DIY Shopkins Storage Rack

SHOPKINS Storage rack tutorial

A super easy tutorial on how to build your own DIY Shopkins storage rack!

How to make your own DIY Shopkins Storage Rack!  Easy step by step tutorial for your Shopkins obsessed little one!

Yall, Ryley is beyond obsessed with Shopkins.  Shopkins are these tiny grocery store figurines that have literally taken over our house.  I’m not even kidding.  She has over 300 of them.  And all the accessories that go along with them.  The grocery store, the bakery, the fruit and veg stand.  And you can’t forget the giant shopping cart.  Because duh, the tiny figurines need a giant shopping cart to play in. 

And I’m not going to lie – I think they are fun to collect too.  She gets excited when she finds one that she doesn’t have in her collection.  And she can tell you all Shopkins in season 1 and 2.  And which ones she has, doesn’t have and which ones are duplicates.  Yup.  We needed somewhere to store all these bad boys, so my mom and I made her a Shopkins storage rack for her birthday.

And ps.. Sorry for some of the pictures.  We made this rack in the garage after the kids went to bed.  Not the best for photographing.  Carry on. 

How to make a Shopkins wall rack

To make your own Shopkins storage rack you will need:

  • 1 – wooden shoe rack (We bought ours at Walmart for less then $8)
  • 1 – piece of plywood
  • 2 – Sawtooth picture frame holders + 4 small nails
  • 6 small nails
  • 2 regular nails for hanging
  • Paint of choice
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Saw – electric or handheld

Shopkins shopkins

Step 1 – Take the two wood frames from the shoe rack and glue them together using the wood glue.  Let them sit over night to dry and sand the dried glue spots off with the sandpaper.  We used some clamps to hold the two pieces together overnight.  (Note – you will only need the two main pieces of the shoe rack.)

Step 2 – Trace out the now glued together wooden frames onto your piece of plywood.  If you have a cute kitten assistant, then you get bonus points.  Using a handheld or electric saw, cut out the plywood so that it fits behind the wooden frames. 

Shopkisn storage

Step 3 – Sand the edges of your newly cut piece of plywood. 

Shopkins storage rack and kitten

Step 4 – Paint the plywood your color of choice.  We choose white for the plywood and pink for the wooden shoe rack part.  Paint your shoe rack part as well and let them dry.  We used 1/2 bottle of Apple Barrel white paint and two 2-ounce bottles of pink paint for the wooden rack portion. 

how to hang a shopkin storage rack

Step 5 – Attach our Sawtooth picture hooks to the back of your plywood using 4 small nails.  We had the nails on hand, so I’m not sure what size they were. 

Step 6 – Position the painted shoe rack part onto the dry plywood.  Hammer in the 6 nails (two on each edge and two in the middle) to the back of the plywood, making sure they attach to the shoe rack on the front. 

DIY Shopkins Storage Rack!

Step 7 – Measure the width of the Sawtooth hangers against the wall, and then hammer in two nails in the wall and attach. 

Step 8 – Add your collection of Shopkins to the storage rack.

SHOPKINS Storage rack tutorial

Optional step 9 – Show your now 5 year old daughter her new Shopkins rack and watch her squeal with joy.  Totally optional, but totally fun. 

Our Shopkins storage rack has been so solid too!  I thought with two wild kids that it would last about a week.  But both of them have fun putting the Shopkins up there and rearranging them and it has held up.  We all love it – the kids because they have a way to display their Shopkins, and me because they are no longer all over the floor.  PLUS it entertains both kids for hours!  I’m calling this DIY Shopkins storage rack a win! 

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Christmas Sugar Scrub

Christmas sugar scrub

Give the gift of soft skin with an oh so cheery smell! 

Christmas sugar scrub

We picked out our Christmas tree this weekend!  I should probably take my excitement down a notch since we just went to Home Depot and picked one from the thousands that they had displayed.  In a tent.  You see, I have never had the joy of actually “hunting” for the perfect tree and then having it chopped down that same day.  South Texas is not the ideal place for Christmas tree farms.  [womp womp.]  It was a balmy 75 degrees today as we headed out to “hunt” for our tree.  [I find this hilarious for some reason.] 

Christmas sugar scrub recipe

I would say we have never even had snow down here, but we did.  Once.  My sophomore year of college in 2004, the night before Christmas, it snowed.  I’m not even sure how many inches of snow we got, but it was enough to shut down the entire city.  It was all over the news and we all played in it like we were kids.  Our dogs didn’t know what to think and people were in shorts and t-shirts.  No one did anything the next day except talk about or play in the snow.  It was magical. 

