Easy Homemade Craft: Mason Jar Lid Reindeer Ornament

Easy Mason Jar Lid Reindeer Ornament.

Growing up I was lucky enough to be able to help decorate two Christmas trees every year.  Next to the presents, decorating the tree was my favorite thing to do as a kid.  We would help with my grandmas tree first and then do ours at home.  The one thing that I loved about both trees was all the beautiful homemade ornaments.  My great grandma, grandma and my mom were [and are still!] the craftiest people I know.  So when I make something that involves sewing, hot glue or ribbon I always think of them.  These easy homemade craft mason jar lids reindeer ornaments had two of the three and are perfect for your kid friendly Christmas tree! 

Easy Mason Jar Lid Reindeer Ornament.

I loved making these mason jar lid ornaments because they were easy and they are shatterproof.  When I walk through the Christmas aisles I marvel at all the shiny ornaments and how one day my tree with have pretty things that are breakable.  As for now our tree is full of love and durable ornaments. 

mason jar ornament

To make the ornaments, I first glued the two pieces of the lid together with hot glue.  Some of the glue oozes through but once its dry its easy to peel off.  Just because careful, hot glue on metal is extra hot!  [My left middle finger can attest to that.]

mason jar top ornament

I then painted the mason jar lids brown and left them dry over night.  I added the eyes, nose and antlers [chenille pipe cleaners] the next day with hot glue.  A little green ribbon and these guys are Christmas tree ready.  [If you have older kids, this would be a great craft to do together!  My kiddos are still young so we avoid hot glue right now.]

easy reindeer mason jar lid ornament

Ryley gave them her seal of approval – “Cool reindeer mom!”.  I can’t wait to start the tradition of decorating two trees with her this year!  This will be our first big tree, we haven’t had the space before now.  So we will decorate grandmas tree and then ours.  And when that time comes, our reindeer will be glad they are made of metal and not glass. 

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Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Easy Tanksgiving Crafts via thegrantlife.com

Thanksgiving is in my top 3 favorite holidays.  I want to say its my favorite but Christmas and Easter are right up there as my favorites.  So its one of my top three favorite holidays.  And its more then the food that I love about Thanksgiving.  Its like there is a collective feeling of thankfulness starting in November and carrying over to the other holidays.  And I love that.  Today Im sharing about 20 easy homemade crafts that are sure to put you in the Thanksgiving mood.  From turkeys to acorns to pumpkins, this easy thanksgiving craft list has got you covered for the upcoming holiday.  And if you’re looking for some easy homemade recipes for Thanksgiving, be sure to check back here this week.  I may just have a few to share.  [Hint, hint.]
  Easy Tanksgiving Crafts via thegrantlife.com


Thankful Tree >> One Creative Mommy
Nutter Putter Pilgrim >> Cincy Shopper
Thumbprint Indian Corn >> Meet the Dubiens
Acorn Art >> No Time for Flash Cards
Turkey Embroidery Hoop >> Do Small Things With Love
Bugle Cornucopias >>Cookies and Cups
Thankful Bucket Garland >> Uncommon Designs
Turkey Pine cones >> A Pumpkin and a Princess
Turkey Pumpkin >> Second Chance to Dream
Pop up Paper Plate Turkey >> Crafty Journal
Fabric Feather Headdress >> Jacks and Kate
Turkey Hand Craft >> Pounds 4 Pennies
Fall Leaves Turkey :: Mommyapolis
Reversible Burlap and Lace Table Runner >> The Pinning Mama
Turkey Placemat >> Embellish Goods
Turkey Pillow Cover >> Truly Lovely
Pumpkin Pie Playdough >> The Idea Room
Paint Chip Turkey >> Born Again Farm Girl
Fall Leaves Placemats >> Mom Endeavors
Circle Stamped Pumpkins >> I Heart Crafty Things

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 Easy Fall Crafts

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Fall Inspired Recipes and Decor

Fall Inspired Recipes and Decor

I might have mentioned this before – but I am SO ready for fall!  And what better way to kick off the impeding fall season and pumpkin week then with some fall inspired recipes and decor?  There are some easy homemade crafts and some easy homemade recipes in the mix, but its all fall!  I hope these great ideas inspire you to start baking or decorating or doing a rain dance for cooler weather.  I’ve got the first two done, Ill be dancing in the front yard while yall check out these fun fall inspired recipe and decor ideas!
Fall Inspired Recipes and Decor

 All these amazing ideas were linked up at the Life of the Party!


