Pinterest for Business – Working Together

How to work together on Pinterest to drive traffic

I have seriously loved sharing these Pinterest tutorials with yall!  I learned some new things in the process so I hope you have as well.  The past few weeks I’ve shared: Why Businesses Need to be on Pinterest Best Pinterest Practices Pinterest Analytics And today Im going to talk about gaining exposure on Pinterest by…

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Who Am I?


Going to Blissdom has made me question who I am as a person and a blogger. Sometimes I wish I was a crunchy mama, a workout fanatic, a party girl. I would like to be that person, but its just not me. I get so caught up in who I want to be like, that…

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Water Bead Sensory Play

Hey Grant Life friends. It’s Michaela from Covered in Mod Podge back to share a fun sensory experience for your littles today. After college, I wasn’t very sure what I wanted to do. However, I knew I was good with kids. That led me to a job working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Man oh man…

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Simple Twitter Tutorial


So.. I’ve been asking people to follow me on twitter recently.  Why?  Because Im slightly obsessed.  Ok.. slightly might not exactly describe it.  But thats what Im sticking with for right now.   Now youre asking.. why are you obsessed with twitter, Kelley?  Ohhh.. Im glad you asked!  Here is my short list of why…

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I read that bean pouring is great for a little ones fine motor skills.  We didnt have any dry beans handy so I gave Ryley a half cup of flour one night.  I was amazed that it held her attention for so long!  I sat in front of her high chair and watched her pat,…

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