Christmas sugar scrub!  Great for dry hands, all natural and perfect as a gift!

We even have a book called “Snow: A South Texas Christmas Miracle“.  Not even kidding.  Its a book of all the snow pictures that people took during the snow storm.  Its actually pretty cool, especially the pictures of the snow at the beach.  The author produced at least 3 other books because there were so many pictures.  [We own 2 of them.]  It’s been 10 years and people still talk about the Christmas miracle.  It really was cool to experience.  I hadn’t seen snow since I was a baby and we were in Connecticut.  

Easy Christmas sugar scrub.  Perfect for dry hands during the winter

Then I married a northerner and that all changed.  My first winter in Michigan was cray-cray.  There was record amounts of snow all across the state.  I had moved from a city that got snow once to a city that got feet of snow in a day.  I actually think I adapted pretty quickly to the change.  I went from saying things like “Look at it snow!” to “Its above freezing, its a good day!”  

One thing I found out about most winters is that it also includes dry skin.  I spent a lot of money on lotions and chap sticks in Michigan.  Now, I buy tubs of coconut oil and make my own homemade remedies.  This Christmas sugar scrub is perfect for winter dry skin.  Its also perfect to give as a gift.  Its also cheap to make.  And it also smells amazing.  

To make your own you will need: 

  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 1 cup sugar, any kind
  • 5+ drops of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils

Melt the coconut oil slightly.  Add the sugar and essential oils.  Mix together and place in an air tight jar.  Add a cute label and some ribbon and its gift giving ready!  

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101 Summer Crafts for Kids

101 Summer Crafts for Kids

Its summer, the kids are home, its hot out and everyone is complaining that they are bored.  Some days it truly is too hot to go outside and play.  On those days everyone gets a little stir crazy from being inside.  [Moms included!]  To help end the summer stir crazy madness, I’ve rounded up 101 summer crafts for kids!  Talk about some serious boredum busters!   101 Summer Crafts for Kids

