$50 Target Gift Card Giveaway + Financial Friday!

Happy Friday friends!  Its a great Friday at the Grant house because:

Its Ryon’s birthday!  Happy birthday baby daddy!

We are heading to Michigan for a week and a half!

Its Friday and we have a $50 Target Gift Card up for grabs!

And we raised over $800 in honor of Sandy Hook last week!  Yay!  And thank you!

I cant decide which one of those things is my favorite.  They all make my heart happy.

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  1. I don’t see the linky, just some html coding.

  2. I’m working on specific and measurable resolutions…starting with commitment…in so many areas!

  3. My New Year’s resolution is to continue going to Zumba 2-3 times a week and work on eating healthier!

  4. JEFF TAYLOR says:

    My new years resolutions include losing weight and re-reading the Bible

  5. I’m so excited about this giveaway!:)

  6. I resolve to eat healthier.

  7. Mine is to lose weight (yeah, totally original, I know!)

  8. My new year’s goal is to graduate from beauty school next year!

  9. My new years resolution is to do things I normally would be too afraid to do.

  10. one of my resolutions this year is to listen more!

  11. To get more organized

  12. Happy birthday Ryon!!
    That is so amazing that you raised so much money for Sandy Hook!

  13. P.S. My main New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with my family :D

  14. y resolution is to read more.

  15. I am going to lose some weight this year :)

  16. Eat Healthier and exercise more.

  17. I’m afraid I don’t have one yet. lebl9077@bellsouth.net

  18. To work less and spend more time with friends.

  19. I don’t make new years resolutions.
    jenhedger at hotmail dot com

  20. My new year’s resolution is to train to run at an 8 minute mile pace.

  21. to eat healthier

  22. Tyler Brown says:

    I don’t make New Years Resolutions.

  23. Jennifer Sharp says:

    My New Years Resolution is to lose weight and to become better, healthier person. :-)

  24. Della Dabner says:

    I quit making new years resolutions because I never keep them.

  25. New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. :)

  26. alena svetelska says:

    my new years resolution is lose weight and save some more money

  27. my resolution is to live life to the fullest. I had most of my foot amputated last year and it and health issues have dominated my life for the past year. That stops with 1/1/2013

  28. I want to finish my degree!

  29. Lose 15 lbs in 2 months!

  30. To find a diet I can stick on!

  31. amber howland says:

    I don’t make New Years resolutions

  32. To handle problems in a different way that I would normally handle in the past.. maybe I’d get a positive result.

  33. I usually don’t make resolutions, but I would like to exercise more & lose some weight.

  34. Michele Henneman says:

    My NYR is to quit smoking.

  35. Michelle W. says:

    To take better care of myself!

  36. I don’t have one yet

  37. crissi mcveay says:

    to pamper myself more :)

  38. to become more organized

  39. to set out days for Pilates

  40. My resolution is to bike more and drive less

  41. Hi and Happy Holidays! :) Mine is simply to continue the good stuff I’ve been doing, and staying in those size 12 jeans! :)


  42. Megan Parsons says:

    I don’t have a new years resolution

  43. Judy Bradley says:

    My resolution is to improve my health – losing weight, gaining strength, boosting my immune system – I have an immune system disease and I wish to avoid diabetes which runs in my family.

  44. Elizabeth Owens says:

    I want to be in shape again to be able to run a half marathon in April!

  45. valorie gomes says:

    to live a healthy life style

  46. To save more money!

  47. To spend more time with family

  48. My New Years resolution is to become more fit!

  49. My New’s Resolution is to get out of debt and save enough money for our move to Chicago!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Debra Pauley says:

    my new years resolution is to be more healthy. take better care of me.

  51. …to keep an optimistic outlook on life …

  52. Cheryl Bartram says:

    To same more money in New Year

  53. Michelle Proper says:

    To get healthier! sick of being sick! and to eat more healthy…no GMO’s! Happy New Year!

  54. Amanda Wilson says:

    To be less wasteful

  55. nothing I don’t keep them.

  56. tracey byram says:

    My resolution is to stress less and enjoy life more.

