July 2013 Meal Plan + Printable


Hey yall!  Im excited to share my meal plan.. for the month!  I sat down and wrote out meals for the next few weeks and wanted to share it with yall.  Im happy to be meal planning again.  It makes figuring out what to cook so much easier.  Plus, itll help me stick to my diet.  This is the first time I have scheduled out a whole month, so we will see how it goes!



Stuffed Peppers
Bohunk Barbecue
Chicken Pot Pie
Homemade Chicken Nuggets

As you can see, momma doesn’t cook on the weekends.  I figure I handle 5 out of the 7 days, someone else can cook on the weekends.  [Ryley is one mean cereal maker just fyi.]

Oh!  Like this fancy pants printable?  Well, sign up for our newsletter [over there on the right] and a blank one will be emailed to you!  Easy peasy!  Happy Monday.. and July first yall!

Do you menu plan?

Menu-less Monday + An Announcement

Ryley's third birthday

Yes it does say ‘menu-less’ Monday.  No, I dont have a menu this week.  Why?  We were busy celebrating Ryley’s birthday!  My daughter, my baby, will be three and we had her party this weekend.  So no menu since this momma is still recovering but Ill share some pictures and a special announcement for my new project!

Ryley's third birthday

ryley is three

ryley and avery

We had a semi-zoo themed birthday party and Ill be sharing more details soon.  Like those yummy cupcakes.

I’ve been working on another project the past few months and Im almost ready to share it with everybody!  For now, Im looking for your best breakfast recipes that you have shared on your blog!  Im also looking for a few foodie contributors.  If this is something you are interested fill out this form and Ill email you back.  Ill be sharing more details soon.  Pinkie swear.

Do you have a menu this week?  Leave your link in the comments so I can check it out!

Menu Monday 2/18

menu plan 6

I feel like I should say something about it being Monday – but you already know its Monday.  You know we all have a  mutual dislike for the anti-weekend day and you know I like to whine about it.  So Im going to skip all the boo-hoos and the pouting and jump right into our menu.  Because its Monday and I can.

menu plan 6 Oh hey there date night!  SO happy to see you on the menu this week!  [See how Friday made me perk up?]

Date night means two things – I don’t have to cook, and I get to spend an evening with my husband.  Duh, right?  Well this date night is a group date with my besties from high school and their significant others.  [Who still put up with me to this day.  True story.]  I like date nights.. I love group date nights.   We get to talk about things other then our [adorable and angelic] kids and we dont have the awkward silence.  You know the one.  Where you’ve talked about the kids and the house and now what?  Yea.  That.  If you’ve ever had the ‘silence’ try group date night instead.  Trust me here.  You might not want to go on solo date night ever again.  Slight exaggeration, but you catch my drift.

What are yall eating this week?  Anything good?  If you have a menu or a yummy recipe leave the link the comments.  Ill be sure to check it out!  [Ps.. grab this menu printable if you like!]


Menu Monday 2/11

Menu plan 5

Last week I started working full time again, temporarily.  I miss my kids like crazy [and I have to wear real pants] but it is nice to have a second income.  I forgot how organized you have to be to get two kids out the door.. on time.  [Shout out to all the working moms!  Yall rock!]  So needless to say, Im extra grateful for our menu plan these next few weeks.

Menu plan 5

 Cheesy Ziti Recipe

I didnt make the stir fry from last weeks menu.  Its tough adjusting to working, let alone working a 40 hour week!   Oh and the new menu planner printable is on last weeks menu for you to print out!  What is on your menu this week?  Id love to see it!


Menu Monday + Free Printable + Sponsor Call

Free Menu Planning Printable

Hey party people!  Are you still full from all the goodies at the ‘Big Game’?  Yea, me too.  I cant decide if thats a good or bad thing.  Im leaning towards good but my thighs might disagree.  [Dang thighs.]  Since we are already talking about food (and my thighs.. awkward!) here is our menu this week:


Spinach Lasagna Roll Up Recipe

Sponsor Call

I also wanted to put out a call for sponsors for February.  I absolutely love promoting amazing blogs and would love to help you increase your traffic.  You can purchase ad space here if you are interested.  [Thank you in advance!]

Free Menu Planning Printable

And dont forget your free menu planner printable for February!  Click on the image, right click to save and print.

What are yall eating this week?  If you have a menu plan leave it in the comment section so we can all check it out!

