Cheesy bacon breakfast casserole recipe!

Cheesy Bacon Breakfast Casserole

This cheesy bacon breakfast casserole comes together in under 30 minutes and is filled to the brim with cheese and bacon! We had our friends come over this past weekend for dinner.  Well, brenner.  I made them breakfast for dinner.  Which is really the best kind of dinner if you ask me.  I made this […]

Homemade lemon cream recipe

Lemon Cream

This lemon cream is similar to lemon curd but smoother and quite possibly more delicious.  Ryon’s brother and family left this week.  They were here for 8ish days and it was just no stop while they were here.  The kids played all day and we did a bunch of tourist-y things together.  We went to […]

Salted caramel parfait

Salted Caramel Parfait

You get to decided if this salted caramel parfait is dessert.. or breakfast! We had Avery’s birthday party this past weekend since his cousins were in town.  His real birthday is next week but I knew it would fun to have the extra kiddos at the party.  And it was!   I especially loved the extra […]

How to make a frozen chai latte

Frozen Chai Latte

Perfectly blended, this frozen chai latte may be your new go-to drink! Last week Ryon’s younger brother and family drove down here to South Texas to visit us.  From Michigan.  With their two kids.  They went from 30 degree temperatures to 8- plus degree temps.  And they have been loving it.  And we have loved […]

Key lime pie poke cake

Key Lime Pie Poke Cake

This key lime pie poke cake is the best of both worlds – cake and pie! I talked a little bit about our crazy whirlwind of a weekend but I didn’t go into much detail about Easter.  [You can read about it all here, if you’re interested!]  After cooking for an army, cleaning like a […]