Pumpkin Pie Coffee Creamer

Pumpkin pie coffee creamer recipe

Two of my favorite things collide in this pumpkin pie coffee creamer!  Coffee and all things pumpkin.  I’ve been trying to get the hang of my new camera.  It has so many more buttons then my last one.  The kids ask if they can use it and I politely tell them “No way.”  [Because I’m… 

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Pumpkin Spice Latte


Have your pumpkin and drink it too!  This pumpkin spice latte uses real pumpkin and is full of flavor.  Easy to sip and enjoy anytime! The kids love to go to Starbucks as much as I do.  They get pink lollipops or pink cake pops to most.  So if I go to get coffee, they… 

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Pumpkin Sauce

Pumpkin sauce recipe

This pumpkin sauce is like fall in a jar!  Put it over pancakes, brownies or anything you’d like! Do your kids have nicknames?  Ours do.  A few actually.  We rarely call the kids by their real names.  Go figure.  Ryley goes by bear, roo, sissy, and sis.  Avery goes by bubby and turkey.  [The turkey… 

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Free Printable: Give Thanks

Free Give Thanks Printable via thegrantlife

Hey yall!  Happy Monday to everyone.  [I know, I say it but I really don't think it helps.]  I’ve been thinking of Thanksgiving a lot lately, mainly because its one of my favorite holidays.  And no, its not just because of the food.  [Although I do love a good meal.]  I love Thanksgiving because most… 

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Easy Fall Dessert Ideas

Easy Fall Dessert Ideas via thegrantlife.com

I love fall for a few reasons.  First, I enjoy the cooler weather and being able to go outside more.  And second, I love the foods of fall!  Its like the comfort food comes out in full force during fall.  Its like ‘Hey yall!  Lets get this party started!  Its fall!”  And I say “Yes… 

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