What to do when your children hits their head

What to do if your child hits their head.  Advice from a mom who has been there!

Hey yall!  I wanted to take a minute to talk about what to do when your children hits their head.  Last month we had to take Avery to the emergency room because he slipped on a toy and hit his head pretty hard.  We were at my parents house so my mom was there and able to help me assess the situation but I would have freaked out if we were alone.  Hitting your head is scary stuff!  I am thankful that he was ok and that we decided to take him in. 

What to do if your child hits their head.  Advice from a mom who has been there!

First let me say, I am not a doctor.  You should always consult a doctor if anything serious like this happens.  This is just practical advice from one mom to another.  And a few things I learned from taking Avery to the ER.  So what do you do if your kiddo hits their head pretty hard?

  • Stay calm.  You don’t want to freak them out anymore then they already are. 
  • Check for a bump, bruise and/or blood.  These are signs that it’s a pretty serious injury and your child should be monitored more closely. 
  • Ice the area of the injury.  This will help with swelling and pain. 
  • Keep your kiddo awake after the fall.  Make sure that they stay awake for an hour or two after they fall to make sure they don’t have a concussion.  If they do fall asleep, try and wake them up.  If they are lethargic or don’t wake up, head to the ER immediately. 
  • Have them eat or drink something.  If they are able to keep food or drink down for an hour after the injury, that is a good sign they are doing ok. 
  • Talk to them.  If they are able to talk normally, that is a good sign!  If they have slurred speech or don’t make sense, you might want to have them checked out. 
  • Check their eyes.  Make sure they are able to follow your finger or a small light when you move it from side to side. 
  • Have them walk.  Check to see that they can walk normally after the fall. 
  • Ask them how their head feels.  If they are dizzy or have a headache that doesn’t go away, call or take them in. 
  • Call your doctor.  If you feel like you need more information, then call your pediatrician and ask their opinion. 
  • Head to the ER.  If you feel for any reason that your child needs immediate attention, head to the ER.  It’s better to have them checked out by a professional then to worry if they are ok.  Trust me, I know! 

Like I said, we were unsure if we needed to take Avery to the emergency room after he hit his head.  He had a bump on his head but was walking and talking normally.  It was around bedtime that he fell so he was slightly lethargic to begin with.  But then he started throwing up.  He threw up twice and I knew something wasn’t right.  I called his doctor who told me that if he continued to vomit, to bring him to the ER.  He did, so we packed up both kids and headed in. 


They ER staff was super friendly and took his injury seriously.  They told us that instead of seeing a nurse practitioner like most patients, we would be seen by the doctor on staff.  That really reassured me and we were taken back pretty quickly.  Even though he was ok, I am glad we took him in and had him checked out. 

I hope that your kiddos never fall hard enough that this is needed information.  But I wanted to provide it just in case.  It’s better to be prepared then not!

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Happy 5th Birthday Ryley!


Ryley Ellen,

Oh sweet girl – you are five today!  You have waited for so long to say that you are five.  We started a countdown a week before and you would eagerly tell me how many more sleeps you had before you were FIVE!  Today you woke up, crawled into my bed and told me “Momma, I’m five now!”  I asked if you were any different and you very quickly said “Yes, my legs are longer.”


Oh Ryley you are so very smart.  You can count to almost 100, know all your letters and numbers and are so very close to reading.  We have started reading the Judy Moody series and are on book number 8 right now.  You will listen to me read and then talk about the characters all day.  “Two watches mom!  Like Amy Namey in Judy Moody!”  Yes, sweet girl.  You are right.


You absolutely love Shopkins.  You have a collection of over 200 of these tiny grocery store figurines.  They are your pride and joy.  Any time you meet someone knew you boldly ask them “Do you love Shopkins?”  You assume that everyone loves them as much as you do.  You can spend hours playing with those tiny toys and you have requested a Shopkins birthday party.  Per your request, I must make you a Cheeky Chocolate birthday cake for your party too. 


You are my best baking buddy.  I know I get impatient sometimes, but I truly love having you by my side.  You love getting the “gredients” and putting them in the our Kitchenaid.  You are also a great taste tester.  You seem to always be more interested in the batter then the end product.  You love licking the beater and occasionally share with your brother. 

