Tomato Basil Soup

Tomato basil soup recipe

Fresh herbs and vegetables make this tomato basil soup irresistible.  I feel like I left a lot out when I was talking about our Austin trip this weekend.  I talked about 6th street because, well that ish is crazy.  Towards the end of the night (like 1-2 AM) I can’t even count the number of…

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Homemade honey butter recipe A

Honey Butter

A sweet way to start the day is with homemade honey butter!  For the first time ever, we left the kids with my parents and went out of town for the weekend.  We’ve left them overnight with my folks but we also only live 2.5 miles away from them.  So this was a big deal…

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Apple walnut crumb cake recipe - vegan!

Apple Walnut Crumb Cake

This apple walnut crumb cake could be breakfast or dessert.  You make the call. I am so excited to share today’s recipe.  One because its delicious and easy to make.  [Hello two of my favorite things!]  And two because it comes from my good friend Elizabeth over at Not Everything I Make is Pretty.  Elizabeth…

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These delicious roast enchiladas are made in the crock pot and then finished off in the over for a perfectly easy weeknight meal

Crock Pot Roast Enchiladas

Let your crock pot do most of the work in these delicious crock pot roast enchiladas.    This past weekend we took the kids to the junior livestock show.  I had been wanting to take the but never got the chance the past few years.  On Saturday after lunch we loaded them up and drove…

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Skillet honey cornbread recipe!  This looks amazing

Honey Skillet Cornbread

The perfect side to a soup, this honey skillet cornbread is ridiculously simple and totally delicious.    This weekend I felt really really Texan.  I made cornbread in a skillet on Friday and then we took the kids to the junior livestock show on Saturday.  We pet the pigs, we were harassed by the goats, we avoided…

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Learning to blog series - picking a name!

Learning to Blog – Picking a Name

Hey yall!  Welcome to week 2 of the Learning to blog series.  And thank you for the positive feedback from last week’s post on getting started!  It’s nice to see so many people interested in starting their own blogs.  Don’t forget to join our Facebook group so you can join in the conversation with us! …

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Cowboy brownies!  Oatmeal and chocolate chip brownies

Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Brownies

Chewy oatmeal chocolate chip brownies.  Just had to say it again. I almost ended no spend January early yesterday.  And it wasn’t even for me – it was for the kids.  Ryley and I are reading the Judy Moody series and I had promised her that when we finished book number 6, we would go…

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