Back to School Lunch Idea: Copy Cat Lunchable

Day three of lunch box week!  I know I said that yesterday’s mac ‘n cheese lunch box was my favorite but I think today’s copy cat lunchable takes the cake.  Its probably one of the easiest lunches but its so fun to make and much healthier then a store bought lunchable.  [And probably cheaper too, I just haven’t done the math on it.]  And I’m not gunna lie – it makes me feel like super mom because my kids love it.  So grab your cape and Ill show you how to make this easy homemade recipe.

copycay lunchable for back to school


To make a copy cat lunchable for your kiddos you will need:

  • Deli Meat
  • Sliced Cheese
  • Crackers
  • Apple

copycat lunchable


Our grocery store has a pretty good selection of organic products that are fairly priced.  The crackers are Central Market brand and the meat/cheese is Boars Head.  I don’t mind paying a little more for either since I know they are healthier for my family.  Plus, the kids can’t tell the difference which means they eat it all right up.

homemade lunchable


To make the meat round like a luncable I use a coffee scoop to make circles in the meat and cheese.  I push down, rotate and out comes a perfect copy cat circle.  I usually do a few layers at a time of both the meat and cheese.  [I make sure my cape isn’t in the way first.  Duh.]

copycay lunchable


I don’t even think my kids realize that this isn’t a real lunchable, which rocks.  They normally eat the whole thing and don’t complain, which rocks even more.  And its healthy for them, which rocks but I don’t tell them that part.  After lunch I retire my cape and return to the world of two toddlers running amok.

What do you make that your kids love and makes you feel like super mom?

Hey yall! I'm Kelley - a work at home mom to two rambunctious kiddos. I absolutely love creating new recipes to share here on my blog - the Grant life. When I'm not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, I am wrangling the kids, showing houses as a licensed REALTOR and practicing my photography. Thanks so much for following along with us!

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  1. says

    Such a cute idea considering how many unnecessary preservatives are in the real lunchables. I love lunchables but won’t eat them because of the amount of sodium. What a cool alternative that kids will like! Hell I might do this haha.

    -Brittany Ruth

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