  1. Summer Punch Cards :: 30 Handmade Days
  2. DIY Slime :: Clumsy Crafter
  3. Leaf Book :: songbirds and buttons
  4. Chalk Painting :: Glued to my Crafts
  5. Frozen Crafts :: Some of the Best Things in Life Are Mistakes
  6. Toilet Paper Heart Stamps :: Just 2 Sisters
  7. DIY Fairy House :: Coffee Cups and Crayons
  8. Giant Button Garland :: Little Red Window
  9. DIY Moon Dust :: Learn Play Imagine
  10. Color Block Painting :: Kirsten Oliphant
  11. Minion Finger Puppets :: Red Ted Art
  12. Decoupage Wall Art :: Eat Pray Read Love
  13. Sparkle Bottles :: while he was napping
  14. Confetti Balloons :: Kids Stuff World
  15. Rain Painting :: Growing a Jeweled Rose
  16. DIY Felt Fox Ears :: Satsuma Designs
  17. Marshmallow Shooters :: Happiness is Homemade
  18. Milk Carton Doll Houses :: the Happy Creations
  19. Flower Garden Kit :: Our Peaceful Planet
  20. Super Hero Plastic Canvas Coasters :: Kandy Kreations
  21. DIY Kids Puzzle :: Made to be a Momma
  22. DIY Pinwheels :: Pinkwhen
  23. No Sew Tutus :: Architecture of a Mom
  24. Sunflower Handprint Art :: Family Fun Journal
  25. Picture Puzzles :: Optimistic Mommy
  26. Paper Pom Pom Flowers :: 30 Handmade Days
  27. DIY Water Bombs :: Clumsy Crafter
  28. Washable Window Painting :: Coffee Cups and Crayons
  29. Homemade Bubble Solution :: Happy Mothering
  30. DIY Sidewalk Chalk :: Growing up Gabel
  31. DIY Yard Yahtzee :: the Pinning Mama
  32. Cupcake Liner Bouquet :: hoopla palooza
  33. Clothespin Catapults :: 733 blog
  34. Stick Bug Craft :: Mom Endeavors
  35. Popsicle Stick Bracelet :: artsy-fartsy mama
  36. Toilet Paper Roll Monster :: Our thrifty ideas
  37. Seaside Shell Wind Chime :: Red Ted Art
  38. Love bug rocks :: Crystal and Comp
  39. Salt Painting :: Just 2 Sisters
  40. Popsicle Stick Fish :: Glue to my Crafts
  41. Shell Picture Frame :: No Time for Flash Cards
  42. Pool Noodle Horse :: Dollar Store Mom
  43. DIY Cardboard Box Sewing Machine :: Little Red Window
  44. DIY Bubble Makers :: Coupon Cutting Mom
  45. Play Doh Monsters :: Kids Activities Blog
  46. Lampshade Basket :: Made to be a Momma
  47. Shaving Cream Sea Creature Painting :: songbirds and buttons
  48. DIY Bling Flip Flops :: Pinkwhen
  49. DIY Heart Mobile :: Little Inspiration
  50. Jelly Fish Bookmarks :: the NY Melrose Family
  51. Garden Dragonflies :: Artzy Creations
  52. Acrylic Paint Sun Prints :: Craftiments
  53. Paper Snake Weaving :: Rainy Day Mum
  54. Melted Bead Sun Catchers :: Im Feeling Crafty
  55. Egg Carton Caterpillar :: Twinkling Trees
  56. Sharpie Tie Dye :: Skip to my Lou
  57. Kool-Aid Play Dough :: View from the Fridge
  58. Ocean Life Finger Puppets :: Felt with Love Designs
  59. Sponge Darts :: the Seasoned Mom
  60. Paint Stick Flag :: While he was sleeping
  61. Flower Garden Play Dough :: Fantastic Fun and Learning
  62. Paper Bag Luminaries :: Suburble
  63. Craft Stick Dolls :: molly moo
  64. 10 Summer Handprint Crafts :: the Pinning Mama
  65. DIY Toy Boat :: Pinkwhen
  66. Clothespin Fairy :: 733 blog
  67. Tie Dye Beach Towels :: mom endeavors
  68. Glue Painting :: Country Cottage Chic
  69. Scrubbing Sponge Flowers :: Mess for Less
  70. Kid Sized Foosball Table :: UCreate
  71. Egg Carton Buttons :: pretty little things
  72. Dry Erase Cubes :: the Crafty Blog Stalker
  73. DIY Bird Feeder :: the Grant life
  74. Pipe Cleaner Rose Rings :: No Biggie
  75. Bubble Wrap Jelly Fish :: No Time for Flash Cards
  76. Paper Plate Roses :: Kids Activities Blog
  77. Pet Rock Tic-Tac-Toe :: One Creative Mommy
  78. Rainbow Nature Collection :: jojoebi
  79. Garden Fairy Wand :: Meaningful Mama
  80. Magnetic Ice Fishing Game :: Growing a Jeweled Rose
  81. Juice Box Boats :: Growing up Gabel
  82. Butterfly Bubble Wrap Painting :: the gingerbread house
  83. DIY Rocket Straws :: the Pleasantest Thing
  84. Painting on Ice :: Sunlit Pages
  85. Tin Can Lanterns :: Coffee Cups and Crayons
  86. Crayon Candle :: and chaos ensued
  87. Sidewalk Glitter Paint :: the Imagination Tree
  88. Flag Stones :: ArtClubBlog
  89. Mini Pinatas :: Little Inspiration
  90. DIY Glowing Fireflies :: Apartment Therapy
  91. Milk Carton Boats :: Fun crafts kids
  92. Cardboard Box Castle :: Acorn Pies
  93. Cardboard Box Guitar :: The Frakers Acres
  94. No Sew Train Mat :: An Ordinary Housewife
  95. DIY Cardboard Animals :: small for big
  96. DIY Colored Sand :: Mom Wife Busy Life
  97. Butterfly Magnets :: Mom Endeavors
  98. Sea Life Egg Cartons :: Fantastic Fun and Learning
  99. DIY Beach Blanket :: Cottage in the Oaks
  100. Kool-Aid Dyed Rice :: Glued to my crafts
  101. Washi Tape Bookmarks :: the Grant life


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Easy Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Easy Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Seriously.  Christmas is SO close I can taste it!  [Well, not really but you know what I mean.]  If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, I’ve got you covered!  Today I’m sharing some ahh-mazing gift ideas that would be perfect for everyone on your Christmas list.  The top few are easy homemade gift ideas from myself and the ones after the picture are ideas from friends and people who linked up to the Life of the Party.  

