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Last week I shared how I never pay full price for anything, even though I love to shop.  One of my tips was to use daily deal sites to score big savings.  Daily deal sites are places that offer big discounts on a limited number of products.  They have sites for everything you can think…

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Homemade chalkboard

I have been surfing around pinterest (a lot) and I think everyone else’s creativeness is rubbing off on me. So, I went to Michaels yesterday with my mom to grab a few things and we got some amazing deals.  Only one of our items wasnt on sale and we had a 50% off coupon for it….

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Stride Rite

My mom loves Stride Rite.. I mean LOVES them.  Ryley and my nephew Evan’s first pair of walker shoes HAD to be Stride Rite.  When both the kids started walking she (immediately) took them to the store to get fitted for their ceremonial first pair of shoes.  Here is Ryley bear and (Stride Rite loving)…

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Yesterdays Deal

I love Academy!  Every time we go there I find an outstanding bargain.  This time I got great deals on sand toys, travel mugs and some clothes.  The sand toys were .88 cents each!  Even the pack of 4 that’s on the right.  So Ryley got a few new sand toys for her new sand box.  (I…

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Weekend Fun


We had a really fun weekend.. I say we but it was Ryley who had a blast.  Grandma bought her a new water sprinkler ($7 on sale at Walgreens..) and sandbox ($35 on sale at Walmart).  While Ryon was at home recovering from his all night fishing trip, Ryley and I were playing in her…

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