  57. Kim Cowgar says:

    I don’t make hard-care resolutions anymore because I was always disappointed when I couldn’t keep them, but I would like to work on simplifying and keeping better track of the finances

  58. Lorna England says:

    No resolutions here… just try to make small improvements daily!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. To eat more healthy

  60. stacy norris says:

    I really don’t make myself promises. I tend to disappoint myself. So I try to start living better. One day at a time!

  61. Eat healthier and watch the trans fats

  62. I resolve not to make any resolutions this year

  63. Bunnie Kelly says:

    Have a more positive attitude

  64. Just to get through the year! And to try to make it the best as possible! Happy New Year To Everyone!

  65. Mia Dentice Carey says:

    I don’t really have one or make resolutions

  66. I don’t even make new year’s resolutions anymore because I never keep them. :)

  67. My New Year’s resolution is to get back into drawing.

  68. Valarie Lee Gentry says:

    To stop smoking!

  69. Cindi Decker says:

    Don’t really have a resolution – just trying to get through each day as my husband has terminal cancer.

  70. I need to lose a little weight and eat healthier in 2013.

  71. I really don’t do resolutions. I’m just hopeful that 2013 will be a much better year than 2012.

  72. Victoria Carlson says:

    New Years Resolution is to get paid for at least one photography shoot!

  73. My new years resolution(s) are to workout daily and to spend lots of fun time playing with my husband!

    Gina Reedy @ perfectlovehere@gmail.com

  74. to not make resolutions. I am going to love my body, love my family and love life. And that is all that matters to me.

  75. I would love to start saving money!

  76. Karin DiNarda says:

    I don’t make a resolution because I can’t keep them.

  77. Vicky Watkins says:

    To be kinder to people

  78. to be a better Catholic!

  79. Brandi Price says:

    Same as it is every year… get healthy and quit smoking… Let’s see if I can do it this year…

  80. kelly nicholson says:

    What is your New Years resolution?

    stay alive another year

  81. My New Year’s Resolution is to become more healthy.

  82. laurie damrose says:

    To fine tune my business,

  83. i would love to lose some weight

  84. rebeka deleon says:

    i don’t make resolutions. finding a new house for me and my family…

  85. Sherri Stevens says:

    To sew more.

  86. to get in shape!

  87. Danielle Porter says:

    To get my pottery studio up and running by July!

  88. My new year’s resolution is to keep up with the healthy habits I’ve begun in the last month like eating healthier and drinking more water.

  89. Jodi DeMay says:

    my new years resolution is to be happy and not worry about the little things in life!

  90. bobbie worden says:

    I plan on dieting

  91. My new year’s resolution is to eat healthier.

  92. MaryAnn Casey says:

    I don’t know…I already exercise and watch what I eat. I don’t drink or do drugs. I don’t bite my nails. I’m happy with how things are, so I don’t know what I could do for a resolution. (I just read that back…I sound conceited! Yikes! That wasn’t my intention! lol

  93. To exercise three days a week.

  94. Eat healthier for the new year

  95. To be more present.

  96. Tammy Schweitz says:

    Get in great shape here for me

  97. April Sinclair says:

    To be happy on my own.

  98. My New Year’s resolution is to blog more and to get running more.

  99. amanda roach says:

    to quit smoking, journal and exercise.

  100. mara zamora says:

    My resolution is to have confidence in myself and to lose weight & keep it off lol

  101. michelle riebeek says:

    To build stronger relationships

  102. Traci Lynn Butler says:

    I want to get more exercise in 2013

  103. Amy Honious says:

    to do more for me. i am always worried that everyone else has what they need, when they need it and all are happy. mom needs a break once in a while! thanks for the giveaway!

  104. Jessica Rinker says:

    oh goodness so may! mainly to get organized in my life with the house and my business, also to lose at least half of my goal weight(all would be better!) ad be healthier

  105. Shannon Gallagher says:

    To keep things more organized!

  106. Melissa Mazzur says:

    I LOVEEEEEEE Target!