One evening I may have mentioned chocolate chip cookies in passing.  You took that as we were going to make them.  Right now.  I look over on the counter and you have taken out almost everything we need to make them.  You couldn’t reach the baking powder and vanilla, but you had everything else on the counter for us. 


You proclaim that your favorite colors are pink, purple and red to anyone who will listen.  Just the other day we painted your nails pink and red because you “love” those colors.  You are still doing Tippi Toes dance and are still loving getting all dressed up for recitals.  We started you late last semester and I wasn’t sure you would be able to pick up the dances for the recital.  You did, so we purchased a costume and you preferred in your winter recital.  You did so very well and I might have had tears in my eyes the whole time.


We also went to your first professional ballet performance this year!  We went and saw the Nutcracker the week before Christmas with namaw.  You did so good for the first half of the show, but loudly asked “Is it over yet?” when the second half was under way.  Namaw bought you a shirt and you wear that thing with pride.  We hope to go to another show this spring. 

fishing trip

Although you love all things girly, you also love to get your hands dirty.  You ride your bike up and down the street (with training wheels for now) and love playing in the sand box.  You even helped daddy by bringing him his bait when we went fishing!  Little brother didn’t want any part of it, but you grabbed it and proudly handed it to daddy.  You were also so very interested in the fish he caught.  You kept looking at it and touching its side.  Such a brave little lady!


You may seem like a momma’s girl, but you love spending time with your “dadda”.  You want to know what he’s doing and why at all times.  If he’s not home you declare that you can’t wait for daddy to get home to see his pretty girl.  You.  You are his beautiful baby girl.  And mine!  We love you so very much Ryley Ellen.  We have cherished these 5 years watching you grow and learn.  You make mommy and daddy better people.  You make everyone who knows you smile.  You are sweet to your brother when he doesn’t deserve it.  You are our Ryley Bear and we love you more then words!  Happy 5th birthday sweet girl!


your momma

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Hey yall. It’s been like.. forever? I had planned to take a week or two off to work on new posts/get my life together. Well, my last post was over a month ago, so clearly its been a bit longer.  I thought I’d give a little update and say, yes I am still around.

1383708_939700501261_6820169996103040009_n Our sad attempt at a family picture

In a previous post [I’m too lazy to look it up, how bad is that?!] I had talked about my Crohn’s flaring up.  I have been going between my GI doctor and my new family doctor to try and figure out what’s the next plan of action to take.  [Side note – I had to get a new family medicine doctor during all this because my old one decided to stop taking insurance but never thought “Hey, let me tell me patients!”  I’m not bitter.]  So currently I am fighting my insurance to cover a prescription that my doctor says I need.  That I know I need.  I was on a different medicine and it made me vomit.  Like 3 times a day.  It was horrible.  So now I’m back to being in pain all day, losing weight, being tired, being grumpy and all that fun stuff.  [I lied.  It’s not fun.  I’m so over it.]

That means that I haven’t been eating much lately.  When I have a flare up everything hurts my stomach whenever I eat.  [My Crohn’s is in my lower intestine but I say stomach just as a generalization.]  Here is a short list of things that upset my stomach now a days:

  • Water
  • Iced tea
  • Coffee
  • Milk
  • Salad
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Fruit (all of it)
  • Bread/toast
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Garlic (garlic may be the worst for me)
  • Tomatoes
  • Beans

And that’s just a few things.  I really should put everything but I do ok with saltines.  So not everything.  But the lack of food makes me tired and grumpy.  I’m too tired to cook for my family most nights, so I’m not really in the mood to create new recipes for my blog.  Not that I don’t have ideas, I just don’t have the energy to make them.  And then I probably wouldn’t be able to eat any of it.  So for now, I’m on an unofficial hiatus. 

I do have some commitments to a few brands over the next few months that I have to honor.  And I’m happy to do so!  I honestly love cooking and not being able to just hurts my heart a little.  I have thought about just saying “I’m done!” but I know that would be the Crohn’s talking at this point.  When I get everything on track, the first thing I’m going to do is get back in the kitchen.  [Pinky swear on that one.]

