Easy Homemade Craft: DIY Treasure Map

DIY Treasure Map - Made from a mini blind!

Disclaimer: I was sent a roller shade from Blinds.com.  All opinions and creations are my own. 

Yall!  I am so excited to share this DIY treasure map that I created for Avery’s room.  Here’s a little back story to this easy homemade craft.  One of the amazing speakers at Blog Elevated was Katie Laird who works with Blinds.com.  After the conference she mentioned that they were having another round of their roller shade challenge.  A few emails about mini horses and blinds later, I was sent a roller blind to transform. 

DIY Treasure Map - Made from a mini blind!

I know what your thinking – and yes!  Its really a roller blind!  I had no plans of using the roller portion of the blind so I turned it on its side to create the treasure map.  Of course I didn’t take a picture of the blind before I decorated it, but it was white.  I spray painted it a tan color and started doodling. 

Close up of the treasure map

I started on the right start and worked my way around the map.  I doodled a whale, an anchor and a pirate ship with paint markers and some acrylic paints as well.  And they actually look like a whale, anchor and pirates ship so I was happy! 

More Detail

The left side has a pirate flag, sail boat and a treasure chest.  Not going to lie, I am extremely proud of that treasure chest.  Its one of my favorite parts of the map.  I added some ‘gold coins’ to the chest using a glitter puff paint. 

Details of the treasure map

Once I had the sides done I used the center to make the map and the points of interest.  The names of the places are Avery’s grandparents and of course big sister Ryley.  I thought it would be fun to name them after the people he loves.  Ryon was a little bummed he didn’t have a landmark on the map so I made a ‘dad creek’ [which he pronounces crick, just fyi] on Avery’s treasure map.

DIY Treasure Map - Made from a blind!

A large telescope and compass complete the pirate inspired treasure map.  After I was done I hung it up in Avery’s room and showed the kids.  They were both really excited and started calling it their ‘Jake and the Neverland pirates map!’  Which means that the roller blind to treasure map transformation was a success!   

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10 Day You Challenge – Day 7

1. For my kids to always be healthy and happy
2. To buy a home someday soon
3. To be debt free
4. To have a successful blog
5. To one day move back to Michigan
6. To find a way to earn $$ while being with my children
7. To one day have my own business
?Thats not too much to ask right?  Haha!  A girl can dream. 


PS.. dont forget about our Christmas series starting next week!  If you have a homemade gift under $10 ..email me at thegrantlife(at)yahoo(dot)com or leave me a comment.  I have some great features and would love to see yours! 

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge – Day 6

Ohhhh.. 6 places huh?  Yay!  I love places :)  haha.  We aren’t big travelers but I do have some favorite places.  
My dads view
1. Danbury, Connecticut – where my grandparents are buried.  Sad.. but I know they are together and happy.  
2. Waianae, Hawaii – where my dad lived for 6 + years.   
3. Frankenmuth, Michigan – where we got married!  <3
4. Carrollton, Georgia – where my sister-in-law and her hubby live.  
5. Denton, Texas – where my brother, sister-in- law and nephew Evan live
6. Birch Run, Michigan – where the rest of the Grants live! {you’ve been warned!  hehe}
I have never been outside of the US.. ok except for going to Mexico a few times for cheap booze, furniture, jewelry, decor everything.  I have also seen Canada from Sault Saint Marie, Michigan.  Im basically the opposite of worldy.  Haha!  The hubby on the other hand lived in Japan for 3 years and traveled the world over when he was in the Navy.  This makes me jealous.  :(  He says we will travel together when the kids are grown and gone.  Yay!  :)  He also says he wants to live in a tar paper shack in northern Michigan though.  Haha!  Ohhh well.  What are your favorite places?  

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge – Day 5

Five foods.. huh?  I could list off 500 of my favorites in seconds.  You see.. me and food are like this (insert crossed fingers here).. haha!  I think its cause Im part Italian.  You know we love to cook and eat.  Sigh.. but if I must list only five.. 
2. My mom’s thanksgiving dinner.. all of it
3. Sushi 
4. Cheese enchiladas
5. Coca Cola cake from Cracker Barrel
Haha.  I like all food if ya couldnt tell from my list.  What are your favorites?  

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge – Day 4

I like to read.. but I can not tell you the last time I finished a book.  I’m ‘reading’ two right now.  One I got for Christmas and the other for my birthday.  I have every intention of finishing them.. but the kiddos have other ideas.  (Dang kids and their demands and needs.. ha!)  Of the books I have finished my favorites are.. 
1. The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck
This is my all time favorite book.  I have read it 10 times.. and just thinking of it makes me want to read it again. 
2.  The Queen’s Fool by Philipa Gregory
Philipa Gregory made me fall in love with the Tudor era.  Her accounts are semi-fiction and her characters carry over to her other books.  
3. Change of Heart by Jodie Picoult
Amazing book.. hopefully this one becomes a movie too. 
4.  The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley
A real eye opener on saving money.  I love love love the message Mr. Stanley provides.  
I want to go cuddle up in bed with my books now.  Maybe when the kids nap.  What are your favorites?