1000 Follower Appreciation Giveaway + Financial Friday!

Thank you!

Last month this little blog reached 1000 followers on google friend connect and feedburner!  Thank you to all my friends, fans, readers, commenters, stalkers, and everyone else in between!  I honestly have no words for awesome yall are.  Seriously.  None.  So instead of talking and telling you things you already know [like how much I love you and want to hug you] Im going to let these amazing prizes speak for me!  Over $400 in goods up for grabs!  
Thank you!

Prize Pack One
1. Pre-Made Blogger Template - Family Darr
2. Bluebird Beaded Necklace [approx. 18-19" long] – Blue Bird Bijoux {Design}
3. 250×200 Ad Space + Essie Nail Polish - the Vintage Modern Wife
4. 3 Dozen Simple Cake Bites [Color May Vary] - The Sweet Life
5. Rainbow Happy Birthday Cupcake Toppers [Winner picks color] – Leroy Lime
6. $10 Starbucks Card - the Houtz House Party
7. Premium Ad Space - Addicted to Recipes
8. 200×200 Ad Space + Blog Planner PDF - Texas Lovebirds
9. $15 Shop Credit - Shepherd’s Daughter
10. Toddler Shirt Applique [Choice of Applique] – The Chirping Moms
11. 275 x 300 Ad Space - and the call me mommy

Prize Pack Two 

1. 2 Custom Subway Prints - Emily’s Sanity
2. 2 Custom Loveables - the Grant life
3. SuperCool Ad Space – Moda Mama
4. Medium Ad Space + $15 Shop Credit - Finding my way in Texas
5. Wooden Button Flower Ring - Fold-de-rol and Frippery
6. Basic Blog Design Package - Designs by Emily
7. Small Ad Space - Yours Truly
8. Custom Photo Collage [Participation required to create collage] - Beautiful Day
9. XL Ad Space – Mi Todo
10. Winners Choice of Ad Space - Sugar in My Grits
11. 2 Weeks in Post Ad [Includes Ad Creation] – Covered in Grace
How amazing are these prizes?!  There will be two winners.. so good luck!  Oh yea.. and THANK YOU!  

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Kelley is a work at home mom who loves making her kids laugh. She enjoys cooking, crafting, and the everyday chaos of life.

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  1. I'd love the number 1! thanks!

  2. Congrats Kelley, that is so awesome! Both prize packs are awesome, but I think I would have to say #1 cuz of the cake bites! And thanks for hosting your party again this week :-)

  3. I think I'd like package one..but I'd be happy with either! Thanks for the great giveaway

  4. Either would be awesome! That is amazing loot!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting – I'm in Montreal ( Canada ) so don't think this applies to me :(
    Big hugs,

  6. Wow! Congrats on the big 1000!

  7. I would love #2 just for the blog design alone.

  8. I would love Prize Pack #2. :) and by the way congratulations on reaching 1,000!

  9. They are both great! I'll take both. =P

  10. I wanna win #1 :)

  11. Congrats on reaching 1000 followers! And thanks for hosting!

  12. Melissa Montes-Lopez says:

    I want to win #1

  13. I would LOVE pack #1 :)

    congrats on 1000 you deserve everyone!

  14. Prize pack 1 :)

  15. Can I have them both?

    Congrats on the big milestone!

    And does anyone else find it ironic that I'm linking up my guest post from your blog on your blog?

  16. Prize pack 1. Thanks Kel & other wonderful sponsors!

  17. Thanks for hosting! Enjoy your weekend! I would like to win prize pack #1.

  18. Congratttts!!! :) Both sound wonderful, but I guess #1?

  19. Either would be awesome!

  20. I'd love either one!! ;)

  21. Are you kidding?! I guess I would want one just because I would love the blog make over. But they are both amazing!

  22. I'm so excited to be participating and Thank You for hosting! I can only go for #2! But #1 is fantastic too! ;)

    Kim M.

  23. It's hard to choose… but #1 has cake bites. Yum. The blog make over would be nice too :)

  24. I'm glad to be linking again this week, thanks so much for hosting & happy Friday!

  25. Congrats on the milestone. You got to 1000 and just kept going!! Well done!

  26. Honestly, either package is fabulous! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats!!

  27. They are both great, but I would pick #1. ;)

  28. Package #2 sounds awesome! Congrats on 1000! :)

  29. I'd pick package #2!

  30. Jerkface.
    I want number 1.
    I want number 2.
    Actually, I'll take both, please. :)
    I have no idea why I said “jerkface.” But now it feels weird to delete it…

  31. Either one – it would just be nice to win :)

  32. I would love to win either one….but if I had to choose, probably #1 because of the cake bites:)

  33. I just had to laugh reading your great news. Only in the blogging world do we wish for stalkers! Congrats and here's to the next 1000 stalkers (oops, I mean fans.) Thanks for a great party!

  34. I'd love to win the first package!

  35. I would love to win either package, but #1 is my top pick :)

  36. I'd love to win prize pack one simply for Starbucks & cake balls! Woohoo!


  37. Wow! I would love to win either pack. I have a new site, so ad space is what I need right now! (onecreativemommy.com)

    Thanks for hosting and the chance to win. Congrats on 1000 followers!

  38. #2 of course!

  39. I would love either of them, but if I had to pick I would go with #1 (cake bites and starbucks – yes please!)

  40. blog make over…boo, I can't enter that one! ;) wink wink!

