Happy 5th Birthday Ryley!


Ryley Ellen, Oh sweet girl – you are five today!  You have waited for so long to say that you are five.  We started a countdown a week before and you would eagerly tell me how many more sleeps you had before you were FIVE!  Today you woke up, crawled into my bed and told…

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Recent Recipes

Easy buttermilk crumpets recipe

Buttermilk Crumpets

Buttermilk crumpets, an easy homemade recipe that will warm your house and your belly! Hey yall!  I have Elizabeth from Not everything I make is pretty back today to share another delicious breakfast recipe.  Tomorrow is Ryley’s 5th birthday so I’m busy running around getting last minute presents and cake supplies.  And I’ll also be…

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Make your own carrot cake creamer!  No cake - all the flavor!

Carrot Cake Coffee Creamer

It’s like a slice of carrot cake in your morning coffee! We had absolutely beautiful weather this past weekend.  Our mild summers down here in South Texas make for pretty great days outside.  We were able to spend the whole day Saturday outside running around.  Well, the kids were running around and I was using…

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Blog design tips that will help make your blog more professional

Learning to Blog – Blog Design Tips

Hey yall!  Welcome to the next installment of our Learning to Blog series.  I’m going to go over some blog design tips!  [Woohoo!]  You can start writing up posts once you’ve picked your platform but I suggest one more thing before you go live with your site. Besides your title and blog name, your blog…

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Chocolate scone recipe - made healthier with a few swaps!

Healthy Chocolate Scones

A few simple swaps make these healthy chocolate scones better for you! Well, it finally happened.  We ended up having to take one of the kids to the emergency room this past week.  Not that I wanted it to happen, but I knew it would eventually.  And it was the boy child.  And its because…

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Italian seasoning mix

Homemade Italian Seasoning

Make your Italian seasoning mix with spices you probably already have on hand. I am not a morning person.  Not at all not even a little bit.  Which really irks my husband, since he is up at 5 most mornings and considers 7 “sleeping in”.  I, on the other hand, have my alarm set for…

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Carrot cake pancakes with chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting

Carrot Cake Pancakes

Cake for breakfast?  Yup!  In the form of carrot cake pancakes. I really love spring.  Which means I really love winter because we have no definition of seasons down here in South Texas.  It’s still technically winter if you look at the calendar, but down here we already have spring like temperatures.  Which is nice,…

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