  Easy Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Homemade Wood Cutting Board :: My Turn for Us

DIY Bookmarks :: the DIY Dreamer

Gingerbread Sugar Scrub :: the Clumsy Crafter

DIY Pocket Hand Warmers :: Practically Functional

DIY Garden Markers :: Dukes and Duchesses

DIY Frosted Candle holder :: A Mom’s Take

Tea Cup Candles :: a night owl blog

DIY Painted Mugs :: Glued to my Crafts

Homemade Lip Balm :: Growing up Gabel

Fox Hand Warmers :: 30 Handmade Days

Easy Scarf :: The Philosopher’s Wife

Gold Dipped Mason Jar :: Lovely Little Life

DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub :: Stockpiling Moms

DIY Pallet Herb Garden :: Second Chance to Dream

Simmering Holiday Potpourri :: Call me PMC

Ribbon and Pearl Necklace :: Practically Functional

Monogrammed Towels :: Uncommon Designs

DIY Scarf :: the DIY Dreamer

Pallet Box Centerpiece :: a night owl blog

Mason Jar Travel Cups :: the Clumsy Crafter

Wood Slice Napkin Rings :: Dukes and Duchesses

Lavender Bath Fizzies :: Practically Functional

DIY Painted Wine Glasses :: Second Chance to Dream

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener :: Simply Darrling

And if you want to give out tasty treats as gifts, send some my way.  No, Im just kidding.  [Kinda.]  Be sure to check out the “Easy Homemade Christmas Dessert” roundup with tons of great [and easy!] ideas for Christmas sweets and treats!  AND if you’re feeling crafty check out the “Easy Homemade Christmas Crafts” roundup.  Crafts, desserts, gift idea.  I think we have Christmas covered, yall!  [Sorry I can’t wrap the presents for ya though.]

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Easy Homemade Craft: Washi Tape Christmas Tree

Washi Tape Christmas Tree

Yesterday I shared some Easy Homemade Christmas Crafts and today I have one more to add to the list!  Like most people I have joined the washi tape craze.  I have a pretty big stash of it and I use it to craft often.  Or sometimes the kids sneak a roll and run all around the house with it, unrolling it as they go.  [True story.]  So when I snagged a paper mache cone on sale, I knew I was going to use some of my washi tape to jazz it up.  And the washi tape Christmas tree was created. 

Washi Tape Christmas Tree

Isn’t it cute?!  I think its one of my favorite easy homemade craft projects to date.  To make the tree I used 3 different patterns of washi tape and the paper mache cone.  And a little patience.  When I first started adding the tape on the bottom of the tree I thought it would take forever.  I just kept adding and adding.  Then after I told myself to stop being dramatic [Me?  Never!] I realized that once the bottom is done the rest is kind of easy and quick.  And sort of relaxing too. 

wasshi tape tree

To make the “leaves” I would take a piece of washi tape and almost fold it over onto itself, but not quite.  I left a small part of the tape exposed so that I could easily apply it to the cone.  Also, don’t press the tape completely together, the bubble part is what makes it so fluffy and cute.  And my fingers are crossed that that makes sense because I didn’t take pictures of the process.  [Insert awkward smile here.]

washi tape

Im going to assume that it made complete sense and we are all on the same page.  [Mm kay?]  Look how pretty is came out!  I alternated the colors and I think the green and gold go perfect together.  Plus it looks super cute on my Christmas mantel.  Oh you wanna see my whole mantel now?  Well, ok!

Christmas mantel with washi tape tree

This is my simple [child friend] Christmas mantel complete with washi tape tree, Little People nativity and a basket of shatterproof ornaments.  Plus my homemade chalkboard in the background and knick knacks up top.  I think the washi tape Christmas tree is the perfect addition to our mantel.  And its high enough that the kids haven’t messed with it yet!  [Mom win!] 

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Easy Homemade Craft: Mason Jar Lid Reindeer Ornament

Easy Mason Jar Lid Reindeer Ornament.

Growing up I was lucky enough to be able to help decorate two Christmas trees every year.  Next to the presents, decorating the tree was my favorite thing to do as a kid.  We would help with my grandmas tree first and then do ours at home.  The one thing that I loved about both trees was all the beautiful homemade ornaments.  My great grandma, grandma and my mom were [and are still!] the craftiest people I know.  So when I make something that involves sewing, hot glue or ribbon I always think of them.  These easy homemade craft mason jar lids reindeer ornaments had two of the three and are perfect for your kid friendly Christmas tree! 

Easy Mason Jar Lid Reindeer Ornament.