My hiatus has carried over to my Facebook page, my Pinterest [WHAT?!] and twitter too.  I still post on Instagram every once and while because honestly, that’s all I have energy for.  And I hope I don’t sound like Im whining.  That last thing I want is to fill my blog with tons of posts that sound like a pity party.  But right now I’m down and out health wise and I wanted to document that plus explain where I have been. 

10352383_928684502411_764866844051456333_n This is the day the Lord has made!

All of this has stalled our move to Austin too.  Well, if we are going to move at all.  I have put this in the hands of the Lord and have asked him to guide us.  Neither Ryon or I are sure we want to be in Austin but don’t know how to make it work yet.  So there is some stress and anxiety in the mix too.  I’m really a hot mess right now.  Being an adult stinks.  [Can I get an amen?!] 

Anyways, thats all I have to say for now.  [I feel like Forest Gump.]  Talk to yall soon!


Pre-Baby Bodies

Why I dont care about my pre-baby body
I’ve been a mom now for over 4 years.  Ryley turned 4 this past February and it was bitter sweet.  Its amazing and sometimes sad to watch your kids grow up.  I love watching her and Avery grow but at the same time I miss them when they were babies.  I wonder if Im doing a good job as a mom, if they are getting the right things to eat and if they watch too much TV.  With so much to worry about the one that is hardly ever on my mind is my pre-baby body.  
I’m not sure were this notion came about that we should ever have our pre-baby bodies back.  My body will never be pre-baby.  And I’m ok with that.  I have two beautiful children that have literally shaped me both mentally and physically.  And you know what?  I’m pretty sure they don’t care about what my body looked like before them anyways.  All they know is mommas body gives them hugs, piggyback rides, boat rides and I sometimes double as a chair.  My old body was not capable of any of those things until they were born because they were not here. 
And yes I have some weight  I could lose.  I don’t blame those few extra pounds on my kids.  Its from poor food choices and lack of exercise.  Plain and simple.  I would never point the finger at them as my reason for being big.  Heck, if I could keep up with them Im sure Id be smaller.  I’m just tired of women worrying about their pre-baby bodies.  Your body will not ever be the same again.  And that’s ok, because its a work of beauty.  We carried our babies for 9 months and with that we stretched and grew.  Our babies molded our bodies from the inside out!  Things aren’t in the right places anymore and things don’t sit as high.  [Ahem.]  But our bodies nourished these little babies and continue to do so every day. 
I wont ever have my high school body, or my pre-wedding body or even my pre-baby body.  My body has and will continue to change every single day. Every day.  I feel like worrying about having a body from the past is an unattainable goal.  I can either choose to focus on the past or savor the present with my kids in my current [and very much loved] body.  I choose the present. 
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Michigan Trip


We went on a little summer vacation to Michigan this past week.  Ryon’s entire family lives there and we got to spend almost 10 together.  As soon as we got up there we went straight to Ryon’s grandparents in Northern Michigan.  The kids were able to run around and get dirty for 4 days with their cousins.  We crossed the Mackinac Bridge and went to the deer ranch; where we got to see a baby fawn be born!  Then I watched everyone get into the freezing cold lake.  [I took pictures and giggled as they ran out of the water.]



I love watching the kids play with their cousins.  Its one of the best things ever.  They all get along so well that we can almost sit back and watch and just let them go.  [Almost.]  I’ve said if before, my mother in law has the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen.  They are on about 5 acres and every inch is landscaped perfectly.  My favorite part?  Her little herb garden that she inherited from Ryon’s grandma.  



We spent the 3rd of July with Ryon’s brother’s inlaws.  They are seriously some of the nicest people I have ever met.  The kids were given free range again with even more kids to play with.  Plus, the food was ahhhh-mazing.  There was a peanut butter and chocolate cake/brownie dessert that I am still dreaming about.  



We kept the partying going with a huge family get together for the fourth.  We were able to go to the parade were the kids got more candy then on Halloween.  They had so much fun just standing by the street and waving to everyone.  








After the parade we had everyone over.  There was food, drinks and ladder ball.  I’m not the best at ladder ball but I sure talked a big game.  I kept everyone laughing at least.  And there was a rhubarb slush that I hope to recreate at home.  Our friend Dawn brought it and it was heavenly.  [Heavenly I tell ya!]



