The Food We Eat


Have you ever stopped to think about the food we eat?  Like where it comes from, what its made of and how’s it handled?  Honestly, I never gave any thought to any of it either. I just assumed that the meat and produce I ate were nutritious and healthy. I thought that government agencies protected…

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Pre-Baby Bodies

Why I dont care about my pre-baby body

I’ve been a mom now for over 4 years.  Ryley turned 4 this past February and it was bitter sweet.  Its amazing and sometimes sad to watch your kids grow up.  I love watching her and Avery grow but at the same time I miss them when they were babies.  I wonder if Im doing…

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Wearings Pants in Summer


No, this isn’t an outfit post.  I wish it were though.  I’m talking about wearing pants in summer because I’m too embarrassed to show my legs.  Because I have psoriasis.  Well the short answer is psoriasis.  The long answer is I had strep throat about a month ago and it triggered an outbreak.  All. over….

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The Beginning


Today I have been married to my amazing husband for four years.  Or maybe I should say I’ve been married to my husband for four amazing years.  Both are true.  I honestly cant believe that we’ve been together for almost 6 years.  Two years together, four years married and two kids later he still drives…

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Numbers Obsessed

building a community

Every since I started blogging I have been obsessed with my numbers.  How many GFC followers do I have?  How many page views do I have?  How many Facebook fans do I have?  Its made me sick before and its made me sad before.  I have Google analytics and Stat Counter set up and I check them at least…

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Who Am I?


Going to Blissdom has made me question who I am as a person and a blogger. Sometimes I wish I was a crunchy mama, a workout fanatic, a party girl. I would like to be that person, but its just not me. I get so caught up in who I want to be like, that…

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My Everyday Valentine


My husband and I came to the agreement our second year together that we don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We have no problem with the holiday but I don’t like the commercialism of it and my husband is cheap.  [So it works out well.]  Don’t get me wrong, I love that people spoil their…

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Today Im Silent.

I have no words for how much my heart hurts for everyone in Sandy Hook/Newtown.  I am silent today to remember that every moment is precious.  Today I will hold my children tight and pray for the families that can not.  I will pray for peace and healing for the parents, family and friends of…

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