I loved making these mason jar lid ornaments because they were easy and they are shatterproof.  When I walk through the Christmas aisles I marvel at all the shiny ornaments and how one day my tree with have pretty things that are breakable.  As for now our tree is full of love and durable ornaments. 

mason jar ornament

To make the ornaments, I first glued the two pieces of the lid together with hot glue.  Some of the glue oozes through but once its dry its easy to peel off.  Just because careful, hot glue on metal is extra hot!  [My left middle finger can attest to that.]

mason jar top ornament

I then painted the mason jar lids brown and left them dry over night.  I added the eyes, nose and antlers [chenille pipe cleaners] the next day with hot glue.  A little green ribbon and these guys are Christmas tree ready.  [If you have older kids, this would be a great craft to do together!  My kiddos are still young so we avoid hot glue right now.]

easy reindeer mason jar lid ornament

Ryley gave them her seal of approval – “Cool reindeer mom!”.  I can’t wait to start the tradition of decorating two trees with her this year!  This will be our first big tree, we haven’t had the space before now.  So we will decorate grandmas tree and then ours.  And when that time comes, our reindeer will be glad they are made of metal and not glass. 

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Cinnamon Sugar Turkey Prints

turkey prints
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Imperial Sugar.  All opinions are my own.  To read my full disclosure policy, click here.
My kids love [LOVE] to do crafts together.  They especially love when its a craft that they can complete mostly on their own.  I think its great when they can do a craft on their own but I also love crafts that don’t take twice as long to pick up as they did to make.  [Just being honest!]  When I was browsing through Imperial Sugar’s thanksgiving kids craft section, I saw found the perfect craft. It was easy do, super cute and easy to clean up. Plus I had all the supplies and two eager crafters ready to go.

I’m just going to come out and say it – hand and foot print art is the cutest thing ever. I love seeing my wittle the kids hands were at one point. When I set out the supplies for this easy homemade craft (glue, imperial sugar cinnamon sugar shaker, construction paper and cinnamon sticks) both kids got really excited.

I applied a thin layer of glue to the kids hands and had them press down on the  construction paper so they left a glue hand print.  Then I let them use the cinnamon sugar shaker and cover the glue.  We shook off the excess and let them dry.  [And we did this in pajamas with crazy morning hair.  See below.]
We let them dry and then decorated the turkeys.  Ryley added a bunch of trees to her turkey-scape and Avery used stickers. 

After staring at the turkeys for awhile and not being able to pinpoint why they looked.. different,  I hung them up in the playroom and started to clean up. It wasn’t until I saw another turkey craft that I realized what was wrong with ours – they didn’t have any beaks!  Waddles – check.  Tail feathers – yup.  Two turkey feet – double check. Beak?  Nope!  And what makes this so funny [to me at least] is the fact that when we were making the cinnamon sugar handprints we were talking about the parts of the turkey and the sounds they make.  I guess you can’t win them all. 

For now we will just admire our beak-less birds hanging in the playroom. 
Also, Imperial Sugar has a pretty cool content going on right now.  All you have to do is share a photo with them of a food or beverage you made using Imperial Sugar.  There will be 20 winners and each will win a $50 gift card!  [Ps.. as of now, there are only 24 entries!  So JUMP TO IT!  The odds are ever in your favor! (Yes, that was a Hunger Games reference.  And yes, I double parenthesized.)]  Enter the Look What I Made contest now!
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Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Easy Tanksgiving Crafts via

Thanksgiving is in my top 3 favorite holidays.  I want to say its my favorite but Christmas and Easter are right up there as my favorites.  So its one of my top three favorite holidays.  And its more then the food that I love about Thanksgiving.  Its like there is a collective feeling of thankfulness starting in November and carrying over to the other holidays.  And I love that.  Today Im sharing about 20 easy homemade crafts that are sure to put you in the Thanksgiving mood.  From turkeys to acorns to pumpkins, this easy thanksgiving craft list has got you covered for the upcoming holiday.  And if you’re looking for some easy homemade recipes for Thanksgiving, be sure to check back here this week.  I may just have a few to share.  [Hint, hint.]
  Easy Tanksgiving Crafts via