On our last day we got to visit the family farm.  Both kids were so excited to get up and in the tractors.  They got the royal treatment and were driven around.  I don’t think Avery will every stop talking about the tractors.  



We absolutely love being able to spend time up in Michigan with family.  Its one of favorite places to be.  We can’t wait to get together with family again.  For now, I am going to try to make that peanut butter/chocolate dessert and rhubarb slush.  If you need me – Ill be in the kitchen!


To the Mom at the Grocery Store

to the mom at the grocery store
A few weeks ago I went grocery shopping without the kids.  Ryon was home so I got a few hours to myself to shop.  I was walking through the cheese aisle and I saw a mom with four boys.  When I’m alone I try to give moms as much encouragement as possible.  This lady had two boys in the cart, one walking with her and was carrying one in a sling.  I was flat out impressed. I gave her a huge smile and wanted to say ‘go momma!’ to her. But as I walked past her eyes went to the floor.  She walked by without making eye contact and my heart hurt a little.  Not because she wouldn’t look at me or that I missed the chance to compliment her, but because I knew were she was coming from.  All to well. 
During another shopping trip without the kids, I watched two little boys in play in front of me in line.  I smiled at the mom and the boys because they were too cute.  They started to play dinosaurs and when the little one looked back at me I made dino hands and did a quiet roar.   And then I heard it.  A scoff from behind me.  I tried to ignore it and continued to watch the boys (who were behaving).  And then another scoff and a sigh.  I turned around and was shocked to see an older women behind me.  She caught my eyes and said “can you believe those boys running around like that?”  I think my face turned bright red because my blood was boiling so much.  I replied firmly “they are just boys and are not hurting anything”.  I turned back around to the front and made a louder dinosaur noise to the youngest and received the biggest smile in return. 
I don’t know when as a society we have become so intolerant of children and families. It boggles my mind that sex is plastered all over tv, billboards, shopping centers and magazines yet the act of raising children is frowned upon.  Nine times out of ten when I am at a store with the kids I get disapproving looks and stares.  Even when they are behaved!  I see more mothers who walk around stores with their heads down then I can count.   Myself included!  Why?  I want to avoid the stares and the whispers that come from others. I want to focus all my attention on kids so that some one else’s opinion doesn’t ruin my trip. 
It wasn’t until I passed that mom of four in the grocery store that I realized this.  I thought it was just me that walked around feeling judged and slightly embarrassed of being a mom.  That makes me sad and slightly sick to type.  But its the truth.  Well, it was.  I try not to look down but instead hold my head up when walking around the store.  My kids are my everything, why should I let some one I don’t know affect us?  
The thing is I never know how they are going to act.  Sometimes they are amazing and we laugh the our way through the store.  And then sometimes we cry our way through a store.  Either way, taking them out with me should never be an embarrassment.  And shame on me for feeling that way.  And for others that give disapproving looks.  Or tell another person how children should behave.  Its hard enough raising kids without having to worry what other people will think when you step out of the house.  
So to the mom of four in the grocery store, thank you.  Thank you for taking your kids with you to the store.  Thank you for helping me realize that I’m not alone.  And most importantly, thank you for being a mom who juggles it all just like the rest of us.  
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Tropical Sangria

Easy Tropical Sangria Recipe #yellowtail

This post is sponsored by Yellow Tail.  All opinions are my own.

Two awesome things happened this past week – my aunt got remarried and I was sent some of the new Yellow Tail Sangria to try.  After I got the wine [and squealed] I decided it would be a perfect drink for the wedding.  I made sure it was ok to bring and decided to make a fun [and super easy] tropical sangria.  

