Fiesta Rice Skillet

Fiesta rice skillet

Surprise!  It’s another skillet meal.  But its super special skillet meal.  Its in surprise baby shower skillet in honor of Cathy from Lemon Tree Dwelling!  A group of blogger decided to get together and throw her a virtual baby shower – complete with amazing food and lots of love!  I brought the dinner portion of…

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Giveaway: 365 Days of Baking

365K Giveaway RC Image

Hey yall!  Im super excited to share this awesome giveaway with everyone!  One of my favorite foodie friends, Lynn from 365 days of Baking, has reached a HUGE milestone and wanted to celebrate!  She reached 365,000 Facebook fans!  [How ahhhh-mazing is that?!]  So she’s throwing a HUGE giveaway and Im helping spread the word!  There…

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Grow your Blog: G+ Link Up


Hey yall!  Im back again with another way to grow your blog – Google +!  I wish I could tell you home important G+ is for bloggers, but that would be a long, long post.  Just know that it helps with SEO [search engine optimization] and authorship.  That means more people that are searching for…

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Instagram Link Up


Raise your hand if you love Instagram?  Yup, me too!  I love being able to share little tidbits of my day and see other people’s lives as well.  I think Instagram makes me feel like a normal mom.  [Really!]  When another mom posts of picture of 8 loads of laundry that needs to be put…

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