Fall Mantel :: Thrift for Today

Burlap Bubble Wreath :: The 5th Brick House on the Left

Burlap Butterfly Letters :: Architecture of a Mom

Shabby Pumpkin :: Sweet tea n salty air

Owl Wreath :: All About Family Crafts

Sweater Pumpkin Vase :: Posed Perfection

Indian Corn Fall Wreath :: Bee of Good Cheer

Fall Mantel :: the Grant life



Pumpkin Patch Munch :: The Causal Craftlete

Pumpkin Pie Stuffed Donut :: the Grant life

Fresh Corn Chowder :: Paint Speckled Paw prints

Apple Pie Granola :: Architecture of a Mom

Maple Oat Cookies ::thrifty homemaking

Pumpkin Butterscotch Truffles :: a little claireification

Cookie Butter Pumpkin Bars :: Posed Perfection

Pumpkin Nut Roll :: Growing in Grace

Caramel Apple Poke Cake :: What’s Cooking Love

Oatmeal Baked in an Apple :: the Grant life

Doesn’t it make you ready for fall too?!  I’ve started the fall baking and decorating at the Grant house, the only thing Im waiting for is the cooler weather!  I think everyone in Texas is waiting for cooler weather actually.  I enjoy summer, but I LOVE fall!  [Don’t tell spring or winter.]

What is your favorite thing about fall?  Be sure to check back tomorrow as I kick off Pumpkin Week!  [Like shark week, but without all the sharks and add pumpkin.]

DIY Home Decor Ideas

DIY Home Decor

The first Life of the Party link up has been ahh-mazing!  Im so excited to have so many great ideas linked up and as promised Im featuring a few.  I get inspired to paint, cook, craft, sew and bake all kinds of new things just from browsing through the link party.  And with all these awesome diy home decor ideas I may just go on a painting, sewing, refinishing, decorating spree soon!  Here are some fun ideas to inspire you to go on your own decorating spree as well. 
DIY Home Decor

And here are some of my favorite DIY home decor projects I’ve done:

Easy DIY Curtains

Felt Monogram

What is your favorite home DIY project? 

Easy DIY Curtains

easy diy curtains

In my head sewing is easy and everyone can do it.  In reality, I stink at sewing and its a skill that you have to practice at.  I’ve tried sewing before and gave up.  Yall, I couldnt even sew a straight line on a fabric scrap.  Im not sure what happened but I got the sudden urge to sew again this past month.  I decided I needed to make something of use with my new found love of sewing.  I looked around my house and realized I need new kitchen curtains.  Trust me, if I can make these easy DIY curtains, you can too!

Simple tutorial - DIY Curtains

I was lucky because my I had old curtains that my grandma had made as a template.  Im a visual person so seeing the curtains and how mine should end up was a HUGE help.  To make your own curtains you will need:

  • 3 yards of fabric* – I was making curtains for two windows.  Measure your window and then double it and add a few inches to get the yardage you will need.
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine and thread

easy diy curtains

Take your fabric and fold it in half.  My curtains were about the same size so I lucky and didnt have to do any extra measuring.  The blue fabric underneath the green I used is the old curtains from my grandmas house.  They were such a big help to have!

simple diy curtain tutorial

Turn your fabric inside out and pin the top part so that you are hiding the raw edge.  Sew a straight line, removing your pins as you go.  [Beginning tip – you can sew directly over your pins.  I did not know this at first until my mom told me.]  Pin the sides.  This part is kind of tricky because you have to sew the fabric in a circle.  Tuck your fabric under your sewing machine and pull it gently towards you as you are sewing.

three stitch curtain tutorial

After all that sewing your curtains look more like an open pillowcase at this point.  Add one more straight stitch under the top wide enough to fit your curtain rod.  And viola!

easy kitchen curtain tutorial

Easy curtains.  I am so proud of my first sewing project!  [Notice my little plants down there?  They are the beginning of my vegetable garden.]

four stitch easy diy curtains

I’ve never done a sewing tutorial so I hope that my instructions are easy to follow.  I just wanted to share my first [and favorite!] sewing project with yall.  What is your favorite sewing project?