  107. I would like to quit smoking as my New Year resolution.

  108. Christine burd says:

    My New Year resolution is to think before speaking and be gracious in my comments

  109. Tara Liebing says:

    My resolution is to eat healthier

  110. Mine is to spend more time in the now and try not to worry so much about tomorrow!

  111. A new Budget

  112. Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe ) says:

    I’m hoping to lose 10 lbs!

  113. amy williams says:

    I would love to lose some weight

  114. My resolution is to get more organized.

  115. Holly Trudeau says:

    My resolution is to get in shape!

  116. Rhea Stogsdill Chladek says:

    I don’t make resolutions, so to speak, but my goal for 2013 is to have one of my credit cards paid off.

  117. My resolution is to eat better

  118. nichol tone says:

    I want to lose weight

  119. To eat a more well balanced diet.

  120. Natasha Brodsky says:

    My New Years resolution is to try to kick Lupus out of my body through juice fast and being more active. :D

  121. Tammy Shelton says:

    I made a resolution over 20 years ago to never make New Years Resolutions… and it worked!!

  122. Stephanie from CT says:

    train a new dog!@

  123. tina reynolds says:

    drop the baby weight

  124. eat less junk food!

  125. My New Years resolution is to get healthy and strong after this back surgery, and get my life back!

  126. To lose a little weight and be more patient

  127. johnny-amy lynn says:

    for me and my son to get along like we used to

  128. My resolution is to lose more weight.

  129. To finish all the things I didn’t finish last year.

  130. Taking more ME time!

  131. My resolution is to keep my New Years resolution, which is to quit smoking once and for all.

  132. eat healthier, exercise more:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  133. My New Year’s resolution is to be more active – more walking less sitting!

  134. I love the target gift card giveaway! thanks for the chance to enter to win! connie d

  135. Julie Ragozzine says:

    To get out of debt this year!

  136. Devona Fryer says:

    Lose weight of course!

  137. To lose weight

  138. Crystal Young says:

    Lose some weight

  139. Laurie Skriletz-Deschler says:

    to better my life!

  140. lose weight!! and get healthy!!

  141. Colleen Fuller says:

    To make the best choice for my kids and I even if that means being a single mother again. Thank you! Happy New Year!

  142. Tanya Evarts says:

    Lose weight to feel better and have more energy!

  143. I don’t make resolutions, but I do set goals, so I have some realistic goals to grow my business!

  144. Heidi J. Sisco says:

    My resolution is to continue with my weight loss. I have lost 22 pounds and have another 5 that I want to lose.

  145. Theresa Reed says:

    To get health and lose some weight. Happy New Years. :)

  146. To exercise more frequently

  147. I resolve to find a new job!

  148. No resolution for me.

  149. To live more frugally and save money!

  150. My new year’s resolution is to rely on God and trust Him.

  151. Listen more, talk less.

  152. My resolution is to exercise more.

  153. to try to quit smoking

  154. Elizabeth Wisniewski says:

    I’m going to try to spend more time playing with my kids

  155. I plan to read more books!

  156. Christine Harding says:

    I dont make new years resolutions..but I do have a goal, which is to be ready for my new baby due in April :)

  157. want to start a new relationship

  158. Violet Lyford says:

    I am going to try to make every day count for eternity.

  159. dale bartlett says:

    i want one

  160. I want to lose weight.

  161. Kelly Carr says:

    I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore.|

  162. I don’t make them.

  163. I would like to really tone up this year. Thanks!

  164. get back to the gym

  165. Melanie Rhodes says:

    Pay off credit card and medical bill Debt!

  166. Melissa Maxwell says:

    Spend more time with my family

  167. To gain weight and spend money faster than I make it! LOL. I really try not to make any resolutions, only try being better than the previous year.

  168. Pay off debt and exercise more.

  169. Melissa Lowe says:

    I really don’t make them, but I do have goals.. Lose weight and eat better.

  170. sherry butcher says:

    none, i don’t make any resolutions now.

  171. To spend at least 15 minutes crafting each day!

  172. I’m going to try to living a healthier life. Thanks for the chance.

  173. Mary Diehl says:

    To be more fabulous than I already am!

  174. Received the $50 gift card today in the mail…Thanks again. I can’t wait to spend it.

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