Thankful Tree >> One Creative Mommy
Nutter Putter Pilgrim >> Cincy Shopper
Thumbprint Indian Corn >> Meet the Dubiens
Acorn Art >> No Time for Flash Cards
Turkey Embroidery Hoop >> Do Small Things With Love
Bugle Cornucopias >>Cookies and Cups
Thankful Bucket Garland >> Uncommon Designs
Turkey Pine cones >> A Pumpkin and a Princess
Turkey Pumpkin >> Second Chance to Dream
Pop up Paper Plate Turkey >> Crafty Journal
Fabric Feather Headdress >> Jacks and Kate
Turkey Hand Craft >> Pounds 4 Pennies
Fall Leaves Turkey :: Mommyapolis
Reversible Burlap and Lace Table Runner >> The Pinning Mama
Turkey Placemat >> Embellish Goods
Turkey Pillow Cover >> Truly Lovely
Pumpkin Pie Playdough >> The Idea Room
Paint Chip Turkey >> Born Again Farm Girl
Fall Leaves Placemats >> Mom Endeavors
Circle Stamped Pumpkins >> I Heart Crafty Things

Looking for more craft ideas?  Check out:

 Easy Fall Crafts

Or check out my Thanksgiving Pinterest board for more great ideas!
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Easy Homemade Craft: DIY Treasure Map

DIY Treasure Map - Made from a mini blind!

Disclaimer: I was sent a roller shade from  All opinions and creations are my own. 

Yall!  I am so excited to share this DIY treasure map that I created for Avery’s room.  Here’s a little back story to this easy homemade craft.  One of the amazing speakers at Blog Elevated was Katie Laird who works with  After the conference she mentioned that they were having another round of their roller shade challenge.  A few emails about mini horses and blinds later, I was sent a roller blind to transform. 

DIY Treasure Map - Made from a mini blind!

I know what your thinking – and yes!  Its really a roller blind!  I had no plans of using the roller portion of the blind so I turned it on its side to create the treasure map.  Of course I didn’t take a picture of the blind before I decorated it, but it was white.  I spray painted it a tan color and started doodling. 

Close up of the treasure map

I started on the right start and worked my way around the map.  I doodled a whale, an anchor and a pirate ship with paint markers and some acrylic paints as well.  And they actually look like a whale, anchor and pirates ship so I was happy! 

More Detail

The left side has a pirate flag, sail boat and a treasure chest.  Not going to lie, I am extremely proud of that treasure chest.  Its one of my favorite parts of the map.  I added some ‘gold coins’ to the chest using a glitter puff paint. 

Details of the treasure map

Once I had the sides done I used the center to make the map and the points of interest.  The names of the places are Avery’s grandparents and of course big sister Ryley.  I thought it would be fun to name them after the people he loves.  Ryon was a little bummed he didn’t have a landmark on the map so I made a ‘dad creek’ [which he pronounces crick, just fyi] on Avery’s treasure map.

DIY Treasure Map - Made from a blind!

A large telescope and compass complete the pirate inspired treasure map.  After I was done I hung it up in Avery’s room and showed the kids.  They were both really excited and started calling it their ‘Jake and the Neverland pirates map!’  Which means that the roller blind to treasure map transformation was a success!   

Here are a few other crafts I’ve done for Avery’s room:

Easy Homemade Craft: Washi Tape Pumpkin

Washi tape pumpkin via

Disclosure: I received products from Scotch Brand Tape for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.  Read my full disclosure policy here

By now Im pretty sure that yall know I love fall and pumpkins.  I love to bake with them, cook with them and even decorate them.  So when Scotch sent me a package of tape goodies, I knew I wanted to use them to decorate our first pumpkin of the season! 

Washi tape pumpkin via

I have my own collection of washi tape that I use so I was excited to try the new Scotch Expressions washi tape.  As soon I started using it on my pumpkin I was in love!  It wasn’t like regular washi tape, it was softer and came off easier.  The tape stayed sticky even after I moved it around a couple of times.  Plus, its only $2.50 a roll!  [Shameless plug to Scotch but its all trueeee.]

pumpkin covered in washi tape

My washi tape pumpkin started out like most of my crafts – with an idea and a prayer.  I knew I wanted to use washi tape to cover the pumpkin but I wasn’t sure of the design.  I just started taping.  I tore of strips of the tape and arranged them in a horizontal design and thought it looked pretty good, so I kept on going.  [Again – good thing the tape kept its stick because I moved pieces around a lot.] 

easy Halloween craft - washi tape pumpkin

I started in the middle of the pumpkin and worked my way up and down.  The middle was easy but around the top and bottom the tape started to become wavy.  And you might be able to see the teal peeking out on the other side of the pumpkin.  The whole back side is a fun teal color packing tape that was a little larger in size so I didn’t have to use all my wonderful washi tape.  I have more projects in mind for the tape so I wanted to save some for another time. 

scotch tape giveaway

Oh!  And Scotch is giving away one box of tape products too!  Woohoo!  Enter below and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway