Quinoa Berry Salad

This light salad is full of flavor and surprisingly filling thanks to the protein packed quinoa. 

Quinoa berry salad!  So full of flavor!

I know, I know. I don’t even like quinoa. I’ve complained about it before. But you know what?   I had a craving for it.  After chipotle quinoa skillet I wanted more. I even bought some in bulk. [Who am I?!]  Ryon and my mom rolled their eyes at me when they saw the big bag that I brought home.  They haven’t acquired the same taste for quinoa yet.  Which just means more for me.  Yes, I’m talking about eating all the quinoa.  I really don’t know who I am anymore! 

quinoa salad

I’m a huge lover of salads, so I wanted to try quinoa is a salad.  Its so high in protein that the salad filled me right up.  [The berries helped too.]  I used a raspberry vinaigrette and it was like heaven in a bowl.  [In a salad bowl to be exact.]  Oh and there is some feta on there too.  Everything is betta with feta!  [Too cheesy for you?  Sorry.  Ill cut the cheese jokes.] 

berry quinoa salad

Moral of the story?  Don’t write off something until you tr it.. more then once!  The first two times I tried quinoa I did not like.  At all.  Not one bit.  [I don't like green eggs and quinoa, I do not like them Sam I am!]  Now?  I giant puffy heart quinoa.  [Which is good since I bought a huge bag of it!]  I might have even substituted it for pasta one night.  [WHO AM I?!] 

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