  41. Congratulations :) Can I have both? :)

  42. I would love either one! They both are so great!!

  43. I would love to win prize pack number two!!!

  44. Yay for 1000 followers! I'm your newest!

  45. would love to win #1!

  46. I'd love to win #1!

  47. How fun, congrats! I would love to win #1

  48. I would love to win #1!

  49. I really wouldn't mind winning ANY of them – seriously, is that an ok answer…I love starbucks, I love advertising. love it all!

  50. I would like #2 :)

  51. Congratulations on 1000 followers!!!

  52. Congrats on a 1,000! That's amazing :) If I win, I would like prize pack #1 please.

  53. The are both fantastic! Congratulations on 1,000!


  54. I am not surprised at your sucess. You are super sweet, Kelley! Congrats!

  55. It's hard to choose, but I'd say #1, and this is a stupid reason, but because of the Starbucks card. I NEVER get to Starbucks because they are so darn expensive and I LOVE their pumpkin pie spice latte.

  56. I'm thinking #1, but both look amazing!

  57. I want prize pack #2. Congrats on 1000! That's such a milestone.

  58. Both look awesome but I think I'd love to win #1

  59. Both look awesome but I think I'd love to win #1

  60. Congrats Kelley, your blog is so great you deserve it! I will take either, beggars can't be choosers LOL

  61. Congratulations Kelley! I'm so excited for you!
    I'd love to win either one… probably #1!

  62. Ahh they're both fantastic! I would love to win either one.

  63. Congrats! The prizes look great! :)

  64. uh…..either one really. both…is that an option?

  65. Wow! Congrats on so many followers! Thanks for hosting again this week, Laura

  66. Congrats on all the followers!! You rock!

  67. Both of those prize packs are awesome!

  68. Number 1! :)

  69. Okay, for some reason I don't think it is letting me follow @alongcametheboy, and I accidentally clicked that I follow them. So I follow this blog, but didn't click that entry, just to make things fair.

  70. These are both so awesome! Maybe Number One?

  71. Tough Choice! I will go with #1

  72. I would be SO happy to win either one!!!

  73. I would be happy with either one, but since you're making me choose…#1.
    Thanks for sharing all these goodies!

  74. Congrats on 1000 followers!!
    Both amazing prize packages, but I'm gonna lie, my eyes completely zeroed in on the Starbucks gift card in Package #1. What a sucker!


  75. Congrats friend :o ) That's incredible!!

    I'm not going to lie….I'd take either prize pack! They are both amazing!

  76. i would love gift package 1

  77. Either prize would be great, but if I had to choose, I'd go with #1. Amazing giveaway!

    amanda kate @raspberry beige

  78. Prize pack #1!

  79. jamie braun says:

    Price pack 1

  80. Prize pack 2. For the subway prints and other crafty goodies!

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. Prize pack 1! Love that necklace!

  83. I'd choose #1. Thanks for the opportunity!

  84. I would pick #1 but they both look awesome!!

  85. Congrats friend! I think I would pick the first one!

  86. Oh my! They both sound so generous and awesome! I would so love #1!

  87. Congrats on hitting 1000! You deserve it :) Love #2 I think.
    I'm new here, stop by if you get the chance!
    Sylvia @ sweetpeasylvie.com

  88. That's a tough decision! I'd love prize pack 1 the most though!

  89. I'd love to win Prize Pack #1! :D
    Thanks, and congrats on having so many fans/followers!

  90. eeny meeny miney mo… prize #2

  91. I love #1, but I'd be happy with either!!

    -Mona Zavala

  92. Congrats on reaching 1,000! I love both, but especially Prize Pack 2. Thanks for the chance to win!

  93. I'd like #1

  94. thanks!! :)

  95. I would love to win Prize Package #2!

  96. one :) thanks

  97. That would be a very touch decision! Hope I get to make it!!!

  98. Congrats! Prize Pack #1 would be awesome!

  99. Congratulations on so many followers! I'd love to win prize pack #1

  100. Number 1 would be the one I would like

  101. Both are great, but I would choose number 1.

  102. I would be totally thrilled to win either package! Thanks for this awesome giveaway and congrats on the big 1 K

  103. Congrats! That is so awesome! I would love either, but 1st choice is 1.

  104. Congrats!!! Both packages are great but I have a sight preference to package 1

  105. I would like to win either one! I guess I would choose number 1.

  106. I like #2.

  107. I would love prize one.

  108. either rize is awesome

  109. Congrats! Prize Pack #1, but both are great. Thanks for the giveaway.


  110. Number 2!

  111. I'd love either prize pack but #1 really caught my eye!

  112. #1 (or either!)

  113. I'd be happy with either!

  114. Both are very nice….ummmm #2

  115. Thanks so much of the link up!

  116. I;d love the Prize Pack #1. All the items look great for me! Thanks

  117. Priza Pack 1 is calling my name :)

  118. Both are great, but I'd love to win prize pack 2 the most.

  119. Prize pack 2!

  120. I Like prize package 1.

  121. Prize pack #1


  122. prize pack 1 please..thanks, simmsmba@gmail.com

  123. I would love to win the first prize pack

  124. I'd like to win Prize Pack #1 :)

  125. i want prize one

  126. I would LOVE prize pack one :)

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