Easy Tropical Sangria Recipe #yellowtail


Although most of my dads family lives fairly close, we only get together once or twice a year.  This past weekend we got together to celebrate my aunt getting remarried.  I brought the sangria, my camera and my kiddos.  [Ryon too.]  I set up the sangria near the appetizers and then went to work as photographer Kelley. 

party time


There are only a select few of pictures were the kids aren’t a complete blur.  They have cousins the same age and when they get together they go a mile a minute.  I love to watch them play and the ride home is always quiet.  Avery took a few minutes to eat some cake before heading back outside with his cousins. 

time with family


One of the coolest parts of the wedding [besides the actual wedding itself] was that my aunt wanted to use the sangria for the toasts!  It was neat to have everyone toast the new couple with my sangria.  It made my day to have everyone enjoy the sangria as much as I did!  My aunt even said “I’m going to finish the wine before the toasts are done!”  

Easy Tropical Sangria Recipe


To make the tropical sangria, I poured four bottles on the Yellow Tail sangria in my drink dispenser.  [It was a 2.5 gallon dispenser, I thought that it would fill it all the way.  Man am I bad with liquid math.]  Then I added frozen pineapple, mango and peaches to the punch.  I put the wine in the fridge the night before and with the frozen fruit it stayed cold throughout most of the wedding.  Plus, the fruit that we pulled out tasted ahhh-mazing.  [Just sayin’]


Tropical Sangria
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  1. 4 bottles of wine
  2. 1 package frozen peaches (small)
  3. 1 package frozen mangoes (small)
  4. 1 package frozen pineapple (small)
  1. Pour the chilled sangria and frozen fruit into a drink container.
  2. Enjoy!
The Grant Life http://thegrantlife.com/

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Happy 5 Years to Us!


Ahh!  You guys!  Today Ryon and I have been married for 5 years!  That’s just crazy to me!  So much has happened over the past five years that it passed in the blink of an eye.  Let’s see, in five years we have lived in Michigan, had a baby girl, moved back to Texas, I started working again, moved into our townhouse, had a baby boy, quit my job, moved into a house, Ryon started a new job and most recently I started taking real estate classes.  Phew.  And thats just the major stuff!


I can remember walking into our reception hall, taking looking around and thinking “This is going to go by so fast”.  And that night seemed to go on forever.  We ate, we drank, we danced, we talked to everyone.  It was so perfect.  And from that day everything seemed to speed up.  We found out we were pregnant, Ryon took two pay cuts to stay at a crummy job, we decided to move to Texas and were fortunate that Ryon found a job before our move. 

Our wedding

Looking back, we went through some pretty rough times in the past 5 years.  Ryon had quit his job at one point because he was suppose to start working for another company, and that fell through.  Neither of us were working for a period of time.  Holy cow.  How did we even make it?!  I don’t even know.  But we did and we are stronger today because of it.


I also know that no matter what, Ryon will provide for us.  Not just financially, but in every possible capacity.  That’s just his nature.  He wants to make sure we are ok first, then he worries about himself.  He loves his babies and misses them when hes at work.  He has goofy nicknames for them and they are so excited when he walks through the door.  He makes me feel beautiful every single day, even the days when I haven’t taken a shower.  He makes me coffee every morning.  He listens to me ramble.  He supports my blog and my new adventure into real estate.  I don’t think I have the words to accurately describe how blessed I am to be married to him.  I’m just glad that the Lord brought us together and continues to be with us in our marriage.  Happy 5 years to us!  Here’s to many more!


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Our Garden – April

new plants

I’m pretty sure that Spring skipped over South Texas.  It was 100 degrees this past week!  I am one hundred percent not ok with this.  I love fall, winter and spring.  Summer is for the birds!  Especially when its getting to be so hot so fast.  But I digress.  Here is our garden update for April!  [Holy moly, how is it already May yall!?] 


I transplanted all my seedlings into one raised bed and added more dirt.  I watered them and I may have even talked to them a little bit.  I was so excited to have the start growing outside!  The next day I came out and my bed looked like it had been trampled.  There were holes near the back corners and some of my seedlings were gone.  I was NOT happy. You know who was happy? 


