Life of the Party No. 47

Hey yall!  Welcome to another Life of the Party link up.  The time were you get to take over our blogs with your amazing work!  Thank you for joining us each week and sharing what you’ve been up to!  We love going through and pinning/tweeting/commenting on your posts!  



Its almost Friday.. so let’s party!

Espresso Cookie Smores

Espresso cookie smores!  Coffee + smores = perfection!

No, I don't have a problem with coffee.  I can stop at any time.  I mean, right after these espresso cookie smores.  And I totally blame my coffee problem on my children.  I barely … [Continue reading...]

Smores Popcorn Balls

Easy smores popcorn balls

Thank you to PopSecret for sponsoring today's post. We eat a lot of popcorn in the Grant house.  The kids love it, and I love it.  They request it as a snack at least twice a week.  … [Continue reading...]

10 Easy Greek Recipes

10 Greek Recipes to Try!

I kinda forgot how much I like Greek food until I made the Greek pasta skillet.  I don't eat it nearly enough!  I even read in a magazine the other day that a Mediterranean food diet is … [Continue reading...]

Greek Pasta Skillet

Greek pasta skillet - one pan, 20 minute meal!

Hey yall!  Welcome to another #blogfilmfood!  The idea of this series is simple - we have a virtual movie night and potluck with our friends.  This month I was in charge of the movie … [Continue reading...]

Life of the Party No. 46


Hey yall!  Welcome to another Life of the Party - the time you get to take over our blogs and share your recent posts.  How fun is that?!  We love checking out what everyone has been up … [Continue reading...]

Service as Big as Texas


Last week I hinted to some big news on my Facebook page.  Its pretty big.  Like the size of Texas big.  [No, I'm not pregnant, lets get that out there first.]  I am a licensed real … [Continue reading...]

Espresso Cookies

Espresso cookies!

The other day I said that I hated making cookies.  And that was a lie.  A bold faced lie.  I love me some cookies.  Some times it hard to tell what I love more - the dough or the … [Continue reading...]

Key Lime Pie Granola


One thing that Ryon loves is key lime pie.  I know this because he reminds me of it constantly.  He's always asking me to make him a key lime pie.  "When are you going to make another … [Continue reading...]

25+ Popsicle Recipes

25+ Popsicle Recipes

Holy moly.  Summer is in full force down here in South Texas.  Its hot, yall!  We try to think of creative ways to stay cool during the day.  Our air condition seems to never stop … [Continue reading...]