Service as Big as Texas


Last week I hinted to some big news on my Facebook page.  Its pretty big.  Like the size of Texas big.  [No, I’m not pregnant, lets get that out there first.]  I am a licensed real estate agent!  I started taking classes in January and I passed my tests last week!  I was so nervous because everyone says its normal not to pass the first time.  But I did.  And I might have been in shock for a little bit after.  I’m a realtor yall!


I am still going to continue blogging, but real estate has been something I have wanted to get into for awhile now.  I actually started classes when Ryley was a few months old and stopped.  Partly because it cost to much and partly because I just wasn’t ready.  I took classes at night and online.  Ryon and my momma were a huge help with the kids while I was in “school”.  Ryley would kiss me goodbye and ask if I was going to bring my blanket to school when I left. 




During ballet this past Spring I started chatting with one of the moms from Ryley’s class.  Turns out, her husbands owns a real estate firm!  I chatted with Joseph, the broker-owner, a few times and signed on with him after I passed my tests.  [As an agent I have to work under a broker.  I can’t just go out on my own.  I’m like a fledgling bird in real estate right now.]  It has already been such a blessing to be apart of the EXIT team.  I am so excited to learn more, get my first customer, look at houses, help someone find a house, help someone sell a house!  Heck, I’m even excited to fill out a contract!  The cool part of it all is that I can practice real estate anywhere in the state of Texas!  Which is kinda awesome since I have friends and family throughout this huge state.  Ill be providing service the size of Texas!  [Kinda corny, but I like it!]

So that’s my big news yall!  Im excited for this new venture in our lives! 

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Life of the Party No. 32


Hey yall!  Welcome to another Life of the Party link up – where you share your awesome posts with us!  [And we love it so!]  Today the girls and I have a pretty big announcement.  All of the ladies that host this link party are some of my best blogging friends.  We met at Blog Elevated last year and we have become ahhh-mazing friends the past year.  We talk about meeting up for a girls night but its hard to get together sometimes.  So we are doing to do the next best thing!  We are going to have dinner and movie through our blogs!  Kathy from Sparkles and a Stove thought that it would be fun to once a month share a recipe we created from a movie that we pick.  How stinkin’ fun is that?!  And YOU are totally invited to join us!!  


So our first movie is Steel Magnolias.  [Perfect for a group of Texas bitties like us!]  I may have the perfect recipe and I may be beyond excited to share it with yall next week!  Its good.  Its realllllly good!  And you can follow the #blogfilmfood hashtag on all your favorite social media to get sneak peeks and chat with us too!  AND if you want to join [because we want you to!] you can link up your Steel Magnolias inspired recipe with us on the 18th!  [There are a lot of exclamation points so you know I’m excited!]  Until then.. let’s party! 

Life of the Party link up

Calling All Bloggers!


I have two big things going on behind the scenes at the Grant house.  Next week Im going to be speaking at one of our local colleges about using blogging for your business.  [Squeal!]  I love being able to share what I have learned the past few years that I have been blogging.  Its one of my favorite things to do.  I enjoy it so much that Im also writing an ebook on blogging!  [Double squeal!] 


I am almost done with my ebook and presentation, but before I finished either I wanted to get your input.  So if you are a blogger or have thought about blogging then I would love for you to fill out the quick survey below!  I also thought it would be neat to add as many real bloggers quotes to the ebook.  If you want to be quoted (and have your blog mentioned!) make sure you leave your name and email address so I can contact you.  Also, be sure to sign up for the Grant life emails because there might be freebies and/or coupon codes for subscribers!  [Hint, hint!] 

I appreciate any and all answers!  Thanks for taking a few minutes to complete the survey.  Im sending virtual cupcakes your way!


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Coming Soon: Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Contest

Hey yall!  First, I am dubbing today the first real day of fall for the Grants.  We bought our first pumpkin of the season and its cool enough for our windows to be open!  [Insert squeal here!]  I may bake something delicious today just because my windows are open and it feels wonderful.  Second, cooler weather means its almost Halloween!  Ok, not almost, but in a few weeks.  And if your are like me, you wait to the last minute to make your kids costumes.  Seriously, last year I was ironing and sewing the day before.  I knew what the kids would be, I just waited til the last minute to make their costumes.  [High five for procrastination!]  The thing it – I don’t know what Avery is going to be this year!  Ryley is easy – princess or ballerina.  Or a princess ballerina.  But Im not so sure about little man.  Thats where yall come in!  I am hosting the second annual Halloween costume contest!

Halloween Costume Contest

So here is the rundown of the Halloween costume contest:

  • Link up starts October 12
  • Link up your costumes from the 12-26 [two weeks]
  • Voting starts the 27th and runs til the 31st
  • The costume with the most votes wins a $25 Starbucks gift card
  • If you have a picture of your costume but are not a blogger or have not posted it, email it and we can add it to the link up! 
  • Costumes can be ones from previous years or ones from this coming up Halloween. 
  • Handmade or semi-handmade costumes only. 
  • Each person will be allowed to vote 3 times a day. 
  • Invite family and friends to vote for your costume to increase your changes of winning!
  • If you have any questions – let me know.  I want everyone to participate who is interested! 

Hopefully everyone has a costume idea after the contest.  I can’t wait to see what everyone shares! 

Savvy Fork Launch


Hey yall!  I am out of town for the week but I wanted to take a minute to tell you about SavvyFork.  I was contacted awhile back by June Media to be a launch partner for a new all recipe website.  Of course my love of food self yelled ‘YES!’  SavvyFork is a online recipe community that shares visual “recipe cards” from blogs and brands and is described as a “visual feast”.  Members are then able to rate, share and save their favorite recipes.  [How cool is that?]  If you are looking for tried and true recipes from your favorite bloggers and brands, then check out SavvyFork!   081413-SV-elite_badge-final-white-300x200_zpsb91aab2f

I am a SavvyFork Elite member which means my recipes are featured with brands like Dannon, Platzgraff, and other elite bloggers and June Media sites. I mean seriously, how cool is that??   And if you sign up for their newsletter [called the Feed!] you are entere to win a $200 Le Creuset French oven!  I am so honored to be apart of SavvyFork and would love if yall would take a minute to check it out.  Ill see yall next week here at the Grant life with some new recipes! 

Coming Soon – Pumpkin Week!

Pumpkin week at!

Y’all, I’ve held out as long as possible on sharing pumpkin recipes.  I love me some pumpkin and wish it was acceptable to cook, craft and decorate with them year round.  [I would definitely be that person.]  So next week I am sharing FIVE new easy homemade pumpkin recipes!  Five!  Do you know what that means?!  It means that I’ve been baking with pumpkin for at least a few weeks now and I have some amazing recipes to share!  I hope you’ll join me Monday to kick off pumpkin week!
Pumpkin week at!

And just in case you wanted a few pumpkin recipes before Monday, check out:

Giveaway: Back to School Week


I am delighted to be a part of Back to School Week hosted by Rachel from {i love} my disorganized life andMiss Information. This week will help take the stress out of Back to School for all of us as bloggers from around the country post their favorite Back to School crafts and recipes.

We also have some really great prizes from our wonderful Sponsors. You can enter to win on any of the blogs that are participating in Back to School Week.

(Scroll down to see the prize details and entry form).

As part of the Back to School Week we’ll be holding a TweetChat and a PinChat, with prize giveaways during those as well!  [Lots of prizes yall!]

The TweetChat is today so I’ll tell you about that now. I’ll save the PinChat details for later in the week.

(search for hashtag #BacktoSchoolWeek to follow along. Use the hashtag in tweets during the chat to enter to win.)

  1. One TweetChat winner will receive a set of two Mighty Handles.
  2. One TweetChat winner will receive a 6-piece set of Cuisinartstorage containers.
  3. One TweetChat winner will receive a set of Keycals from Kidecals.
  4. One TweetChat winner will receive a Mini Cooler and a Personal Cooler from PackIt.

To enter to win the above prizes, attend the tweet chat and use the hashtag in your tweets.

Now, for the Back to School Week Raffle:

We are so grateful to have such an amazing group of sponsors for Back to School Week! They have all provided us with wonderful raffle prizes for you!

  1. One raffle winner will receive the Cuisinart 3-in-1 Cook Central.
  2. One raffle winner will receive a Mini Cooler, a Personal Cooler and a Shop Cooler from PackIt.
  3. One raffle winner will receive The Keurig® MINI Plus Personal Brewing System.
  4. One raffle winner will receive from Kizmos the Crazy Cool Crafty’s Banana Muffins Kizmos Kit {be sure to visit Crazy Cool Crafty on 8/24 to see how Cassie uses this kit!} which contains the Get Happy salt and pepper shakers, Get Happy nesting Measuring cups, and the Get happy measuring spoons. {Follow on FacebookTwitter}
  5. One raffle winner will receive from KizmosThe Grant Life’s Passe Passe Kizmos Kit {Be sure to visit The Grant Life on 8/21 to see how Kelley uses this kit!} which contains the Get Happy Spatula, Get Happy Spoonula and the Get Happy Ice Cream Scoop. {Follow on Facebook & Twitter}
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  8. One winner will receive a $75 surprise box from Pick Your Plum.
  9. One raffle winner will receive a prize pack featuring Cal-Organics/Grimmway Farms Swag {Grimmway Farms Speaker Cooler Bag, Cal-Organic T-shirt, Cal-Organic Hat, Cal-Organic Visor Clip, Just Crunch Em Tumbler Cup, Carrot Snack N Go Container} AND a Portable blender/smoothie maker from Cuisinart so you can take it with you on the go.
  10. One raffle winner will receive a $50 prize pack from DecoArt containing a variety of craft paint and stencils.
  11. One raffle winner will receive a $40 gift certificate from Kidecals.
  12. Two raffle winners will each receive a $50 Mooney Family Story gift box from Mooney Farms.
  13. One raffle winner will receive a set of two Mighty Handles.

 Enter using the rafflecopter below to win these amazing prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mom Behind the Blog


So I have an idea.  And if you know me, I say that exact phrase at least once a day.  But this one is a really good idea!  Something that I think everyone will like.  I want to interview mom bloggers about their lives and how they fit blogging into it.  As moms we are busy all the time, yet we still find time to edit, post and share our lives through our blogs.  Its amazing!  How do we do it all?  That’s what I want to find out!


I was thinking of doing a vlog (video blog) with a different blogger every two weeks.  We will chat about their life and their family plus how they manage mommyhood and blogging (and everything else!).  I think we all get so caught up in the perfect pictures and recipes and crafts that people post that we sometimes forget that they are real moms just like you and me.  I would love to share their lives and showcase how we all just normal people.


This is where you come in.  I want to know a.) is this something that you would be interested in watching?  b.) who would be interested in being interviewed?  I think, if yall are interested, I will do a nomination system.  You nominate yourself and then at the end of the week we can have people vote on who they want to see.  That way the person being interviewed a.) is aware of the mom behind the blog series and b.) wants to be involved.  [I like lists.. can ya tell?]  I would love to focus on things like how long you’ve been blogging, how often you blog, if you make money off your blog, what does your family think of your blog, and what is your best blogging tip.


So, what do yall think?  Are yall ready to get to know the mom behind the blog?

Blog/Business Consulting


I love blogging.  I love that there are new things to learn everyday and that its a challenge to find the formula that works for your site.  I also love sharing what I know with others.  I’ve teamed up with my friend Brin from Bold Butter Baby to bring yall an amazing opportunity to help grow your blog, learn how to utilize social media, and how to make more money.


So how does it work?  We are going to offer two different ‘packages’, one for bloggers and one for businesses looking to grow.


For our blogger friends we are offering –

One hour G+ Hangout

Blog analysis

Social media analysis and tips

How to monetize your blog

Any questions you may have

Cost: $50



For our business friends we are offering –

One hour G+ Hangout

Site analysis

Business strategy online

Social media analysis and tips

Any questions you may have

Ad space on both sites

Review and giveaway option of products

Cost: $100

If this is something you are interested in – shoot me an email!  We would love to set up a consult and help you grow!

Father’s Day Gift Guide – Vendor Call!


Do you sell products and/or services geared towards men?  Are you looking for more exposure?  We want to feature you!  I have teamed up with Anjanette from Momma Young and Candy from Candypolooza to bring our readers a Father’s Day gift guide!  We are looking for products that would make great gifts for fathers (or anytime!) to feature in our gift guide.  If you are interested is this fun marketing opportunity (or know someone who would be!) email me!  We would love to have you.