Service as Big as Texas


Last week I hinted to some big news on my Facebook page.  Its pretty big.  Like the size of Texas big.  [No, I'm not pregnant, lets get that out there first.]  I am a licensed real estate agent!  I started taking classes in January and I passed my tests last week!  I was so nervous…

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Calling All Bloggers!


I have two big things going on behind the scenes at the Grant house.  Next week Im going to be speaking at one of our local colleges about using blogging for your business.  [Squeal!]  I love being able to share what I have learned the past few years that I have been blogging.  Its one…

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Savvy Fork Launch


Hey yall!  I am out of town for the week but I wanted to take a minute to tell you about SavvyFork.  I was contacted awhile back by June Media to be a launch partner for a new all recipe website.  Of course my love of food self yelled ‘YES!’  SavvyFork is a online recipe…

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Coming Soon – Pumpkin Week!

Pumpkin week at!

Y’all, I’ve held out as long as possible on sharing pumpkin recipes.  I love me some pumpkin and wish it was acceptable to cook, craft and decorate with them year round.  [I would definitely be that person.]  So next week I am sharing FIVE new easy homemade pumpkin recipes!  Five!  Do you know what that…

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Blog/Business Consulting


I love blogging.  I love that there are new things to learn everyday and that its a challenge to find the formula that works for your site.  I also love sharing what I know with others.  I’ve teamed up with my friend Brin from Bold Butter Baby to bring yall an amazing opportunity to help…

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