$50 Starbucks Giveaway!

Hey yall!  Im enjoying the snow and below freezing temperatures in Michigan this week.  [Seriously,  I am!]  I have a few things lined up for next week one of which is this $50 Starbucks Gift Card giveaway!

Woot woot!  Good luck friends!


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  1. Triple non-fat carmel macchiato, hands down.

  2. soha molina says:

    Salted Caramel Mocha

  3. I absolutely love the white chocolate mocha! We are getting a new Starbucks too!

  4. Judy Bradley says:

    I like hot chocolate, but my daughter-in-law loves most all of Starbucks – I would be giving her the card as I had no money for Christmas or her birthday (day after Christmas!).

  5. caramel macchiatto is my fav

  6. favorite drink at starbucks…any iced coffee!

  7. I love Venti Chai latte’s!

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  8. Loving me some pumpkin spice right now, and will be sad to see it go! :[

  9. green tea latte or iced coffee!!! Love Starbucks!

  10. I like their peppermint mocha

  11. I love caramel coffee.

  12. When I go to Starbucks I almost always get a Mocha Frappuccino.

  13. I love love love the psl when it’s in season :)

  14. I love just a short cappuccino. Simple, yummy and not too expensive.

  15. Vanilla Lattes are my favorite!

  16. Wild Orchid says:

    caramel macchiato is my favorite drink!

  17. Love Peppermint Mochas

  18. I am a HUGE fan of just plain Jane iced coffee with a TON of creamer and classic sweetener! Happy New Year!!! xo

  19. I love the double chocolate chip blended creme

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