Ribbon Medallion Tutorial

It’s Michaela from Covered in Mod Podge again. I’m here to share a tutorial on how to make a fun little Ribbon Medallion.
I rarely decorate for holidays or seasons {Christmas aside}. So to keep some changing decor in my life, I try to change out the wreath on my front do every month. Sometimes I make a new wreath and others I recycle ones form the past.
For May’s wreath, I decided to make something new. I wanted a lot of texture, so I used ribbon, felt, and fabric and went to town making different kinds of flowers.
My favorite part of this wreath are defiantly the ribbon medallions. This fun hounds tooth ribbon was very affordable at Joann’s.
Want to make your own medallions?
You’ll need:
1/2 yard of ribbon
Hot glue/gun
Start out by threading your needle with a double thickness of thread, knotting the end. Run a gathering stitch along one edge of your ribbon. You’ll want your stitches spaced out about 1/2 inch. Don’t knot when you get to the end.
Pull your thread to start to gather the ribbon. This will help the next step.
Starting from the end where you ended your stitches, accordion fold your ribbon. You’ll want to keep pulling your thread tighter as you pleat the ribbon into accordion folds.
Keep pleating until you reach the beginning of the ribbon. Keeping your thread pulled tight and your ribbon stacked, triple knot the end of the thread right up against the stack.
Let go and your little stack should fill out into the medallion shape.
For finishing off your loose ends, there’s two ways to go. You could always hand stitch the ends together. Or, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to quick and painless way. Run a strip of hot glue down one end of the ribbon. Carefully line up the other edge and gently press together. Keep pressing until the glue cools a bit.
The sky is really the limit with these little guys. You can add buttons or jewels to embellish the centers. I made a fabric yo-yo to jazz up one of my medallions. I left the other one naked {hehehe…naked}. These would make great bows for presents, look awesome on hair clips or head bands, or be the perfect touch for your summer wreath.
Do you decorate for every season? What’s your favorite to decorate for?

50+ Valentine’s Craft and Food Ideas for Kids

50+ Valentines Craft and Food Ideas for Kids

Are you ready for the big day?  Im talking Valentine’s Day of course!  I have rounded up 50 plus of the best Valentine’s crafts, decor and treats for kids!  Enjoy!

50+ Valentines Craft and Food Ideas for Kids Most of these ideas are not my own.  If you like a specific idea please pin from the original source.  You can pin the image above to reference the roundup.  [Thank yall!]

Crafts and Decor


Chocolate Covered Paper Strawberries :: Aldberry Hill


 Burlap and heart wreath :: Wait til your father gets home

valentines-centerpiece (6)

Pom Pom Centerpiece :: Architecture of a Mom


Yarn wrapped letters :: Living in France


Free Valentines Printable :: Signs by Andrea


Valetine’s Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers :: the DIY Dreamer


