I love to shop the sales racks to find great deals for both kids.  So when I saw this on the front page of the Cookie’s Kids website I was excited.

cookies website

Yes, please!  I’d love 90 percent off!  I checked both girl and boy clearance sections to find the perfect outfits for the kids.  One cool thing about CookiesKids.com is the Alva kids icon on each item.

alva on cookies website

It will help you determine what size your children wears in that particular item.

alva on cookies website pic

So if I search ‘Boys Suits‘ the Alva will help me find the right size suit for Avery.  How cool is that?  Its helped me find the perfect size for the kids new clothes.

Cookies for Kids

Did you just hear me squeal?  I was beyond excited when I saw this outfit for Ryley on the site.  [You all know about my unnatural love for anchors, right?]  Plus it was on sale!  Double love!

Anchor Outfit Cookies for kids

Ryley loved the rhinestones on the anchor on her shirt.  I loved the quality and the price!

Cookies for kids outfit

Avery’s outfit was on sale too!  He got a super cute two piece plaid outfit.

Cookies Outfit

Im pretty sure that face means he loves his new outfit.

Cookies for Kids Outside

Nothing makes me happier then to see my babes happy.  Except when they are happy and wearing a super cute outfit that I got on sale.  Seriously.  Its the best.

Be sure and check out #CookiesKids on Twitter and Facebook as they celebrate their 40th year of business!  Cookie’s Kids have 7 stores in the NYC area in Bronx, Brooklyn and Jamaica as well as online.  If you’d like to see more of my shop with CookiesKids.com check out my Google+ album!


“I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and CookiesKids.com #CBias #SocialFabric”

Colored Denim [Copy Cat Closet]

canadian tuxedo outfit

Hey y’all!  Welcome to another week of Copy Cat Closet where we inspire you to shop your closet to create a great new outfit!  Each week the girls at Ma Nouvelle Mode send out an outfit to copy from our closets.  This week our inspiration was colored denim.

I only have one pair of colored jeans and I’ve worn them twice before.  The first time was to share my weekend away outfit.  And a little bit of my goofy side.

The second outfit was when I wore double denim.  And no it wasnt a Canadian tuxedo.

canadian tuxedo outfit
Did you create an outfit with colored denim?  Or have an outfit post you’d like to share?  Link it up below!

Shorts in Winter [Copy Cat Closet]

shorts in winter

Hey y’all!  Welcome to another week of copy cat closet where we inspire you to shop your closet to create something fabulous.  Each week the girls from Ma Nouvelle Mode send out an inspiration outfit and we try and copy it.  This week our inspiration was shorts in winter.

This may have been my favorite week so far.  Why?  Well.. my Ryley bear took my pictures for me!

wearing shorts in the winter

So having a toddler take your pictures is hilarious.  After every picture she would say ‘Click, got it mommy!’ or ‘Good one mommy!’  And then we would be laugh and she would almost drop the camera.  And then we would start all over again.

shorts in winter

My look is a combination of my first copy cat outfit, my colored tights outfit and my little black dress outfit.  Although the tights were a little..well.. tight so I cut them up and now I have thigh highs.  Chubby girls gotta do what chubby girls gotta do.  Can I get an amen?

Did you create something with the inspiration this week?  We’d love to see!  Link it up below.. or any outfit post!

Rainy Day Outfit [Copy Cat Closet]

rainy day mix up

Woohoo!  Its another week of Copy Cat Closet!  We took a few weeks off during the holidays but we are back and have an amazing co-host.  Alissa from Rags to Stitches is showing us how to mix it up.

Alissa rocked the multi pattern and color theme.  And she had some fabulous weather in sunny California to work with.

rainy day mix up

 It was raining and 40 degrees when I took my outfit pictures.  So inside pictures it is, y’all.

rainy day outfit

Skirt – Kohls // Stripped Sweater – Gap // Grey Sweater – Kohls // Boots – Nine West

Anyone love to rock second day hair as much as I do?  Toss on a fancy headband and no one will ever know.  [Except y’all.. now y’all know.  Shhhh.]

Did you create something with this weeks inspiration?  Or do you have an awesome outfit post from this week?  Link it up below!  Natalia and I will pin our favorites.