This guy.  The digger dog.  I found two dogs bones in the bed when I went to straighten it out.  [That’s Brewster by the way.  He’s not my favorite right now.]  So I bought some chicken wire and bamboo stakes to keep him out.  I also planted more peas, squash and cucumber in the bed.  Oh!  And I planted my potatoes in a tub.  Weird, right?  Im experimenting with it to see how they go.  [We shall see!]  I havent touched the second raised bed in the back yet, but I will soon. 

new plants

This is our front porch.  I found those terracotta planters, the seed starter kit and a ton of vegetables seeds on sale at Target one day.  Since I giant puffy heart sales and gardening, I couldn’t leave it all there!  There are jalapenos and bell peppers in the pots and cukes, carrots, squash, maters and peas in the starters.  I’ll probably move those to the back planter once they get a little bigger.  [And I’ll be sure to wrap it with chicken wire too!]


Speaking of my front porch, I also found these super cute tins in the dollar section at Target and turned them into planters.  I hung them on the sides of our front door, and I just love them!  The ones on the right have herbs and the ones on the left have succulents.  Oh, I also grabbed some chalkboard labels from the dollar section and added them to the tins.  [Raise your hand if your a Target addict!  Meee!] 


I have an indoor herb garden in the windowsill above the sink and now I have some more outside!  I think I have a small obsession with herbs.  But I’m ok with that.  Plus, it didn’t cost me much since it all came from the dollar section.  [That’s what I tell myself anyways.] 

So our garden is off to a slow start thanks to a little black dog.  I’m hoping my seedlings feel safe wrapped in chicken wire and grow, grow grow!  How is your garden looking? 

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Avocado Egg Salad Grilled Cheese

Avocado Egg Salad Grilled Cheese

Last year while we were visiting family in Michigan, one of my good friends called me a helicopter mom.  I laughed and I said “What’s that?!”  He said “You know, a mom that hovers over her kids all the time.”  I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or if I was slightly offended but I knew he was right.  I tend to stand over the kids when they are doing new things or if its something I think they may need help with.  That’s just me.  Know what else is me?  Avocados.  And cheese.  And eggs.  And homemade bread.  Put them all together and you get a glorious avocado egg salad grilled cheese.  [You can hover, its ok.] 

Avocado Egg Salad Grilled Cheese

We dyed a lot of eggs this year.  [A lot!]  I’m thinking we dyed close to 3 dozen eggs between the two kids.  And yes, I hovered over them while they were dying the eggs.  The funny part is that they didn’t make a mess, I did!  I went to grab something a knocked over one of the cups full of pink coloring.  [Maybe someone needs to hover over me?!] 


They were so excited to dye their eggs.  They plopped an egg into each color and then immediately wanted to take them out.  I don’t know how many times I said the word “patience!”  [Half to the kids, half to myself.]  They even colored on a few with crayons before putting them in the cups.  Avery cracked two and Ryley cracked one.  I hovered but figured they couldn’t do much harm with hard boiled eggs. 

easy avocado egg salad grilled cheese

When I was peeling the Easter eggs to make this avocado egg salad grilled cheese, Ryley came up to me and asked to help.  My first reaction was to tell her no thank you, but figured she’d only want to do one egg and then run off.  Girlfriend peeled 6 eggs with me!  And pretty darn good too.  I showed her how to peel the shell away from the egg and she stood next to me and peeled away.  It was one of the sweetest moments. 

avocado egg salad recipe

We checked out the Weelicious cookbook (affiliate link) from the library last week and the author first talks about letting your kids help in the kitchen.  She says it plays a big part in them wanting to eat a variety of foods if they help prepare them.  I figured since she helped me make the avocado egg salad that she would at least try it, right?  Nope.  She wasn’t having any of that green stuff.  She just wanted to peel a half dozen eggs and run.  That’s ok, she’ll come around to avocado eventually.  

Avocado Egg Salad Grilled Cheese
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  1. 6-10 hard boiled eggs, peeled and chopped
  2. 2 tablespoons mayo
  3. 1/2 avocado, diced
  4. 1 teaspoon mustard
  5. salt and pepper to taste
  6. bread
  7. cheese of choice
  8. butter
  9. bacon
  1. Mix the first 5 ingredients together in a bowl.
  2. Fry the bacon and set aside.
  3. Place the bread with butter on side on the heated skillet, add the cheese and avocado egg salad.
  4. Put the bacon and second slice of bread over top.
  5. Continue to heat until the cheese is melted.
  6. Enjoy!
The Grant Life http://thegrantlife.com/
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