Love Frame :: The Messy Roost


Shot Through the Heart Treat Bags :: A Night Owl

Val ribbon wreath, feb 2013b

Valentine’s Ribbon Wreath :: Happiest Mom on the Block

Valentine Cupcake Topper by Love Grows Wild 14

Valetine’s Cupcake Toppers (For girls and boys!) :: Love Grows Wild


Vintage Valentine Love :: Ode to Inspiration


Crocheted Valentine’s Day Basket :: A little bit of everything

30 Minute Valentine's Day Shirt Tutorial 7

Toddler Valentine’s Shirt :: The Grant Life

Valentine's Garland 2

Fabric Scrap Garland :: Tales of Scotts


‘Owl’ Always love you Printable :: Ceo of Me, Inc


Owl Valentine :: A Creative Cookie


DIY Twine Valentine Card :: Little Inspiration

Cutie Valentine 1

You’re a real cutie printable :: Covered in Mod Podge


Candy filled paper hearts :: Vanessa’s Values


Children’s Valentine Painting :: a Night Owl


Valentine’s Day Garland :: A Creative Cookie

Pointille Heart Art Project

Pointille Heart Art :: The Stonybrook House


Easy Crotched Hearts with Pattern :: Moose Mouse Creations


Valentine’s Day applique shirt :: Vixen Made


Felt ribbon heart bookmark :: the DIY Dreamer


Valentine’s Dry Erase Board :: A Night Owl


Bubble heart dress :: Peaches and Bees

Valentine's Hair Clip Tutorial 9

Fabric and tulle hair clip :: Covered in Mod Podge

Valentine's Wreath 8

Valentine’s day ribbon wreath :: Love Grows Wild

valentine book list

Valentine’s Day book list :: Holistic Homemaking


Love frame :: I Love Doing All Things Crafty


DIY Felt Coaster :: A Humble Bumble


DIY Rosette flower heart :: Two Yellow Birds Decor


Kool Aid Valentine :: Blue Skies Ahead


Love Letters Valentines Art :: One Tough Mother Blog

valentine's decor 038a

Felt heart headband :: While Wearing Heels


Valentine’s Chair backers :: The Chirping Moms


Paint chip monster puppets :: 1 dog woof


Free Valentine’s printable :: Little Inspiration


DIY heart gloves :: a Humble Bumble


Valentine’s Love Bugs :: 1 dog woof


Four Valentine’s printables :: Two Yellow Birds Decor


Valentine’s treats :: Two Yellow Birds Decor

heart june 2012

Melted Bead Suncatcher :: Happiest Mom on the Block

Valentine’s Sweets and Treats


Rice Krispie Mailboxes :: Hooplapalooza


Heart Macaroons :: I Love Doing All Things Crafty


Lemon Valentine Cookie Pie :: Jane’s Adventures in Cooking


Chocolate Cream Puffs :: Growing up Gabel


Dash of Love Chicken Noodle Soup :: Behind the Studio


 Strawberry Bread :: Ceo of Me


Sweetheart Sandwich Cookies :: Sweet Bella Roos


Sweetheart Cinnamon Cake :: Home Cooking Memories


Stained Glass Windows :: Desperate Craftwives

Valentine's Pudding Cups 1

Valentine’s Pudding Cups :: Tales of the Scotts


Valentine’s Chex Mix :: Growing up Gabel


Chocolate Bacon Dipped Bacon Bouquet :: The Sweet Spot Blog

Red Velvet Cookies31

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookie Sandwiches :: Eat Cake for Dinner


Valentine Candy Bark :: Diana Rambles

Valentine's day recipe bake strawberry cream bread easy make 13

Strawberry Cream Bread :: Serendipity Refined


Triple Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats :: Sweet Bella Roos


Valentine Jello Cookies :: Angelas Adventures

Activities for Kids - Marshmallow Valentines Pops

Marshmallow Valentine’s Pops :: The Grant Life


Chocolate Dipped Spoons :: A Night Owl

Master Bedroom Makeover + Giveaway!


We moved into our new house a few months ago and I have so many projects on my list that need to get done.  I’ve done a few things [like cleaned my messy craft room] but have neglected most of my list.  Our master bedroom is at the top of our list so I stopped making excuses and at nap time I gave it a makeover with a little help from Cutting Edge Stencils.


I should have warned you to look away at the before picture if you get sick easily.  Yes, that is my bed under there.  Somewhere.


I chose the Outside the Box Allover stencil and used white acrylic paint.  Cutting Edge suggests using a foam roller with rounded edges to get the best result.  So I did.


Ta-da!  I should have had a drum roll or something.  It took me a little over an hour to do the whole wall.  The stencil was sturdy and easy to use.


Some words of wisdom on stenciling:

Dont worry about the small picture.  Wait until your whole wall is done to make a judgment.  This drove me crazy!

Clean your stencil throughout.  I didnt and there are splotches on the wall.

Take your time.  I painted during nap time so I was a little rushed.  Good thing Im not a perfectionist.


Not bad for an afternoon makeover huh?  Its even Ryley approved!

Ps.. Im giving away a $50 Cutting Edge Gift Certificate so you can makeover your house!  Enter below and make sure you send me pictures of your before and after!

I was given a Cutting Edge Stencil to review.  All opinions are my own.
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Maroon and Blue Christmas Mantel


Last year we lived in a small townhouse and I wasnt able to decorate much for the holidays.  We had a small tree and a few other minor things but our new house is big and perfect for decorating!  Of course our gorgeous mantel is the first place that I start.

