10 Day You Challenge – Day 7


1. For my kids to always be healthy and happy 2. To buy a home someday soon 3. To be debt free 4. To have a successful blog 5. To one day move back to Michigan 6. To find a way to earn $$ while being with my children 7. To one day have my…

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10 Day ‘You’ Challenge – Day 6


Ohhhh.. 6 places huh?  Yay!  I love places  haha.  We aren’t big travelers but I do have some favorite places.   My dads view 1. Danbury, Connecticut – where my grandparents are buried.  Sad.. but I know they are together and happy.   2. Waianae, Hawaii – where my dad lived for 6 + years….

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10 Day ‘You’ Challenge – Day 5


Five foods.. huh?  I could list off 500 of my favorites in seconds.  You see.. me and food are like this (insert crossed fingers here).. haha!  I think its cause Im part Italian.  You know we love to cook and eat.  Sigh.. but if I must list only five..  1. Meatball pot pie 2. My…

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10 Day ‘You’ Challenge – Day 4


I like to read.. but I can not tell you the last time I finished a book.  I’m ‘reading’ two right now.  One I got for Christmas and the other for my birthday.  I have every intention of finishing them.. but the kiddos have other ideas.  (Dang kids and their demands and needs.. ha!)  Of…

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