Menu Monday + Valentine’s Mantel!

valentines mantel pictures

Happy Monday friends!  I dont know how its possible to have a relaxing weekend and still be completely exhausted.  Somehow I have managed to do just that.  I may have to cuddle up with my babes for nap time this week.


And Im sharing my Valentine’s mantel over at 52 Mantels today.  Its pretty much my most favorite mantel so far.

valentines mantel pictures

What are yall eating this week?  Leave your menu plan or recipe in the links so I can check it out!

Menu Monday


Did y’all know that I’ve been blogging for almost two years?  [Its true.. I have!]  And after almost two years of blogging I still get the warm fuzzies about some things.  Like when my menu planner from last week is used and pinned.  [cough Heather cough.]  Stuff like that makes my day and makes me realize how much I love blogging.  Just a few fun facts before I share our menu this week.  [Ps.. free menu planner printable from last week.]


Verde enchiladas recipe

Im so glad to be back to menu planning, it truly makes my week easier.  Plus, I like food.

What are y’all having this week?  If you have a menu or a yummy recipe leave your link in the comments!

Menu Monday + Free Menu Printable


Hey yall!  Happy Monday!  [Did you hear the sarcasm in that?]  Although Im not really thrilled the weekend is over, I am excited to start Menu Monday again!  I slacked off the last two months and I really need some consistency in my life.  Ill be posting our menu each week.  And to start the New Year off right Im including the new menu planning printable I whipped up!  [Get it?  Whipped up?  Food humor in a foodie post?  Im hilarious.]


What are yall eating this week?  If you have a menu or yummy recipe leave the link in the comments!


Right click to ‘save as’ and then print.  It should print fine on a regular sheet of paper.  Let me know there any issues with it.

Menu Monday + New Sponsor Promotion

Its Monday!  And its the last week of September!  [What?!]  Im not sure where the month went but Im exited its officially fall and hopefully that means cooler temps.  [Im sooo over 95 degrees!]  Im going to share with yall a new sponsor promotion and our menu this week before I go do a happy dance outside.

Anyone who purchases ad space at regular price for October will also get a FREE 20 minute blog consultation with me.  We can go over blog design, blogging tips, best practices, social media, Facebook, twitter, or anything else you want more information on.  The consultation can be a skype chat, email back and forth, twitter, AIM [old school!] or even a phone call.  Its up to you!  Check out my rates and shoot me an email if you have any questions.
Enough business talk, let’s get to the food.. right?!  Oh and then check out my goals for the week.  And then link up your recipes or menu for the week! 
Eggs in a hole 
Breakfast tacos
Baked Mac and Cheese
Date Night!
Taco Salad
Stuffed Peppers

Work out 4 times this week
Eat better [aka leave the sweets alone!]
Take the kids to the park twice
Finish my book 

-[Lovely September Sponsor]-

Menu Monday + Weekly Goals

Happy Labor Day all!  I love holidays.. even ones that I dont understand.  Thank goodness for wikipedia
“Labor Day is an American federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September (September 3 in 2012) that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers.
Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. It also symbolizes the end of summer for many Americans, and is celebrated with parties, parades and athletic events.” source

The only athletic event that will be happening over at the Grant house is who can eat the most BBQ.  [The winner is awarded Tums and a pat on the back.]  I kid!  Kinda.  But there is some celebrating over here on the blog though.. we have two giveaways going on that are ahhh-mazing!
PLUS!  This little blog reached 1000 followers last week!  [Eeeek!  Squeal!  Happy Dance!]  Ahem.  Seriously yall.. I could not be more excited for this milestone!  Yall are amazing and I love love love doing this.  Im going to have a MASSIVE [like $300 plus in prizes!] giveaway this week.. so keep an eye out for it.

Anddddd.. Its friggin September yall!  [cough.. my birthday is this month.. cough.]  I want to make sure yall check out my sponsors for this month.  They are over there to the right.. show them some love when you get a chance.

Goodness.. are yall still with me for my menu?  Awesome.. here’s our menu for this week.

Labor Day BBQ
Hamburger gravy
I bet you thought I forgot about my weekly goals, huh?  Well guess who is jumping back on the goal setting band wagon.. this girl!  Here’s what I hope to get done this week.. 
Work out 4 times this week [oh yea.. diet is back on too.]
Drink more water
Find curtains for the living room
Decorate for fall!
Try a new recipe [every week]
Unpack our suitcase from Michigan [dont judge]

What are you menu/goals for the week?  Link em up below for all to see!  

-[Lovely September Sponsor]-