I started with the left over banner from my Thanksgiving mantel and when I say I started I mean I didnt take it down.  [Lazzzzy!]  I added the JOY burlap picture that I made and I really liked how the two colors looked together.  So I went with it.

I needed a few other accessories so I grabbed a few maroon books from the shelf [double points for them being Christmas themed reading material!] and put Ryley’s birdhouse on top along with a pine cone.

The ‘banner’ is re-used ribbon and doilies folded in half.  Im pretty much in love with lace this year so the doilies are perfect.

For the top part of the mantel I re-purposed my brown frames with blue accents I cut from my Silhouette.  The garland has faux cranberries and helps tie in all the colors.  Im pretty much in love with this mantel.  Oh.. I already said that?  Dang.

What is your favorite part of the house to decorate for Christmas?

Felt Christmas Tree Tutorial

Felt Christmas Tree Tutorial 9

Hi Grant Life readers. My name is Michaela and I blog over at Covered in Mod Podge. I am a wife, a mom to a very active eighteen month old little miss, and an MSW student interning with a large, urban school district. After all that, I try to find time to sew for my daughter and craft to stay sane!

I am so excited to be contributing sewing and crafty related tutorials here at The Grant Life. I’ll be by about twice a month sharing whatever project I’ve been working on lately. As you all know, Kelley has to be one of the sweetest women in blogland. I am so excited to be working with her!

As I mentioned above, I have an eighteen month old daughter who is nothing but energy. She does not stop. Ever. We already had enough of a problem with our Christmas tree due to our three cats. We can only decorate the top half. Emma is at the age where she’s old enough to want to be in the tree all the time but not old enough to understand to stay out of it. Rather than pull my hair out this Christmas season, my husband and I decided not to put up the tree this year.

I still wanted something festive in our living room. Hence, this felt tree. Felt sticks to itself. Emma can go nuts decorating and redecorating the tree. I’m hoping she’ll play with it over and over again!

Want to make your own? You’ll need:

Green Craft felt sold by the yard. {It’s 72 inches wide so you’ll only need to buy the width you want. I got 3/4yd just to be safe and had tons left!}

Various Colored Craft Felt Squares

Hot glue

Craft ruler, scissors, and large cutting surface {I used a rotary cutter for cutting my tree}

3m Command Strips

Start out by evening up your green tree felt. Then, cut it to height according to your space {and child’s height}. For me, this was 30 inches.

To make the tree shape, you’ll start by folding the green felt in half hot dog style.

To explain how to cut the tree shape, I’ll give you the dimensions I used. You’ll need to adjust these according to your desired height. It helped me to have a picture of a clip art Christmas tree open while I was cutting.

Starting at the bottom, cut in 12 inches at an angle. Next, cut out parallel to the bottom towards the outside 6 inches. Cut 12 inches inward at an angle. Now cut parallel to the bottom 7.5 inches. Cut on an angle 9.5 inches and out 6 inches. Now cut your top point on a 15 inch angle.

Now, its time to make the presents to line the bottom of your tree. I made five different presents.

I made three squares measuring 8 inches by 8 inches, 10 inches by 10 inches, and 9 inches by 9 inches. I made two rectangles measuring 8 inches by 4 inches and 11 inches by 3 inches.

Decorate your packages as you desire. Use hot glue to attach these decorations. Hot glue the presents together into a long strip and then glue them to the tree.

Almost done! It’s time to go nuts making ornaments. I used various sized cups and bowls to draw the circles onto my felt. I also cut small rectangles to look like ornament tops. Be sure to use either a marker close to the color of the felt or a disappearing ink pen. If you create decorations for the ornaments, hot glue them on.

Don’t forget to make a star for the top of the tree!

Now, use the command strips to attach the felt tree to your wall in several places. You don’t want curious hands pulling the tree down.

Let your little one loose to enjoy their new-found Christmas fun!

Send me an email at coveredinmodpodge {at} gmail {dot} com if you have any questions! I’d also love to see any of your cuties playing with their felt tress!

Thanks again, Kelley for having me over today! I’ll see you all next month for easy and affordable wrapping ideas!