How to make delicious bananas foster ice cream

Banana Fosters Ice Cream

Super creamy, this banana fosters ice cream is easy to make and a perfect dessert treat. Thank you Four Roses Bourbon for sponsoring today’s recipe! The kids last day of school was this past Friday and they had an end of year program that same evening.  We ended up in one of the back rows […]

No bake frozen strawberry shortcake!  This looks so good!  I can't wait to try it

No-Bake Frozen Strawberry Shortcake

This no-bake frozen strawberry shortcake may be the easiest dessert you make this year. Thank you Driscoll Berries for sponsoring todays post! This past Saturday Ryon and I celebrated our 6th anniversary.  Every year I think “Wow, we’ve really been together this long??”  And not in a mean way, but in a holy cow time […]

Passionfruit lemonade recipe!  Starbucks copycat and so easy to make at home!

Passionfruit Lemonade

Passionfruit lemonade is sweet and fruity and perfect for summer.  I know you are still wondering, and the answer is yes.  Yes, I am still binge watching How I met your mother on Netflix.  I’m on season 3 now.  There are only 9 seasons.  No big deal.  And I only watch at night when the […]

Make your own Mounds coffee creamer!  A few ingredients and you are all set to have this yummy creamer for coffee!

Mounds Coffee Creamer

Add a little something sweet to your coffee in the morning with this Mounds coffee creamer.  We have had some super crazy rain here the past week.  Two days last week school was delayed so that the roads could clear up a bit.  One of those days I was behind an Aveo who took a […]

Homemade tropical granola bars!  Perfect for quick snacks for the whole family!

Tropical Granola Bars

These tropical granola bars are simple to whip up and perfect for snacking! Thank you Golden Girl Granola for sponsoring today’s recipe! Good news!  I haven’t killed my new lime tree yet.  I went out and I watered it on Monday.  I am determined to keep that sucker alive.  So I hauled the hose across […]